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Just got off the phone with Chris Kelly (Chief Privacy Officer) @ Facebook. We are a little disappointed with how it went down and are in the process of digesting it. Basically, he encouraged the use of the system they have in place to remove hateful material. That being said, we should report everything. We tried to inform him that the system doesn't seem very efficient, nor does it seem to make sense---as some hate groups go down, others remain.

We were told that the "political ideologies" of certain groups (ie. Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.) are OK and legitimate political discourses, and not necessarily considered hate content. We were told that there are legitimate points of view from the "Palestinian territories." We were also told that certainly Facebook is aggressive on antisemitism because they have guys at the company named "Zuckerberg" and "Moskowitz" - which reminded us that some of the worst antisemites out there are Jewish, and of the old, "how can I hate Jews? Some of my best friends are Jewish!" line.

Ultimately, it was a lot of talking in circles, reminiscent of discussion with "progressive" liberals. Facebook stands by its system for reporting groups. They claim that they carefully evaluate things on a case by case basis. They said the best thing to do is to report hateful content so that it can be evaluated, so the exhausting campaign continues. Report those groups, folks!

While we appreciate the time on the phone with an actual human being @ Facebook, we wish there was a promise of improvement or more of a direct line with them in order to expose and report the hate groups that go up.

The problem of antisemitism throughout history has always spread like wildfire. As one of our friends stated, "antisemitic discourse on the Web feeds antisemitism. Jews suffer physically and socially from that."

Another friend mentioned how:

"the process of genocide involves dehumanization...When Jews start being referred to as pigs, monkeys, cancer cells, and bacteria cells that need exterminating, this type of desensitization process in which Jews over time cease to be seen as human beings is what makes genocide possible.Dehumanization is step 3 of the genocidal process that Hitler and Goebbels masterfully employed.

We are seeing lies about Jews--blood libel; Jews control media and economy etc. --that began in the European middle ages, were resurrected by the Nazis, and are now being spewed by jihadists on the internet. These types of conspiracy theories also contributes to the process of genocide. We are also hearing the same lies and fabricated quotes from the Talmud that Robert Ley, a Nazi, published."
...In other news, we don't know what's going down with the Armies game story (which is also becoming a platform for Islamic Jihadists.) We contacted the CEO of SGN (Shervin Pishevar) who denied acquiring the Armies game, despite the CEO of Zygna's contention that it is now SGN's. He then actually said that they deleted the game from their network (yet their logo remains on the header.) Bizarre stuff. Also, please note, both the CEO of SGN and the CEO of Zygna show they are open supporters of Barrack Hussein Obama on their Facebook profiles. Marc Pincus even has blog entries dedicated to the dangerous presidential candidate. Hmmmm. Makes us wonder what is goin' down in Cali? What is in the water? Is there anyone with any power in Silicon Valley with whom does not support the insanity? If so, the JIDF needs your help in addressing the propagation of hateful ideologies throughout the web. A lot of money is being made through the systematic brainwashing of millions of people throughout the world. It's unreal as these problems make Nazi-era propaganda look harmless. "Do no harm?" Yeah right. The amount of harmful material on Google/YouTube and on Facebook is truly ovewhelming. It's a shame these "industry leaders" don't rise to the challenge and face the responsibility of helping to remove the issue----yeah, you can get them to wipe their hands of a problem (ie. abdicate responsibility) - but where is the true leadership in the world? Where is Jewish Leadership? Where is the ADL? Where are all the Jews who claim "NEVER AGAIN?" - the propaganda we see on the web does, in fact, have real world consequences. It's very much a shame that the majority of smart people in the world with high level degrees from high level schools don't seem to comprehend the scope or danger of the problem.

The JIDF is in the process of a new project dedicated to the exposure and documenting of these alarming trends in order to recruit many more people so they can get involved in the reporting of this dangerous material. We wish there was a more efficient process and that actual hate material disappeared faster---

For expample, the group which celebrated the Yeshiva murderer was up for over 3 months. Many Arab kids throughout the world saw that a terrorist who murdered 8 innocent Jewish children at a school was regarded as a hero by many thanks to Facebook's inefficient processes of removing the group. In other words, despite 10's of thousands of complaints, Facebook helped legitimize and celebrate terrorism for over 3 months. They finally did take the group down, but imagine how much harm was done b/c of their inefficiency!

Meanwhile, The JIDF wonders how quickly a group which celebrated the murder of African Americans. Our guess is that hatred against African Americans and homosexuals disappears much more quickly from Facebook's servers than the hatred directed at Jews. We believe this is true, because we have had a difficult time finding material which focuses on those groups.

Double standard? We think so. It's just like when Barack Hussein Obama recently called his grandmother a "typical white person." -Would McCain's career not be OVER if he used the expression, "typical black person?"

The double standard and hypocrisy of the secular "progressive" liberal agenda is so glaringly and painfully obvious that The JIDF finds it difficult to stomach. We also find it interesting that there don't seem to be any real "middle of the road" Obama supporters---- he seems to either attract highly educated and wealthy people or extremely uneducated poor people and no one in between. Most normal middle-of-the-road people can see the danger that Obama represents very clearly. It's very much a shame that the educated and wealthy elitists cannot seem to look beyond their own guilt-ridden bias to see how absurd an Obama nomination would be.

A vote for Obama clearly defies all common sense, morals, and logic.

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