The Great Wikipedia Antisemitic Vandalism Mystery ***UPDATEx2***

(Good luck following this one!)

As we mentioned earlier, the JIDF Wikipedia article was recently vandalized with the flag of jihad and even swastikas by a user with the who appeared to be using the IP addresses of,,, and Apparently, this person had many other accounts including, "Nobody Of Consequence," "TheQuandry," "The Parsnip!," "Schweingesicht, and possibly "Sebbeng," and the IP address of All of this is readily available public information found on Wikipedia itself.

One can click on any of the IP's or names to see the "user contributions" this person made to the Wikipedia project:

Here is are screencaps of what this person's work looks like.

August 22, 2008
With the words "ALLAH'U AKBAR"
in the comment area he posted this:

Here is what he did to a page of someone who is trying to create accuracy in the JIDF article:

Here is the person's denial that he did what he did. As we soon discover, he's lying:
"I've been blocked for preposterous reasons and accused of vile actions that I did not do. I placed the unblock template on my talk page but nobody seems to have seen it yet. Can someone uninvolved please review my block at [[User talk:Nobody of Consequence]]? If necessary, e-mail me to discuss further. I'll be online sporadically the rest of the day. [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 17:36, 8 September 2008 (UTC)"
Here this person wrote:
"'i am immune to all rules and you can never stop me"
The case laid out is very confusing and seems to involve lenient punishment of the person behind this antisemitic online hate crime and people going out of their way to protect his identity and apparently to let him come back to edit with impunity. They claim the vandal is Jewish (we highly doubt this is true) and that he wrote some lengthy "apology" (the following is the excerpt which was provided):
'Yes, I've edited as an IP. Yes, I messed with......userpages. No, I'm not an antisemite. I did it because ***** is insufferable and ******* is a blatant POV pusher and dramamonger. Was it a good idea to do this? No, and I'm sorry I did it. And the other petty vandalism I did as an IP, I'm also sorry about. For the most part, I did it to see what it was like being on the other side. As you probably noticed, I've actually fought antisemitism and regularly revert, warn and report vandals.'' [where's the evidence of this? -JIDF]

''I have zero intention of vandalizing or causing anyone any more distress and like I said I'm shocked it's gone this far. I'm sorry you wasted so much time on it. I figured you would have just blocked the account and moved on by now. I'm not going to use the NoC account anymore since everyone now thinks it's operated by a Nazi/Jihadist.''
Yet to our knowledge, he never apologized to the JIDF nor to the Wikipedia editor whose pages he vandalized. It seems everyone took his word for it and he can get away with editing on Wikipedia through these other mysterious accounts in which the admins won't share with us.

What were his other Wikipedia accounts? (*86 that, we got it.)

If one looks closely and is savvy enough, one can figure it out. As one can see, something is awry as one user was able to "figure it out" and made sure that the presenter of the case, FassalF, knew about it:
"You may want to actually redact a few bits and bobs of information in your explanations - I got a bit curious and investigated a little, and was able to determine the usernames X, Y and Z within about 10 minutes (despite not having admin privileges). [[User:Brilliantine|Brilliantine]] ([[User talk:Brilliantine|talk]]) 05:09, 11 September 2008 (UTC)"
The admin, FayssalF, complains that people are recommending harsher punishment. Recommends that they should "fix" it and even teaches how to conceal the information (and the poor fellow kvetches about a headache)......:
I won't blame you but I'd blame myself and ''some'' of the members of the community who would just argue and won't relax a little and think about privacy first (i.e. ''My opinion is that full disclosure would be more appropriate'' or ''This should not be a decision of a single admin or an arb'', ''blah, blah, blah....'') Incredible! ......Could you please fix it yourself Brilliantine as I got confused? I've got a headache because of much investigation.....A tip, you could do it while commenting on other issues without people noticing it (reducing the exposure at least). -- [[User:FayssalF|fayssal]] 05:38, 11 September 2008 (UTC)
Brilliantine writes:
I'll see what I can do, assuming that Y is the one that needs to be kept private. Feel free to blank this discussion once you've read this. [[User:Brilliantine|Brilliantine]] ([[User talk:Brilliantine#top|talk]]) 06:13, 11 September 2008 (UTC)
The fix is in. Removed the text in red:
'''Today,''' while preparing this report, I went copying diff and checking history files of X. To my surprise, I found out that X used an old account Y (now redirected to user X - no sockpupptery at all). I thought it was only a matter of username redirecting. Nope. More digging led to the fact that Y started editing on mid-2006 but stopped before the redirection. The first edit ever of Y was a query posted at a former user W (unrelated) asking him why he left him a vandalism warning early 2006 (supposedely a warning by W to Y). This obviously means that Y had another prior account. This also means that W had left that supposed warning on early 2006. But to whom? I couldn't find out as, in fact - as W responded to Y, there was no such edit. I verified and it was true. There was no such warning at all!
It seems to us that Wikipedia has shown leniency toward someone who vandalized our page with antisemitic imagery. This claim is backed up by the admin, FayssalF who warned one pro-Israel editor:
You......better keep Wikipedia free of fights (referring to "Jewish organization which fights...")
He continued in that same thread to claim that antisemitic attacks with the Nazi symbol are not promotions of antisemitism:
As far as everybody is concerned here, nobody promoted Nazism.
Since when does an antisemitic attack featuring the swastika of Nazi Germany not promote Nazism? The attack was on Jewish Wikipedia users and on our organization, which is Jewish, and designed to fight these very things. Contrary to Fayssal's assertion, this was a very clear promotion of Nazism and Islamic Jihad.

One user summed up what happened very well:
"Let me understand this. This NoC guy who has 2 or more other accounts admits that he vandalized another users page with hateful stuff and he gets only a 2 week block?! And, this is after lying about doing it in the first place?! That is pathetic. NoC should be banned for life. Is Wikipedia about information or about harrassment? Shachna1979 (talk) 05:32, 11 September 2008 (UTC
FayssalF shows his disdain and tries to rationalize his decision for leniency and protection of the identity of the antisemitic vandal and kvetches about pro-Israel editors:
For g-d's (dash added-JIDF) sake!!!!!!!!!! It seems that you are new here to "fight bias" as you say... Administrators are already sick of people coming here for wp:BATTLE.....A few days ago, an IP (we now know it was NoC) left an anti-semite edit on another user page after a long bickering between the two and others as it appeared later on. He first denied that and lied after being questioned by administrators but when the offended user brought some links showing that NoC has edited the JIDF articles I blocked him for 2 weeks on the spot while pending investigation as nobody was sure of him being the one or not. While investigating, and after much digging (hard voluntary work which seems unvaluable especially when people like you come here relaxed protesting while sitting on a luxury chair) [LOL "hard work"-JIDF], we could find out that NoC used to edit under his real-name account "A." No disruption with that account. He stopped editing with that account more than a year ago (go ask him why). He redirected it to the account "B". B stopped editing 6 months ago (go ask him why). No disruption. "C" was created as a sockpuppet and it was used to report anti-semitic attacks. It stopped editing after a while (go ask him why). He then started a new account "D" which is NoC. No disruption. As you see both A, B and C and D reported anti-semite incidents a couple of times. This guy says he is a Jew and he is not anti-semite (evidence shows that it is true) and he says he's done that because of the bickering of the offended (ask him why and how). That is not an excuse at all!!!!!!!! Now, you'd tell me "so what? He's still got to be banned if that is not an excuse at all." I say the following: C and D are indefinitely blocked. What about B and A? If people would see me banning B they would then be able to know WHO is "A" (a name for a real-person 0_0). What if 'Nazis' or 'Jihadists' decide to attack him? Would you come here trying to rub my back and tell me "ohhhh, sorry Fay... If I knew this story would end up this way, i'd have not insisted on crying loud to ban this offender"?????????????!!!! Does all this make sense to you? If not then I am sorry, I can't help answering your protests. P.S. In a nutshell!!!!! Other people have been banned for the same or even less. This case involve real-life identities. I can't listen to you. -- fayssal / Wiki me up® 09:28, 11 September 2008 (UTC)
It appears Wikipedia offered leniency in this case and tried to throw the whole thing under the mat in order to protect one's privacy. Also, the following "bottom line statement" by Fayssal seems absurd:
It appears that all the accounts of this guy have always fought anti-semitism.
The JIDF couldn't find any evidence to support this claim whatsoever. If lengthy evidence can be provided, then we might change our minds and our approach. However, at this point, the JIDF does not buy it. No self-respecting Jew would ever post antisemitic and pro-Jihadist images in an effort to vandalize Wikipedia or an article of a Jewish organization determined to fight it. The JIDF is on it. We're tired of the Wiki-madness, Wiki-bias, and online antisemitism and hatred. Promotion of Nazism and Jihad. We're not stupid. We know who did this. What we don't understand is why they are allowed to continue to exist on Wikipedia. We want full apologies and disclosure from all involved. We want the people responsible for vandalizing our article to not be allowed to edit for a very long time. We also want a full Wiki-investigation into CJCurrie, his biased edits, and the Zionism on the Web debacle.


We notice certain involved IP's visiting this post quite often. If anyone has a problem with anything posted here, feel free to contact us directly (thejidf AT hushmail DOT com) to discuss. We can be reasonable.

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