CJCurrie, the biased Wikipedia editor strikes again! **UPDATED x2**


A while ago, we conducted a bit of an experiment. We posted a picture of someone we thought might just be CJCurrie, due to our "connecting of dots" of publicly available information found on Wikipedia. We never cited the source of where we found the photo and we never mentioned the name of the person in it. Within 12 hours we received the following email:

From: andrew
Subject: CJCurrie vs ***********
Date: August 31, 2008 11:31:56 AM CDT

Hey guys,

I'm ********** and just though I should tell you that *********, whose picture you have up on your website, is definitely not CJCurrie of wikipedia. You might want to be more careful in the future given libel laws and all that.

We would like to thank Andrew for that IMMEDIATE clarification (and threat of legal action.) We removed the photo as per threat of legal action for libel, and it is noted that within 12 hours of posting a photo, that Andrew from ************** wrote to clarify that "CJCurrie" is NOT "************" We apologize for any mix up there. Though we wonder how and why someone at ***********would be reading our site when we never mentioned ****his place of business***** or mentioned the name "*********" before. Hmm. Everything we have to say on our site about this matter is clearly our opinion, so we're not sure how posting an anonymous photo would amount to "libel" but as per the threat and the request as well as this claim offsite "harassment" on Wikipedia, we have removed the photo in question and do not speculate who this CJCurrie is anymore.......though we felt we had some pretty reliable evidence found on Wikipedia which would lend us to believe certain things and in some ways, the "coincidental" email from ******** is interesting.

Immediately after posting this, we received another message from Andrew:
Actually, the reason I came across the CJCurrie thing was because I looked up your site so I could bring this to your attention in hopes that you could do something about it:

the sweet memories of holocaust

BTW, since that photo *isn`t* of CJCurrie but of ********* I don`t think it`s necessary for you to splash ********* name all over the place.
We appreciate the heads up on the Facebook group in question. However, being that we were just threatened with legal action, we DO feel the need to provide the clarification and our apology for the mixup.

The JIDF has had many issues with Wikipedia for various reasons (including people like CJCurrie, whoever he may be.) For our original response to Wikipedia, click here

Recently, we noticed that the JIDF entry in Wikipedia was butchered by someone by the name of CJCurrie --who apparently is trying to use a Facebook group description as some sort of valid "response" to JIDF activities.

CJCurrie writes:
The administrators of the Facebook group ""Israel" is not a country!... ... Delist it from Facebook as a country!" have indicated that their site was created in response to an earlier Facebook group that sought to delist Palestine as a country.
Another issue here, of course, is that while Israel actually IS a country (and claiming it is not is considered "antisemitism" by the EU), "Palestine" is not and was not ever a country.

CJCurrie also took the liberty to remove a helpful screen cap showing certain types of groups in which the JIDF fights (ie. groups that deny the Holocaust) and took many other liberties in an attempt to "neutralize" the JIDF entry, including the removal of important sources on the matter.

There's a bit more you should know about CJCurrie, as we wrote when we first appeared in Wikipedia:
The JIDF was surprised to see ourselves on Wikipedia with an article, when an organization we very much respect and who have pioneered work in this area is missing. We refer to Zionism On The Web which does not have an article, and which all references to the site were removed by just one Wikipedia editor, without consensus. The fact that one person can (through rather underhanded editing) do so much damage is rather telling about Wikipedia.

Dr. Andre Oboler, who runs Zionism On The Web is the most well respected expert on these issues and has been conducting deep background research on them for many years. Zionism on the Web was referenced in approximately 200 articles that had been added over 3 years by many different Wikipedia users, including many regulars and administrators. After Dr. Oboler exposed Electronic Intifada's invovlement in the CAMERA scandal, this one editor, CJCurrie (using many different excuses) systematically removed all references to Zionism On The Web. The excuses for removal ranged from suspect to outright falsification.

Some of the material deleted wasn't even ZOTW content, rather it was historic Zionist documents. The JIDF takes a dim view of people trying to erase history and easy access to high quality information in this manner. The JIDF hopes that Wikipedia editors interested in our work will examine this and other areas of systematic bias and manipulation in Wikipedia. If you do work to correct these issues, please be in touch with us via the Facebook group so we are aware of problems and can note and recognize efforts to solve them.

Here's a great example of CJCurrie's "neutral" editing of the Wikipedia article of Norman Finklestein, as one can see CJCurrie felt it was important to delete the truth (compare the "before" on the left, to CJCurrie's "after" on the right.)

It is interesting to take a random sampling of CJCurrie's "contributions" to Wikipedia and it is difficult to imagine that he has the time to do this or that he does not get paid to do this. The JIDF is now carefully studying his "contributions," looking for patterns of bias and what appears to be antisemitic slant. It appears CJCurrie spent a considerable of time adding information about liberal Canadian politicians, but at some point, there was a shift. We're going to do some research on this because we smell something fishy. After all, how does one find the time to make over 42,000 edits to Wikipedia?


The JIDF found this interesting, where CJCurrie found it important to "add Finklestein" to the "Israel and the apartheid analogy" Wikipedia article:

And here's another grandiose defense of Norman Finklestein, apparently making CJCurrie a reader and defender of Finklestein's work.

And wait there's more- here you delete an important of the Finklestein narrative, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more and more, and more, and more questionable edits by CJCurrie, exposing a systematic bias against Israel and the Jewish people and a weird pro-Finklestein leaning. Oh, and here he accuses Alan Dershowitz of "smearing" Jimmy Carter. hmm.....and here CJ throws a hissy fit because he REALLY wants to blur the lines of what "semite" means- and here and here CJ strikes out important information about Pallywood stagings....and here he declares "actually, we probably don't need this at all" about the fact that Pallywood has an impact upon the international media. Through his edit here, he tries to emphasize the fact that he thinks Israel is an "apartheid regime." And here good ole' CJ tries to save some Jimmy Carter face. And here he removes chunks vital information about "New Antisemitism" in which CJ just does does not like. This one is a funny, CJ claims that "Allegations that Israel is an apartheid state.....isn't especially relevant" (to an article entitled "Israel and the apartheid analogy" ? hmmm.) - He then proceeded to strike out the fact that a UN resolution trying to link Zionism with racism was revoked! Now, let's go way back to 2004, if you move down to the "terrorism" section you can see that CJCurrie is someone who is apparently afraid to use the word "terrorist" to describe terrorist groups (though our guess is that he considers the IDF "terrorists.")

Our take? It was not right of you to abuse your "Wikipedia power" to delete all of Dr. Oboler's links --upon his breaking the Electronic Intifada story, nor was it right to butcher the article about the JIDF, and we will continue to watch your editing on Wikipedia and ensure it is for the good of Wikipedia rather than your abuse through promoting and projecting your own personal (BIASED) point of view into Wikipedia articles, capiche?


CJCurrie is currently trying to tinker with Dr. Oboler quotes in the JIDF article to make it look like he didn't actually delete all of the links to Dr. Oboler's Zionism on the Web site

Interestingly, he saw fit to completely take out a section in the "Israel and the apartheid" article which saw fit to present BOTH sides of the argument, stating:
Why is this section here at all? It seems to be a recent addition, and *most* of the sites are non-notable. Surely any noteworthy pages can be put in the "further reading" section.
He apparently didn't like the fact that the sources which actually countered the analogy were stronger, better, more notable, etc. than the ones that promote it.

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