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Although we have not heard back directly from anyone @ Project Agape (despite contacting everyone there regarding the problem,) apparently, the clever people have somewhat "fixed" the problem by removing "Palestine" from the list of countries. So now, according to those folks, neither Palestine nor Israel exist (they are only 1/2 right now, whereas before they were 100% wrong!)

But it's actually less than 50% since the problem of continuing to effectively leave-out Israel is more severe than the inclusion of a fictional place called "Palestine."

Interesting how slow they are in responding directly to the problem, admitting a mistake, fully fixing it, etc. One would think if they could eliminate "Palestine" from the list of countries so easily, that they could just as easily ADD the actual country of Israel---but we suppose that would be too difficult to swallow and would fly in the face of all the left wing propaganda they were probably fed by radical leftist professors at their ivy league schools who chair middle eastern studies departments which are funded by Saudi terrorist money.

Israel celebrated the 60 year anniversary of its rebirth recently.

We wish we could say that we are shocked by the lengths people take to attack the tiny state---or the "Jew among the nations."

The bottom line is that any company which has such a handful of "well-educated" people working for it, knows EXACTLY what it is doing when it tries to show the existence of a non-existent place called "Palestine" while simultaneously DENYING the existence of a very existent place called "Israel."

It's a very political message and the message is CRYSTAL CLEAR to the JIDF.

Non-profit organizations are not supposed to take political stances. However, it seems that Project Agape, through what appears to be political meddling, is forcing the 10's of thousands of non-profit organizations in which they represent to inadvertently take an extremist position against Israel.

Thank you, Project Agape.

Antisemitism is more clever today than it ever has been in the past. This is actually an example of a 100% effective campaign (until the JIDF learned about it) to completely boycott and leave out Israel---and they did it so quietly and so cleverly that it just makes us wonder how many others are trying to slight Israel and Jewish people in similar ways (and succeeding.)

Are we exaggerating? Not when pro-Israel non-profit organizations and charities are doing business with project agape----completely unaware of this problem! Someone at Project Agape must have had quite the laugh.

It is also not a coincidence that so many of these young, high-level, corporate execs in Silicon Valley show open support for Barack Hussein Obama on their profiles. We are dealing with extreme leftists who have been indoctrinated in a very high brow and clever form of Jew hatred and antisemitism----and this is merely one small example of the issue which is likely to grow significantly.

We are looking forward to an official apology and explanation from this company very soon----or else all the nonprofits listed w/ them should be alerted so that they can wipe their hands clean of what appears to be Project Agape's extreme anitsemitic ideologies.

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