First Official Death Threats

These occurred on or around May 5th and were messages from two different Facebook groups regarding the groups the JIDF created. Here are the original writings. We had Arabic translators and they each said that the messages were calling for murder and invoking the name of Islam, etc. They were both very similar messages.

One translator stated:

The second message does carry a quranic death threat and it's serious. it starts with: daawa (announcment) alwaquf fi wajh (to stand in the face of) abnh (=children) al kirdh (of monkey's) w'al 'hanazir (and pigs) 'ali al fisbook (on facebook) n'hn d'd (we are against) al sahyooni (the zionists) "To members of We are against Zionism". Then the quranic death and torture threat; qatlhum (kill them) y'anbhm (torture them) allah (with the help of god) baydikum (with your hands) wyakhzahum (uproot them) wnasrakum alehum (you should be victorius over them) "altaubah" ( לתשובה) for the good of your repentance/faith (i.e. as if to say that if one should commit the following he will be accepted to a rank of worth even if he's not religious).....Sons of the nation's Liberal established the sons of Zion the pigs group calls for halt all groups that stand with the Arab and Islamic issues promoting a policy of arrogance pursued by virtue of the world according to the air the so called STOP ISLAMIC TERRORIST......FACEBOOK GROUPS! group calls for a halt and to agitate energetic young Arab and Muslim youths from reminding them the issues, foremost the question of Palestine. So attack with all our strength, particularly through the work report of The Department of Elvis Buk. If Allah helps you, no one can overcome you.
An translator in Egypt translated it as follows:
A call to stand against the sons of pigs and monkeys we are against Zionism Kill them Allah will punish them by your hands and help you victory over them (quran surat al-tawba) free children of the ummah, the pigs the sons of Zions started a group that calls for the stopping of all groups that support arabic and islamic issues, with their arogant policies that they use to rule the world according to their wishes

This group calls for the ban of the groups that wakes the muslim youth---To remind them with their cases specially palestine, so attack it with all your strength through reporting it to facebook.

Allah shall make u victorious and no one will get you.
The transator then said:
Here are the 1st Official Death Threats to the JIDF
Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 11:02am
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
To members of Al Mokaoma Al Iraqia المقاومة العراقية

لقد تم الكشف عن مجموعة صهيونيه تعمل على حذف والغاء كل المجاميع
المناهظة لها على شبكة الفيس بوك وهم منظمين بصورة دقيقة

نتمنى من كافة الاعضاء نشر هذا الخبر

للمجموعة الصهيونيه التي توجد في اسفل صفحة المجموعة report وعمل

رابط المجموعة

مجموعة المقاومة العراقية
The other:
دعوة للوقوف في وجه أبناء القردة والخنازير على الفيس بو
To members of We are against Zionism نحن ضد الصهيونية

"قاتلوهم يعذبهم الله بأيديكم ويخزهم وينصركم عليهم" التوبة

أبناء الأمة الأحرار، أنشأ أبناء صهيون الحنازير جروب يدعو لإيقاف جميع
الجروبات التي تقف مع القضايا العربية والإسلامية، معززين من سياسة
الغطرسة التي ينتهجونها ليتفردوا بحكم العالم وتسييره وفق أهواءهم.
والجروب المسمى
وهذا رابطه
يدعو لوقف الجروبات التي تستنهض همة الشباب العربي والشباب المسلم
لتذكيره بقضاياه وفي مقدمتها قضية فلسطين

لذا هاجموهم بكل ما أوتيتم من قوة وخاصة من خلال عمل

لإدارة الفيس بوك

إن ينصركم الله فلا غالب لك

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