The JIDF Celebrates Palin for VP


At the time, we were excited the choice and tried to generate more excitement for her and the GOP, against Obama.  Now, we are NOT fans of Palin whatsoever.  She's proven to be dumb on many fronts.  The scariest is the people who are worshiping her.  They are just as bad as the Obama supporters.  We do NOT and will NOT support her for President in 2012.

Original post: 

We feel it was a brilliant decision for many reasons. Although it is a shame that the Obama campaign claimed she has no experience, when she has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined! Furthermore, we love the fact that she is a traditional woman, with a family. 5 children. One of whom is a "special needs" child. Another who is in the army and fighting in Iraq. We love that she supports drilling in Alaska. We love that she is a member of the NRA. We love how she is such a sincere and strong speaker (without a teleprompter!) and "tells it how it is." We love that she said this regarding the birth of her special needs child: "G-d doesn't give you something you can't handle." We also love how Anchorage Chabad Rabbi Yosef Greenberg said that her statement was "straight out of the Lubavitch book."

With the announcement of Palin for VP, we feel there is real hope for change in the White House! She is a true breath of fresh air and we believe that she will not only serve as a great VP but might also be America's first female president as well!

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