The JIDF is now "Mossad?" **UPDATE**

One YouTube channel created this dramatic video, strangely laden with Hitler quotes and photos of the Neturei Karta. It accuses the JIDF of being the Mossad, in its title, TheAlexJonesChannel"Attacked by Mossad Run Website:

Despite this video's claims, this channel is not currently on our list. However, here's a brief sample of some of the comments for this video, where one can find the following antisemitic remarks:
    you tube will be down the tubes soon i think.. once theyy turn the internet off and replace it with internet 2.. just use it like mad while we still can.. ZIG HEIL!!!
  • TheAlexJonesChannel
    wow,isn't that what their sign say's?thats why I put it in!off course this group in the picture is not evil.They are against Zionism
  • wilddixieman
    thats just like them to try something like this just look at the bailout of wall street they are all crooks and should be tried for treason for selling us out to foreign interest
  • its time to start a anti jew site n have every video belonging to the jews taken down ,after looking at that jew site i realize they r evil fucking clowns,so if they want to play games we can make a war out of it,expect 1000s of anti jew videos from now on ,what the fuck is wrong with that religion ,well we will make sure millions of people a month will start to hate jews!
  • if jews want to take on the world then we better
    make sure the world knows,that means 1000s of anti jew videos from now on,that jew site is disgusting they will pay a heavy price for their arrogance.Why are Jews such idiots
  • The Star of David. 6 lines. 6 points. 6 triangles. Isn't that funny?
  • Hmm...I don't think Alex Jones has much to worry about from Mossad because he doesn't expose their involvement in 911. He won't admit that mossad, the jew owned media, and our jew run govt pulled off 911 without using a single plane. In fact, if you mention no planes and tv fakery, Jones and crew will try to burry you. Thus, Jones is covering for mossad, the media, our dual US/Israeli run govt, and even the criminal jews behind the HUGE banking collapse we are facing. Jones is no threat to them.
  • Israel was created to the request of Zionist Jewish bankers, the Rothschilds, who control the UK's banks, therefore control its politics.
    The US government is full of dual citizens.
    The Judicial system should be called Jewdicial.
    The media is owned by Ashkenazis.
    And so on.
    America has been hijacked by the Jew a long time ago.
  • jews = evil demonik satin worshipper CANCER to this earth in humanoid form
  • there is nothing bigger than jews. they are the dominance of this planet. and we are forever their slaves. the human race doesnt want to stand up against them because jews hold the power on everyone in every corner of the planet. nothing happens this big with out jews having hand in it. Mel is correct....jews make all the WARS of the world, they stole the world from everyone else and wont ever give it back.
  • all jews are the same. orthodox, zionist, any other, etc...they're all the same. it is against jew law for any jew to discriminate another jew, so in some sense i am following that same law. i dont discriminate jews...they're all the same...they're all EVIL DEVIL CANCERS of the world in humanoid form
  • catholics are not responsible for EU, your jew leaders: the rothschilds & zionists are. they are the ones who created JEWsa, EU, 9/11, all WARS, and everything else in between. you jews have been a VIOLENT CANCER to this world, you are NOT the peaceful VICTIMS you so claim to make yourselves out to be. you LIE & DECEIVE about everything, including your bullshit made-up to take over the world HOAXocaust
  • I am sure this channel meant to say it was just some rat-faced Jews that own it.

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