Obamas note in the Kotel

As many of you know, the JIDF is extremely anti-Obama.

However, there was a recent story which we are ashamed to even bring up but feel it bears mention. Recently, he prayed at the Kotel and left a note in the wall, and some yeshiva students apparently stole the note, which was then published in at least one Israeli news source.

Again, while the JIDF feels that Obama poses a great danger to the world and we are extremely against him, his vast array of dangerous associations, and everything he seems to represent, we strongly condemn this grave sin.

We cannot even bring ourselves to read the note---which was published. No matter how repulsed we are by Obama, we respect and honor whatever relationship he has with Hashem and we respect his privacy with regard to that sacred relationship.

We have seen many people probing and analyzing that note on various blogs, and again, the fact that it was stolen and published was a grave sin. We understand the kids have apologized for it, and that is a good thing.

We do not feel it is responsible to publish that note he wrote and left in the Kotel, nor is it right to read it, nor even comment upon it. No matter how repulsed we are by certain people (and trust us, again, we despise Obama and all he represents) - we fully respect his full rights to privacy with regard to his relationship with Hashem.

We just wanted to go on record and state this. It literally breaks our heart and saddens us that the note was stolen, published, and now critiqued----it's truly no one's business beyond Obama and Hashem and our guess is that the people who are SO anti-Obama who are neglecting to act in a responsible way are actually only helping his chances of winning somehow (as they are hurting the general "karma" of the anti-Obama spirit.)

All human beings have a right to their own sacred and private relationship with Hashem. The Kotel is a sacred place and notes left in the wall should be treated w/ the proper amount of respect....no matter what our personal opinions are of the people who leave them.

On that note, please G-d---NOBama!


Upon further reading, it appears many people think the whole event was staged. They seem to think this based on:

a) Yeshiva kids wouldn't steal a note from the Kotel
b) The prayer was released to newspapers prior to his visit to the Kotel

What the JIDF does not understand how someone could simultaneously think that a) the kids would not steal the note, while b) conspiring w/ a political campaign to stage a theft... makes no sense at all.

While the note might have been released to newspapers prior, this does not prove that the entire episode was "staged." That just means that the campaign was willing to share the note--- of course he visited the Kotel for publicity and political reasons... What the JIDF does not buy is that there was some conspiracy involving Yeshiva kids and the Obama campaign... We believe Yeshiva kids might have taken the note as a "dare" and practical joke and to later apologize about it, but we don't think that seed was planted by the Obama campaign. HOWEVER, the one thing that MIGHT smell just a bit fishy is that the kids did say "we hope he wins!" or something to that effect. Still, that is hardly proof that they'd hope Obama wins so badly that they'd work hand-in-hand staging a theft---it seems like a spontaneous and stupid/quick decision a young adolescent would make...not a carefully crafted political ploy---but hey, we might be wrong and we certainly don't trust Obama, but that doesn't mean we're going to start flinging baseless allegations around...the fact that Obama considers Jeremiah Wright a close friend and mentor and belonged to Trinity United Church (which propagated Hamas material and honored Louis Farakhan) for 20 years, is just a few real facts we need to know about Obama, quite honestly. Mix in his ideas to raise taxes, socialize medicine and disarm America, and we don't need to really go beyond that. Unless of course you want to discuss his connections to the Weather Underground and his general inexperience..... oh, then there's the flip flopping on Jerusalem... anyway, there's enough REAL stuff to be concerned about then to have to be concerned about what might be....

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