JIDF to Join Forces in Solidarity With Hindus

We have been receiving correspondence from our friends in India, with whom we stand in solidarity. We have also noticed much anti-Hindu, anti-India and Jihadist propaganda online. Because of our work to expose and rid Facebook of the terrorist group responsible for the Mumbai terrorist attack, many of our friends in India have reached out to us. We want to make it 100% clear, an enemy of our enemy is our friend. We continue to stand arm-in-arm with all those who live under the threat of Islamic terrorism. Below are samples of correspondence we receive. We have taken out their names and other revealing information in order to protect their identity. We are posting this to let our enemies know that this is not just some battle between Jews and Muslims or between Jews and antisemites. This is an epic battle between Good and evil, between Truth and lies, between Civilization and barbarism. We will not be deterred. We will work to inspire people online and off, to do what is needed to be done so that Good can continue to be victorious against all evil.

The following are samples of our allies in India reaching out to us in solidarity:

Respected Sir/Madam,

Recently I have come across your website regarding your online defense of the Jewish community. I was very much impressed and inspired by this and have spoken to my team members and friends who have decided to start a similar online website that would be a having a Hindu theme. As you ought to know, we Hindus too are victims to Islamist terrorism and therefore wish to join you in this fight against Islam and its vested interests around the globe.

I on behalf of my team members am asking you this permission as it would be a great alliance if we can jointly operate our websites. This would not only bring the two communities closer to each other thereby promoting peace, but also be a solid wall against the oncoming bull of Islamist Jihad or religious terrorism. The present proposed name for this website is "Hindu Online Atmaraksha Sashastra Sena (Hindu Online Self Defense Forces in Hindi).

This website would also feature our allies webpages such as the Sikh, Buddhist and Jain pages. If we can interlink our two websites, we could draw an even more massive audience and support to our cause. The recent Mumbai terrorist attacks are a further eye opener to the world regarding Islam's true intentions. We must use this to make the world realise what pains our communities have gone through just to exist.

Our website for now is only a concept which by God's grace and postive encouragement from friends like the Jewish community will full fledged be an online army to fight Jihadic terrorism and Communist terrorism as well.

I await your response.
Here is another:
Your website has proven to be a great source of inspiration for Hindutva aka Hindu Polity online. There are recent plans made by some about starting a similar kind of website as yours with a Hindu Theme (note that Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism form smaller branches of the entire Hinduism).

If the site proves to be a success, I would like to request in advance regarding co-affiliation of our websites. Due to the current tensions brewing between us and Pakistanis, I might not be able to participate elaborately in the site as there is a chance for me to be posted in the ******** Command near Pak border. But you will find more information on this site from the common friends we share.

Have a pleasant day and I wish you luck in your duty. May a Hindu India and a Jewish Israel work towards a future of great prosperity and peace.
Considering there are only 13.3 million Jews in the world, we are happy to add about 900 million more to our numbers. Now, the key is getting all our leaders to stop dealing with terrorists, 100%. Here is an essay written in 1987 which tried to instruct the USA on how to deal with terrorists. Perhaps the world should heed these words:

USA Must Have Gut to Terrorize the Terrorists
USA Today, February 12, 1987

If we ever hope to rid the world of the political AIDS of our time, terrorism, the rule must be clear: One does not deal with terrorists; one does not bargain with terrorists; one kills terrorists.

And if that rules is too much for the United States to stomach, let it resign itself not only to the constant threat of kidnapping of Americans in the Third World, but worse, bombs in U.S. department stores, and other public places.

One of the great problems with Americans is that - being a decent people - they assume that everyone else is equally decent. They assume that everyone else is equally decent.

They assume that, all humans being equal, all cultures are therefore similar in concepts and values. But that is simply not so. And the Middle East is just not the Middle West.

The Middle East and the Moslem-Arab world possess their own unique cultures and values that in so many cases are at variance with those of the West. Human rights - especially those of non-Moslems or non- Arabs - simply do not have the same absolute value that they do in the West.

Above all, it is not decency or goodness of gentleness that impresses the Middle East, but strength. Because of this, the U.S. is looked on as a paper tiger - with all the accompanying contempt. President Reagan's constant flexing of muscle, with absolutely no reaction to the murder of U.S. Marines and the kidnapping of U.S. citizens, has created for him an image of one who speaks loudly and carries a small twig.

That is the heart of the problem. The answer? Never, ever deal with terrorists. Hunt them down and, more important, mercilessly punish those states and groups that fund, arm, support, or simply allow their territories to be used by the terrorists with impunity.

It is abundantly clear that if Syria wished to, terrorists would be deprived of huge areas of haven in Lebanon. But why should Syria want to? Or Iran? They're happily enjoying Western agony without suffering one bit. And that is the key: Make them suffer.

Terror in Syrian and Iranian cities will soon enough convince those two unworthy states that it is unhealthy to support terrorism. And if towns and villages that support terrorists in Lebanon are mercilessly dealt with, they, too, will soon enough turn on them.

The question is whether the United States has the stomach to defeat terror or whether Americans will sink into what the Rabbis of the Talmud call "the mercy of fools." When one refrains from terror against terrorists, he is not better than they. He will be deader, and there is nothing moral of ethical about that.

The choice is clear and once again, the Rabbis put it well: "If one comes to slay you, slay him first." (Brachot, 58 )

-by Rabbi Meir Kahane, USA Today, 1987


JIDF Disclaimer about Rabbi Meir Kahane in an answer to an interview question:

INTERVIEWER: Can you tell me your connection, if any, to Rabbi Meir Kahane?

JIDF: The JIDF has no connection whatsoever to Rabbi Meir Kahane, or to any of his former groups. However, just as we have been inspired by many influential people and things (including the films of Martin Scorsese, the Beastie Boys, the Chabad movement, other Jewish leaders like Ben Hecht, Peter Bergson, Ze'ev Jabotinksy, etc.) yes, we have also been inspired by some of Rabbi Meir Kahane's writings and videos found on YouTube and by the story of his creation of the original Jewish Defense League. We like that he noticed that Jews were being attacked in the streets of NYC and organized to do something about it. By the same token, we noticed Jews and Israel are being attacked online, so we have organized something to do about it. The JIDF is a non-violent protest group that believes in direct action both to temporarily reduce problems we face online, and to create the publicity that will cause those with the power, companies like Facebook, to take the needed action themselves.

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