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Israel National News:
Jewish Activists Hack Anti-Semitic Facebook Group

Jerusalem Post:
Jewish Internet Defense Force 'seizes control' of anti-Israel Facebook group


Some Russian Forum:
Хакеры вышли на войну с интернет-антисемитизмом

Facebook: Antisemitische Gruppe infiltriert und gesprengt

Telegraph UK
Facebook: 'Anti-Semitic' group hijacked by Jewish force

Arab World:
Some Arab Forum:

Al Jazeera Forum:
(not sure what happened to the thread....)

Funny quote: "Keep fighting the good fight, boys. Hana Senesh did her part. You, in your stained sweatpants and cheetos-stained fingers, are doing yours."

Hate Groups:

New Saxon: An Online Community for Whites By Whites:
Jew Hackers

Stormfront.org - White Nationalist Community
Jewish Internet Defense Force 'seizes control' of anti-Israel Facebook group

Jewish Internet Defense Force 'seizes control' of anti-Israel Facebook group


Jewish Acitvists Hack....
(1125 current "diggs" - 801 current comments)

"Inside the Jewish Internet Defense Force"

HonestReporting - sent out an alert to their 155,000 subscribers
"Fighting Back on Facebook"

Anti-JIDF Facebook Groups:

FUCK FOR THIS SITE: (( the jewish internet defense force ))
Currently 581 active members (group just formed a few days ago)

All Against Zionist JIDF Organization!!!
(In Arabic)
Over 156 active Members (group just formed)


The Something Awful Sycophant Squad
"Facebook jews hebe the fuck out"

Photo Tribute:

Liberty Forum:
"Jewish Internet Defense Force 'Seizes Control' of Anti-Israel Facebook Group"

Military Photos Forum

Insanely Mac Forum


Conspiracy Central Forum:
Jewish Internet Defense Force 'seizes control' of anti-Israel Facebook group
funny quote: "This IS fucking absurd. Talk about a coup. The nerve of these fucking MOSSAD agents to even rename admin positions to Mossad Zionist. Man, that pisses me off."

Link TV - Television Without Border
Freedoms and Liberties hacked in to and POLICED by Israeli/Jewish.

The Cuban Revolution: Inside the Jewish Internet Defense Force

Jenn's Other Blog

Avid Editor
The Jewish Internet Defense Force are the Maccabees of our time G-d bless them

The People's Voice
"The People's Voice is anti-Israel and very pro-semitic."
Jewish Internet Defense Force 'seizes control' of anti-Israel Facebook group
Truthseeker (UK)

האקרים יהודיים-ציוניים פרצו לקבוצת Facebook אנטישמית

HEEB Magazine Calls JIDF "Idiots" (how very Loshon Hora of them)

Wake Up From Your Slumber
"The Imam said...The JIDF and the Jerusalem Post must be wiped off the map. (No mistranslation intended.)"

RetardZone: Facebook is for anti-semitics
Funny quote: "After reading the two paragraphs that were written on the anti-semite’s defaced group page, there’s no question that Cohen won the Jewish national Scrabble championship. Here’s a list of some of the words that Cohen shoehorned (17 pts) into a couple paragraphs, along with their Scrabble values, based on not being on any bonus spots: antisemitic -15 pts; heartily - 14 pts; proliferating - 19 pts; abominable - 16 pts; propaganda - 16 pts; paralleled - 13 pts; provisions - 15 pts; ; ubiquitous - 21 pts; flourish - 14 pts; negligence - 14 pts; abdication - 15 pts; responsibility - 21 pts; legitimate - 13 pts; political - 13 pts; contextual - 19 pts; comparative - 20 pts; purposefully - 22 pts; disseminating - 17 pts; misinformation - 21 pts; delegitimize - 25 pts; repugnant - 12 pts - It’s obvious that Cohen really is much better at bored board games than the anti-semites in which he’s battling on Facebook."

By the way, people, we are ACTIVISTS trying to bring important issues into the spotlight... not "hackers." Temporarily taking out one tiny problem online (merely a molecule in the bucket of hatred, antisemitism and cyber jihad on the web) is NOT such a big deal. The idea here is to get the spotlight on some issues in which we feel are serious.

Since the group is currently back into the Jew hater's hands (temporarily), everyone can now enjoy all their wonderfully delightful postings again, and everyone can stop freaking out over nothing. You can continue to hate us in peace (even the self-hating Jews among you.) We understand that no one likes a Jew who rocks the boat. We understand that no one likes a Jew who triumphs. We understand that the majority of the world only likes us when we are being slaughtered, thrown into the ovens, or blown into bits and pieces....so we certainly understand your OUTRAGE upon learning that we put a temporary halt to the incitement to kill Jews and destroy Israel in a particularly active forum.

Isn't it ironic how so many more people had a problem with what we did, rather than discussing the serious issues? Interesting how censorship is a bigger deal to the world than threats to kill people. Interesting. For now, the content is back for you to see----but really, examples of this content are not so difficult to find.

The sad thing is that so few people----from the scum of the earth, to the corporate execs at Facebook and Google and other internet companies----so few people seem to care about the harmful impact of such material. Even Obama's church printed it, and no one seems to care. No problem there. We have someone who could be the leader of the free world who belonged to a church that printed HAMAS material. Yeah---no biggy. G-d forbid the church should have CENSORED it!

With great freedom, comes great responsibility.

It's a shame the world has not learned how harmful hateful speech which incites violence and celebrates terrorism can be---a real shame the world feels more threatened by the limitation of that speech vs. the threat such propaganda represents---a real shame people seem to have their priorities out of wack as they criticize us for what we did instead of really looking at the hateful propaganda and comprehending the cumulative impact it has upon the world.

A real shame indeed - but the JIDF will not halt in its fight to expose the issues and explain the ABC's of how dangerous this stuff is until you people are aware of it, and get it. We are merely trying to curb the speech before the actions continue to escalate. We know our history. We know it is beyond the Holocaust. We know the trends. And "it doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blow...."

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