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(originally posted August, 2008 - this is now obviously out of date...)

The latest version of the article about us states that we seek "to remove material from the Internet which its members believe promotes or praises Islamic terrorism and racial hatred, in particular on sites they deem to be antisemitic and anti-Israel in nature."

This is false. We specifically target hateful material or material which blatantly promotes hatred or violence, no matter where it can be found. We do not specifically focus on antisemitic or "anti-Israel" sites. YouTube and Facebook are generally not antisemitic or anti-Israel, yet we focus on content found on those sites.

We believe this is folks at Wikipedia trying to make it appear that we try to stifle dissent this way. Again, we have no qualms with legitimate political discourse, so long as it is free from promoting hatred or violence. We hope this issue will be resolved soon. That entire "in particular" statement is unnecessary and speculative and no reliable sources state that about our organization.

Other articles of interest:

The following was our initial response to this initial Wikipedia article about us:

The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) is an online organization which seeks to remove hateful anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content from the web. The group has paid particular attention to what it deems to be anti-Israel propaganda on Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia. The organization started as the Facebook group "FACEBOOK: Why Do You Aid And Abet Terrorist Organizations?", which succeeded in removing over 28 Facebook groups with incendiary content by mobilizing its members to report the groups to Facebook for violating their terms of use.[1] When, according to the JIDF, Facebook stopped removing these groups, the JIDF hijacked the Facebook group "Israel is not a country! Delist it from Facebook as a country", described by the JIDF as "one of the most vile, most anti-Semitic, most pro-Jihad and most disgusting, and most importantly, most active hate groups on the Internet".[2][3]


The JIDF would like to correct some of this information to improve its accuracy.

Key points:
  • Over 100 groups were removed (not only 28, as the article claims)

  • Our focus is NOT legitimate anti-Israel content, but rather, clearly antisemitic content and content which clearly promotes violence and Islamic terrorism
Regarding the first point, we were successful in removing well over 100 groups, as you can see from our List of Deleted Facebook Groups Page, where we state:
Through the creation of 4 proactive Facebook groups, The JIDF initiated a 35 day campaign urging nearly 5,000 people to report all the following groups. During that time, all of the following 106 groups were deleted---impacting 125,290 hate mongering, terror supporting antisemites.

While we appreciate Facebook deleting the following groups, many other groups remain and many others crop up daily.

At this point, it is impossible for The JIDF to continue listing all the new groups. Significant funds are needed in order to effectively fight this problem---Not just on Facebook, but on YouTube, Google Earth, and Wikipedia. Also, Jewish Leadership must coordinate with the management of Facebook to help develop plans to fight this problem. Since Facebook has ignored the thousands of complaints, the media has to do its job to report the problem in order to pressure Facebook to do something and the government should be alerted as to possible terrorist recruiting and activity.

Hopefully the following list shows a bit more of the scope of the problem...

(and then we listed the groups deleted...)
Regarding our second key point, the Wikipedia article in question then states that we have "paid particular attention to what it deems to be anti-Israel propaganda" - while we do pay attention to anti-Israel propaganda, we also focus on what is quite clearly antisemitic hate speech and pro-Jihadist terrorist propaganda, as one can see through the names of the four groups we created to fight the problem:
FACEBOOK: Why do you aid and abet terrorist organizations?
Size: 1,167 members

FACEBOOK: Why do you support Anti-Semitism and Islamic Terrorism
Size: 1,078 members

Size: 1,153 members

FACEBOOK: Stop violating your own terms by supporting hatred and terror!
Size: 733 members
Wikipedia then claims that we decided to hijack the "Israel is not a country! Delist it from Facebook as a country" group when "Facebook stopped removing this groups." That is not exactly true. It was a combination of factors, including, but not limited to, lack of exposure and addressing of the issues in which we are trying to get into the spotlight. We'd also like to credit John Cohen, who was integral to the feat. Our official statement upon taking over the group was the following:
This group was one of the most vile, antisemitic, pro-terrorist sites on the internet. Moreover, it was the most active hate group of all----promoting hatred, violence, murder, and genocide, while proliferating abominable propaganda paralleled only by the fables of Goebbels. While such content clearly violates Facebook's own Terms of Use and Code of Conduct (provisions that users agree to abide when they register on the site) Facebook refused to take action. This group remained, despite thousands of user complaints over the course of eighteen months. Facebook's own negligence and abdication of responsibility gave us no option but to take matters in our own hands.

We wish to be clear – we have no issues with legitimate political discourse so long as it is contextual, comparative and truthful. However, when it comes to encouraging the murder of Jews and purposefully disseminating misinformation to demonize the Jewish people and to delegitimize Israel, we have a moral obligation to remove the platform of such repugnant hate-mongers. Unfortunately, we do not need to search too far back into history to realize that such evils have a real cost in terms of human lives
In our main Facebook umbrella group, (created yesterday to serve as an umbrella for all our activities):

The Jewish Internet Defense Force
(currently 526 members)

One may find the other official JIDF groups:
I.D.F - support our brothers
Size: 28,249 members

Jews Against the Arming of our Enemies
Size: 243 members

Against the Creation of "Palestine" in Google Earth
Size: 901 members

Jews Against the Release of Terrorists from Israeli Prisons
Size: 917 members

One Day in September: The book and film that explain MUNICH properly
Size: 116 members

Remove the Islamist propaganda from YouTube
Size: 423 members

Stop the Misuse of EU Money!
Size: 117 members
Finally, the JIDF was surprised to see ourselves on Wikipedia with an article, when an organization we very much respect and who have pioneered work in this area is missing. We refer to Zionism On The Web which does not have an article, and which all references to the site were removed by just one Wikipedia editor, without consensus. The fact that one person can (through rather underhanded editing) do so much damage is rather telling about Wikipedia.

Dr. Andre Oboler, who runs Zionism On The Web is the most well respected and expert on these issues and has been conducting deep background research on them for many years now. Zionism on the Web was referenced in approximately 200 articles that had been added over 3 years by many different Wikipedia users, including many regulars and administrators. After Dr. Oboler exposed Electronic Intifada's invovlement in the CAMERA scandal, this one editor, CJCurrie, using many different excuses, systematically removed all references to Zionism On The Web. The excuses for removal ranged from suspect to outright falsification.

Some of the material deleted wasn't even ZOTW content, rather it was historic Zionist documents. The JIDF takes a dim view of people trying to erase history and easy access to high quality information in this manner. The JIDF hopes that Wikipedia editors interested in our work will examine this and other areas of systematic bias and manipulation in Wikipedia. If you do work to correct these issues, please be in touch with us via the Facebook group so we are aware of problems and can note and recognize efforts to solve them.


Please go here to read the latest issues with Wikipedia.

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