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The main account we discussed before is "back" --sort of. It was a member of over 170 groups which have since been cleared, by Facebook. All the privacy settings and friend lists have been cleared, by Facebook. All the fan pages were cleared, by Facebook. All links were cleared by Facebook. But at least we still have the "shell" of the account. Meanwhile 4 other friends of the JIDF have been deactivated without any good reason. These were also important accounts as they served as backup in case the main account was deactivated (which happens once or twice a month).

In other news, we noticed that Facebook has removed academic threads which are critical of Islam. Apparently enough Muslims complained about the content being an "insult to Islam" that Facebook did the PC thing and censored it. Granted, we understand that some claim that WE are a censorship organization. That is false. We are fine with any material which does not promote hatred or violence. Pointing out problems within a "religion" is not hateful. Neither is being critical of Israel. We are critical of Israel all the time, that does not make us antisemites. We focus on material which is overtly antisemitic (ie. Jew hating) or material which is overtly promoting Islamic terrorism. Hatred against any group or the promotion of violence is against the rules of most internet companies. Because of the overwhelming amount of Jew hatred and promotion of Islamic terror, the JIDF's focus is on those issues.

Therefore, we do not fight against hatred in all its forms. We do what we can for our own people, and we believe the greatest threat toward our people and that of the Western world in general is Islamic terrorism, so we focus on that, too.

If you want us to focus on other groups promoting terrorism or people hating those who are not Jews, go to the ADL, or something. We are focused on our own survival as we believe that "charity" begins in one's own backyard.

For example, while the crisis in Darfur is certainly an issue, it's one that is outside our focus. We also take such a stand because it seems most other Jewish organizations are more concerned about Darfur than they are about Jewish issues. We're not trying to be another huge Jewish organization trying to solve the world's problems. We are just trying to solve our own and deal with the things that immediately threaten us. We try to have focus on those issues and we feel that makes us much more efficient than the larger Jewish establishment organizations.

Back to Facebook, we encourage you to backup everything you do there, as one day you might get deactivated for no good reason whatsoever and everything can be ruined or threatened. It's just not a very secure site and we believe there are many issues with Facebook itself being "politically correct" and giving into the demands of people who hate Jews and Israel. That is the only explanation for the serious setbacks we, and many of our friends, have experienced with our accounts. Since Facebook apparently wants to appeal to the Arab and Muslim world, the small voices that try to speak out on behalf of Jews and Israel are outnumbered and overpowered by the mob mentalities that wish to kill us and wipe Israel off the map. After all, if you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists. Despite the moral relativism that the media feeds you, Israel and the Jewish people are not on the same moral playing field as our enemies. Contrary to what the media feeds you an attempt to not appear biased for Israel, we are not "just as bad" as Hamas, which educates children to blow themselves up, or the twistedness of Hezbollah and their Hitler salutes.

However, we do appreciate the our one Facebook account being reinstated and we do appreciate the new way we have to report material (read more about that in a moment). We just wish the main account was back to normal and that the other JIDF accounts would be reinstated as well.

In the meantime we are searching for more and more ways to gravitate off of Facebook, so please send us your email or subscribe to our updates so we have your information. If you have any suggestions for better, more stable, social networks, we are open to suggestions. (We are currently considering "Ning.")

Also, we now have a very fast way of getting hateful material or material that promotes terrorism off of Facebook, so please send us any links to groups or problems you see there so we can continue to take the needed action, unlike the many large, well-funded organizations that barely have a presense on one of the most popular platforms on the web.

Please consider supporting the JIDF today!

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