Facebook/Myspace "Causes" App - Israel is not listed as a country, "Palestine" is!!!

The JIDF had heard the rumors but didn't have the details until now.

If you go to any Facebook or Myspace "cause" page (ie: America and Israel Stand Together) you can see that if one is in Israel, he or she cannot make a donation (as Israel is not listed in the pull down menu!)

HOWEVER, there is a fictional nonexistent "country" called "Palestine" which is listed!

The JIDF is on it.

Until further notice, we advise ceasing all donations through the Causes application, as this is an issue with ALL Causes within the Facebook and Myspace CAUSES application.

Clearly the developers of the application have taken a political stance (akin to Hamas and Hezbollah.)

First things first, report (<--click) the Causes app to Facebook. One can download the images from this blog and then upload them in the area which asks for screen caps in the "report policy violation" page. Here's what we have:

We must also flood those behind the "causes" app w/ emails letting them know that this is insane, and that we fully intend to delete the app completely if they do not apologize and fix this "mistake" immediately:

Let facebook and causes know your concerns--- send an email to: info@facebook.com, support@causes.com

The "Causes" app is also an issue on Mypsace, so report it here!!

Also to contact "Network for Good": http://www.networkforgood.org/about/contact.aspx

The JIDF Just Facebooked messaged all the people involved (see below sample) with Causes/Project Agape. Here is a sample:


Today at 6:53pm
why does "causes" deny the existence of israel and list a nonexistent "country" as "palestine" thereby discriminating against ALL citizens in Israel (as they cannot use the app to make a donation??)

political bias much???


Project Agape was co-founded by Sean Parker and Joseph Green

Other culprits with whom we can alert:

Christopher Chan
Jimmy Kittiyachavalit
Kristján F'jord Pétursson
Randall Winston
Susan Gordon
Matt Mahan
Shari Lim
Jill Haberkern

Share this with everyone!

Causes was built by Project Agape. Project Agape was co-founded by Sean Parker and Joseph Green. In addition to being a co-founder of Project Agape, Sean is also a managing partner at The Founders Fund. Previously Sean was a co-founder of Napster, Plaxo, and Facebook. Joe comes from a background of grassroots organizing, having worked on the ground in political campaigns on the city, state, and presidential level.

Causes is built and maintained by eight software engineers: Josh Adams, Christopher Chan, Brad Fults, Jennifer Kelly, Jimmy Kittiyachavalit, Kevin Ball, Kristján F'jord Pétursson and Keith Rarick. The look and feel is designed by Josh Williams.

They high priority on building and maintaining close relationships with nonprofits. This effort is led by our Nonprofit Director, Randall Winston, and ably supported by Tam Vo, Susan Gordon and Matt Mahan. Tam also leads our user and nonprofit support, assisted by Shari Lim

They are based in downtown Berkeley, CA, where their office is managed by Jill Haberkern.

They have a ton of "nonprofit" partners, over 9 million users, and a valuation of $5.8 million, this is not a small potatoes organization. They should know better. It is run by some fairly high power former Ivy Leaguers who are now mostly in Silicon Valley - which we are fast learning (through our dealings with corporate brass at Facebook, Zynga, and SGN over the past few days) MUST be the land of insane and extreme leftism (which apparently translates into tolerance and acceptance of Jew hatred---especially manifested and directed at the Holy Land----it's not surprising to view their profiles and see that they overwhelmingly support Barack Hussein Obama too. It's ironic that these people are supposed to be smart.

Advice to "Project Agame" from the JIDF? - put away the Chomsky and stop playing games!

This is a new brand of sophisticated antisemitism at its very worst! Demand an apology, and that they should IMMEDIATELY take off the non-existent country of "Palestine" and put Israel up or we will ALL boycott the product and continue to speak out loudly against anyone involved with it---including to all of our Jewish friends who are very active in non-profits.

The partisan stance of those involved @ Project Agape is CLEARLY against basic nonprofit organization principles---who are supposed to be apolitical! Therefore, Project Agape is not only doing Israel a giant mis-service, but every non-profit organization on there is now very clearly going against the basic rules of being a "non-profit" because their involvement with Project Agape makes them very political. Ironically, there are many pro-Israel causes on there who are going to be very interested in this development.

The JIDF suggests contacting ALL the non-profits which are doing business with Project Agape to let them know of this great injustice. Also, one should delete all their "Causes" and the application as well. These developers make money b/c of your traffic . Just go directly to a cause if you want to support it. They all have websites. No need to have something on your profile advertising the fact that you support a cause (in theory, since the majority of people are not donating money through this...) Project Agape is still making money through your web traffic.

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