List of Heavily Biased Anti-Israel Wikipedia Editors **UPDATED**

See also: Electronic Intifada's Manipulation of Wikipedia

Since the Wikipedia article about us was vandalized with swastikas and flags of jihad, we decided to get more involved behind the scenes, and many people submitted these names (and others) to us. (Though none of these editors were necessarily involved with the vandalism.) We have been studying many contributions to the site, especially with regard to the article about the JIDF and the conflict in the Middle East.

We encourage others to do the same. In general, please alert us to any problems of POV-Pushing, bias, subtle antisemitic jabs and the standard "Jew baiting" so commonly found on Wikipedia (WP), so we may update this list and continue cite specific examples. We are also looking to get a lot more active on Wikipedia, since much has been written about the problems and many people have pointed out unfair Wikipedia policies and implementation thereof, especially with regard to Israel and the Jewish people.

Please keep us posted as to any problems you experience on Wikipedia as it will aid in our research and approach. Please enjoy the following list of heavily biased Wikipedia editors. We have listed their "contributions" from "earliest" to most recent, since many of them are trying to pretend they are not biased as of late:
User Contributions

  • Real name, apparently "Fayssal Fertakh" from Morocco, North Africa (as stated when you click on his name)
  • From our understanding, "FayssalF" is not only an editor, but also an admin and member of "ArbCom" - When confronted with antisemitism on WP, he failed to understand what it actually is and went on to block the person who complained about it. He only gave a 2 week sanction to the person who vandalized the article about us with swastikas and flags of jihad
  • "FayssalF" has a "digg" account which one can view here
  • Of particular interest were his comments on this article as follows: The question remains...Who started this mess? Give lands back to their owners man! Or at least stop being a dick and accept the fact that someone coming from Poland or Russia doesn't have more right than an indigenous at the first place. I'd be wondering if a Chinese come to Florida and created a state after chasing the natives. Get a break!!! Are you humans?
  • Someone even mentioned "FayssalF" in the comments section to a Special Report on Wikipedia by HonestReporting site and, pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards at Wikipedia, said the following about ArbCom and about "Fayssal": A number of Wikipedia's "Arbitration Committee" - currently seeing ( - are actually members of the Palestine Yahoogroup! This is why the racist yahoogroup never got sanctioned by Wikipedia, and why it's such a big deal that they attack CAMERA. Look at the arbitrator FayssalF (who uses the previous ruling on Israel/Palestine topics like a big club, along with his pet friends who he ushered through the adminning process in record time); look also at "Morven" (Matthew Brown) and Charles Matthews. Then take a look at the number of people who've tried to sanely fix the Israel articles, only to be beaten and abused and then banned from the site by racists... Of course, Wikipedia's arbitration committee never takes up THOSE cases...
  • Here someone claims the following about FayssalF: You're pretty quick with the revert button, FayssalF. You also seem to think that there is something POV or otherwise controversial about stating that Hamas officials engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric. Do you intend to source some material for the Hamas article to back up your interesting thesis?
  • The following quote was in regard to this edit in which Fayssal changed the header in the Hamas article from "Anti-Semitic Rhetoric" to "Allegations of Anti-Semitism"
  • Last month we shared more concerning information about this senior editor and admin which you may read here
(By the way, in the current Wikipedia article about Hamas, the fact that it is a terrorist organization isn't even hinted at until the 6th paragraph!)
User Contributions
  • Here he says: It should be fairly obvious that the "Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs" is.... an active participant in defending a party and as such cannot be a reliable source.....some of the material it publishes can only be described as extreme"
User Contributions
  • Real name, "Roland Rance" who chairs "Jews Against Zionism" meetings
  • Just look at this user's userpage. Wikipedia is supposed to have rules against using it for "soapboxing" but apparently they make an exception in this case
User Contributions
  • In a discussion about "occupied" vs. "disputed" territories, here this user exclaims: Will you PLEASE stop missing the point quite so spectacularly? It is utterly irrelevant whether you happen to prefer a certain phrasing, or whether in your view that phrasing is more NPOV or not. For the 14th time, the standard phrasing in 99% of all official and media discussion of this issue throughout the planet is "occupied territories", or referring to a subtly different area, "Palestinian territories". Both phrasings for example would include the West Bank, but exclude Tel Aviv. Any attempt by any editor to impose alternative phrasing constitutes original research. The fact that some elements of the Israeli establishment and the extremist right-wing blogosphere have tried to push the phrase "disputed territories" is interesting and relevant, and is rightly referred to in several wikipedia articles, however that terminology should not be allowed to replace the standard one, on the whim of one or two editors here.
User Contributions
  • Here Ceedjee compares Jewish settlers to Nazis stating ironically, "They'd better think about the profound meaning of Lashon Hara rather than becoming far-right wing young fascists."
  • Here, in the article about the "Wars of Israel", he tried to delete " ''Arab-Israeli War/Israel war of Independence" and replace it with only the "1948 Palestine War" falsely claiming, "no, no... there is only 1 name for that war among historians." Interesting.
User Contributions
  • Here this person deleted relevant, well-sourced, and cited information from the "Reactions to 9/11" article with the comment, "No need for details."
  • Yet another attempt to take out the well-known fact that the Arabs living in disputed territories celebrated the 9/11 attacks
User Contributions
  • More can be found on this editor here, where you'll find an example of what we hope to do for each of these editors over time.
  • This recent edit is very telling, where he felt the need to take out the following, well cited information from the Wikipedia article about Anti-Zionism (as well as the fact that Anti-Zionism should fall under the category "Antisemitism":
In July 2001, the Simon Wiesenthal Center reported that during a visit there, German Foreign Minister (and former terrorist) Joschka Fischer stated that "anti-Zionism inevitably leads to antisemitism." [19]
  • A little site note to this article is that it contains the following antisemitic cartoon, but isn't even presented as such:

The only caption for this carton on Wikipedia is as follows:
Nasser (Egypt), backed by Arab states, kicks Israel into the Gulf of Aqaba. Pre-1967 War cartoon. Al-Jarida newspaper, Lebanon (Oren, 2002)

We suppose the folks editing the article about anti-Zionism are so intent on making sure that it does not equal "antisemitism" that they missed the fact that they have an antisemitic cartoon in the article itself.
User Contributions
  • This editor's very first edit pertaining to the conflict in the Middle East was in regard to the USS Liberty Incident, where they felt the need to add that according to one person, the "US military and intelligence agencies are unanimous in finding that the the Israeli attack was “deliberate and unprovoked." The USS Liberty Attack is a favorite topic among those who take issue with Jews and Israel, despite the fact that it was overwhelmingly regarded (in official US Reports) as a "case of mistaken identity," and "was not made in malice." Read more here.
  • Here this editor brings in an off-topic "parallel" to the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre and demands that this parallel must remain, or else the on-topic material must be removed, in an effort to apparently compare the CIA to Black September terrorists. When someone tried to take out their off-topic addition, this editor added more "parallels" to the massacre at Munich, in an apparent intent to water down the topic at hand
Israeli forces entered Gaza Strip on June 28, 2006 to search for a recently kidnapped Israeli soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit, 19, who is believed to be held by Palestinian groups. The groups have stated that they will free the captured soldier on the condition that Israel release 1000 Palestinian militants kept in Israeli prisons. Shalit's condition and whereabouts are currently unknown.
However, in the Bloomberg article which was cited with that information, it clearly states: "Shalit is believed by Israeli intelligence to be held in the Gaza city of Khan Yunis, about 10 kilometers from the border with Israel"
  • This editor is also quick to point out Jewish and Israeli left-leaning sources so as to claim he is not biased. As with his friend (below), he seems obsessed with the JIDF.
User Contributions
  • We recently discovered that this WP editor is an active member in one of the new, antisemitic "Israel is not a Country" Facebook groups, where people see fit to try to impersonate members of the JIDF saying things like "the Holocaust is a Lie." This person has made post after post in a much-ignored attempt to try to have the JIDF banned from Facebook. They proudly link to this page.
  • Actively (obsessively) involved in the following anti-Israel, pro-Jihadist groups on Facebook, many of which include antisemitic content, including:

Israel is not a country !

Size:8,878 members
Type:Organizations - Political Organizations
New:81 More Members, 1 Board Topic, 89 Wall Posts


Size:146 members
Type:Geography - Countries

Free Palestine Wanted

Size:51 members
Type:Common Interest - Current Events
New:2 More Members

  • There's a lot of bias with this editors"contributions" as we shall soon indicate, in the meantime, we just noticed that this editor seems seems obsessed with the JIDF, along with friend, "Nishidani." In the past 3 days, they've made over 50 edits pertaining to us on this talk page alone.
Click to enlarge screenshot of Nishidani's talk page edit history,
revealing an obsession with the JIDF
User Contributions
More to come on the following editors:
User Contributions

  • Voted to "keep" the article alleging that the US is guilty in committing "State Terrorism"
  • Brings in some Noam Chomsky in the article about "Anti-Zionism"
  • Butchered the article about the JIDF by adding undo "criticism" and taking out the link to this page, despite the fact that RS refer to it
  • The first article edited about the conflict in the Middle East was on "Palestine"
  • Clarified that anti-Zionism is the "non-recognition" of Israel's existence or right to exist
User Contributions
  • Tried to insert antisemitic bias with regard to a "small group of wealthy Jews" here
  • Despite constantly and obsessively urging Wikipedians to "don't feed the trolls" and that we are a "tempest in a teapot" organization, he spends over 21+ hours (see image below) on the JIDF site himself.
  • Furthermore, despite many reliable sources saying otherwise and the JIDF not even being mentioned in his favorite "flame war" article about Facebook in general, he continues to allege that the JIDF is some sort of spillover organization from that flame war. The JIDF had absolutely nothing to do with said "flame war."
  • Most importantly, on top of all that, he failed to see the big deal with someone obsessively vandalizing the article about us with a swastika. For more, go here
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