Jihadist Plan to Invade Facebook

The JIDF has been on this front for a very long time (see related posts below.) The following was also posted on Jawa Report as well as Jihadica:

Last week on the password-protected jihadist forum Faloja, Umar Abd al-Hakim (aka Omar Abdul Hakim) posted an outline of a campaign to invade Facebook by jihadi propagandists.

Called “Ghazwat al-Nusra2″ (Aid Invasion2), the campaign is compartmentalized and hierarchical. See the disturbing outline below the fold.

According to Umer's post:

* We have already had great success in raiding Youtube.
* American politicians have used Facebook to get votes, like the house slave Obama.
* Anyone can join and you can reach millions of people. The April 6 youth are a good example of this.
* I am writing this because supporters of jihad don’t know how to use Facebook to reach Americans or Muslims.
* Don’t worry about security as long as you don’t disclose your personal info and you use new email addresses to subscribe.
* A large number of people in the Arab world are using Facebook.
* We can use Facebook to fight the media attack on Jihadi media and the forums. We can post media on Facebook that shows the Crusader losses.
* Since Facebook is so widespread, we need to use it.
* By using Facebook, we can move from the forums and engage common people and Americans themselves to show them the reality of their losses, which are being concealed by their media.
* One of the goals of invading Facebook is to “move away from elite society (the forums and the Jihadi websites) to Muslims in general and participate and interact with them.” [parenthetical comments are `Umar's]
* The brothers should immediately start to build their expertise in using Facebook.
* I’ve called this campaign “Ghazwat al-Nusra2″ (Aid Invasion2) because we are aiding our brothers on the forums: Hesbah, Firdaws, Boraq, and Ekhlaas. [sic all]
Umer also explains how to sign up for Facebook and describes the organization of the campaign. Seven brigades comprise the effort, each with a commander.
1. Sharia Brigade: spreads Salafi-Jiahdi doctrine and responding to doubts planted by erring people to misguide Muslim youth. It will distribute articles and audio messages from Salafi-Jihadi scholars.
2. Media and Planning Brigade: distributes Jihadi media files and incitement plans
3. Statements Brigade: posts Jihadi statements
4. Preparation Brigade: distributes military training material
5. Security Brigade: distributes security info required for Jihadi media and also security courses
6. English Media Brigade: posts Jihadi media and statements in English
7. Martyrs and Prisoners Brigade: distributes bios, writings, and videos of martyrs. Also material on prisoners. [sic all]
Each week, brigade commanders will prepare a written report to the leadership council which will then prepare a report on the campaign's progress.

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