Inside the "minds" of Jew haters.....of Stormfront

Today, our agents inside informed us that is linking to our site again. The forum is funny and sad for various reasons, but we feel it's important to study these things in order to understand those who hate us and wish to kill us. Here are some quotes of interest:

Son of the Mist writes:

Jewish Internet Defense Force supports Palin for VP

How many of them are also SF members?
reltih145 responds:
all major political candidates are in the jew's pockets.Been that way for years.
SamFrancis cries:
That site was so ugly and disgusting,it really brings forth,in me anyway, a contempt and hatred for jews. The picture,on the side,of the WTC towers with the slogan,'Never forget" maks you wonder what it really means? Never forget what we did for the jews? I wish this site could be smashed to pieces--and the Sarah Palin is pro-kike article was also sickening. They always show these shabbos goy with some ugly,perverted looking POS with that frizzy stupid it the same guy always???
Woodsy declares:
It seems that Israel's only friends are US politicians and US evangelicals.

LOL @ Jewish Internet Defense Force.

What are they defending Jews from?

The truth about Jews.

Name another religion, race, or ethnicity that needs an internet defense force. I bet you can't.
Son of the Mist ponders:
Jewish Internet Defense Force = organized internet agents for itsalie, agents who infiltrate every internet forum and lay in wait
Woodsy observes:
And notice the very first thing you see in the upper left corner.

The internet equivalent of "give us some money".

We interrupt the regular scheduled programming to bring you the following:


And now back to the "Mensa" Forum....

Deathrocker doesn't realize we are JIDF (not JID):
I'd like to point out one thing:

J.I.D. Force...

Jid = a derogatory term that Ukrainians use in reference to Jews...

I'm surprised... they should have known about this prior to picking out this name.
Woodsy has it all figured out:
Then they should call it the Free Speech Attack Gang. But then again Aryans call things what they are while Jews call things the opposite of what they are.

It's like what the Establishment calls the "US Defense Industry". Defense? The America Armed Forces have never once "defended" America. It's ridiculous semantics, I know, but just for the sake of truth in advertising, it needs to be called the US Aggression Industry.

No other country has ever threatened America in any way, shape, or form. Yet the US Aggression Industry has been at war for decades.
Son of the Mist concurs:
Excellent points
sums it up perfectly:
These are more conservative orthodox Jews. Several Jewish publications as well as the whole line of Jew dominated New York City papers have all denounced her.
And finally, we have WhiteGut
There is a benefit afterall to the Jews' viruses and worms.

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