We've had it with Facebook *UPDATE*

UPDATE: As we have mentioned, a key JIDF account has been experiencing some trouble being constantly disabled from Facebook every two minutes, without doing anything wrong.

Thankfully, we heard back from the Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook, Chris Kelly, who said:

This seems to be an automated systems problem with others reporting you erroneously for spam. We're working on both a short term and permanent fix to catch this type of system-gaming.
We thank Mr. Kelly for that explanation and trust the problem will be resolved soon. We would like to thank all our fans and supporters who wrote thousands of emails to Facebook on our behalf, and Prof. Jonathan Zittrain who also took time out to respond to us and to share our concerns with his connections at Facebook.

And finally, to our opponents: See, the difference between us is that we report things that are actually AGAINST THE RULES. If you're promoting Jew hatred or Islamic terrorism, we will flag and report you. If you're actually spamming people, we'll report you. Most internet companies appreciate our work as we help keep the riff raff off their servers. They want to ensure safe communities of people who stay within the rules that they created.

No JIDF accounts are breaking TOS, so you might win some small battles in the short run by mass-flagging us even though we are not doing anything wrong, but ultimately, you will lose the war. In fact, thanks to the "problems" you created, all you did was help to create more solidarity among JIDF supporters as we all rallied around the cause of getting the account back. You have also inspired change at Facebook, who will prevent you from causing these problems in the future, and who will possibly take action against YOUR accounts next time.

------and now back to the original post:

First and foremost, a "hello" from all our friends coming from one of the funniest and misinformed sites on the web. Thank you for sending a few hundred hits our way for a non-event. But mostly, thank you for your hilarious "analysis" of the situation. First of all, no we didn't get "smacked down" by Facebook. You'll find we still enjoy a very large presence there actually. We just temporarily lost one account, which was experiencing technical difficulties. To answer your questions - never mind, they are so stupid we will not bother answering them. It's unreal that people actually visit your site. You can't even get the story straight on "what really happened" to the JIDF on Facebook!

And now back to your regularly scheduled post:


05.14.08 - Disabled
05.15.08 - Reinstated
09.15.08 - Disabled
09.15.08 - Reinstated
12.16.08 - Disabled
12.16.08 - Reinstated
01.11.09 - Disabled
01.13.09 - Reinstated
01.14.09 - Disabled
01.14.09 - Reinstated
02.18.09 - Disabled
02.19.09 - Reinstated
02.19.09 - Disabled
02.20.09 - Reinstated - 4 pm
02.20.09 - Disabled - 8 pm
02.22.09 - Reinstated - 1 pm.
02.22.09 - Disabled - 3 pm

Between the overwhelming amounts of terrorist material, antisemitic material, new TOS which tries to take ownership of everything you do there, the reversal of that TOS, reflecting a company that just does not have it together, serious privacy concerns, problems with harassment, constant automated "warnings" for doing absolutely nothing wrong, getting put on multi-recipient threads in your inbox which one cannot "opt out" of, and most importantly, the constant disablement and reinstatement of key JIDF accounts and others involved with pro-Israel activism, we've really had it with Facebook.

We loved the potential of Facebook, but all of this gets very annoying and the JIDF is still waiting for the next best thing. Hopefully Facebook will soon reinstate the one JIDF account they keep disabling and leave it alone forever. It makes no sense that an account which gets bombarded with spam and harassment is the one that gets disabled, again. This happens once or twice a month to that account. Many friends of Israel and other warriors against online antisemitism and terrorism get disabled all the time.

*UPDATE 2.20.08 - 4pm*

The account has been reinstated, though not fully yet, as the settings, links, and groups of that account have all been cleared. This has happened in the past and there was just a bit of lag, and we hope that is the case now.

**UPDATE 2.20.08 8pm**

Without even using it, it was disabled, yet again! That makes 3 times in less than 48 hours for doing absolutely nothing wrong (unless, of course, advocating for Israel and fighting antisemitism and terrorism on Facebook is wrong). Is someone at Facebook causing this??

**UPDATE 2.22.08 1pm**

This problem should now be resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience, and enjoy the site!.....Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations
**UPDATE 2.22.08 3pm**



We heard back from the Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook and he assured us the problem will be fixed soon.

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