No need to worry

The JIDF "Open Forum" Facebook group recently "hacked" by Hezbollah supporters was never an official JIDF group. It was a "hacked" pro-Israel group which we thought we rescued. Apparently, we did not do a good enough of a job as the "hackers" were back. It has since been recovered by pro-Israel forces, but we have a feeling that the Hezbollah supporters will be back soon. We've played these games before. The best thing to do is report the group for terrorist content and hope that Facebook removes it.

In any event, the official and original JIDF Facebook group can be found here.

Please be sure to report the "hacked" one for its terrorist content (when it contains it) by writing to, and hopefully Facebook will remove it today.

Unfortunately, Facebook has tied our hands behind as they have given into terrorist demands by removing the majority of JIDF accounts, and by constantly sending us baseless "warnings" to the few that remain, so our ability to protect pro-Israel/anti-terrorism Facebook groups has been limited.

Also, we are experiencing some minor setbacks as we are upgrading our computer systems.

Besides that, taking over Facebook groups is so "last summer." We did what we had to do back in the day to get the problems on Facebook on the map, but now we just send reports directly to our contacts at Facebook, who then take the appropriate action.

We are proud to announce that last week we sent lists (found here and here) with 140 antisemitic and jihadists Facebook groups to Facebook. Of the 140, Facebook removed 112 of them. We will continue with our hard work.

We were the first organization to take on the problems on Facebook. Lately, others have tried to grasp various situations of these group takeovers, but they do not have all the facts. We are very open to working with people and coordinating effort, but we would appreciate if they would cite us as a source when we provide them with information about what is happening on Facebook or elsewhere online.

There is currently a mass protest of Facebook brought to you by folks who should be coordinating with us for maximum effectiveness. Unfortunately, they don't have all the facts nor a basic understanding of how/why these things have happened on Facebook, so their "protest" will most likely fall upon deaf ears and only hurt those they are trying to help.

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