An example of how articles are ruined in Wikipedia

Dear readers,

Please consider the difference between these two versions of the JIDF article to see how slight alterations can change the entire meaning of something in a completely non-neutral, biased, and inaccurate way. Just one user, Opiumjones 23, was responsible the following case of Wiki-butchering.

(All of the "before" text will appear in blue, all of the "after the butchering" will appear in red):

The '''Jewish Internet Defense Force''' ('''JIDF''') is an online organization that seeks to remove material from the Internet which its members believe promotes or praises terror and [[Ethnic hatred|racial hatred]], in particular, sites they deem to be antisemitic and anti-Israel in nature. Founded by a Jewish activist, the group has focused its attention specifically on websites like Facebook Myspace, YouTube, and Google Earth
Was changed to this:
The '''Jewish Internet Defense Force''' ('''JIDF''') is an organization, that claims to seek to remove material from the Internet which he believes promotes or praises terror and racial hatred, in particular, sites they deem to be antis-semitic and anti-Israel in nature. It focuses on Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and Google Earth.
Do you see how small, subtle changes completely alter the meaning? If not, please see the glaringly obvious attempt to insert the "Palestinian" point of view. The original stated:
According to the JIDF, the organization "formed as a grassroots effort in 2000, mainly to mount mass e-mail campaigns, in response to the Second Intifada. It then began operating on various Web sites, including Facebook, to spread news about Israel and Jewish issues."
However, the following drastic changes were made:
JIDF claim the organization formed in 2000 as a result of the Isreal/Palestinian conflict in reaction the Second Intifada, a Palestinian uprising which began in September 2000 . It then began operating on various Web sites, including Facebook, engaging in pro-Israeli and pro-Zionist advocacy."
First of all, terrible grammar and sentence structure (missing words, etc.) Also, no cited sources ever say that we engage in "pro-Zionist" advocacy. In fact, one will never find that term anywhere on our site (except with regard to other Jewish organizations who use it.)

Also, it should be "pro-Israel" (not "pro-Israeli.") Mysteriously lacking is "It then began operating on various Web sites, including Facebook, to spread news about Israel and Jewish issues." Opiumjones 23 seems intent on taking that important part of what we do, out. Most recently he expressed that he wanted to:
remove yawn inducing speading news already implied in advocay
It gets worse, please check out the following drastic effort to instill bias and a non-neutral POV into the article about us. Here is the before:
The JIDF encourages e-mail campaigns to the media to inform them about the issues they find online, and to site administrators of social networking websites to inform them about content which the JIDF deems to be objectionable and contrary to the corresponding acceptable use policy.
....was butchered to a completely biased non-neutral, and inaccurate POV:
The JIDF encourages e-mail campaigns to the media to complain about on-line content they disagree with.
Nice ending with a preposition, Opiumjones 23. Please have a look at the difference between the two versions and realize that this type of butchering (and worse) is happening to every single article about Jewish/Israel issues on Wikipedia by pro-Palestinian and/or antisemitic POV pushers every single minute of every single day, which is why we encourage all JIDF members and supporters to get involved with the project, but remember to be civil and don't make any drastic changes without "talking" about it first or you will just get batted down by people who are far more experienced. By studying the edit history of some users, we wouldn't doubt it if some of them were paid to do this professionally.

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