Hate Mail after the CNN Piece

From: comptoncci@yahoo.com
Subject: Seriously?
Date: May 8, 2009 11:02:59 AM CDT
Reply-To: comptoncci@yahoo.com

Hello there.

First off, I'd like to say; HAVE YOU PEOPLE LOST YOUR FRIGGIN MIND?! You need to go out and get real jobs and stop trying to find people to pick a 'fight' with.

The "Jewish Internet Defense Force"? Seriously? So, I can go out and start the "White Male Internet Defense Force"??? Because, I gotta tell ya; there's a lot of people that don't like white males in this world. Seems to me, you people are part of that little group.

Grow up! It's human nature to not like some people. It's been that way for thousands of years. And let's face it, you Jews should know all about that. You people have been starting fights and wars forever!!

Remember one thing; there's THOUSANDS of religions and only ONE reality!

In closing, I'd just like to say that you, yes you - the one reading this to everyone else in the room - are an idiot. Plain and simple. Stop trying to fight it or I'll start the "Idiot Jew Defense Force".

Now go get a job.




From: dougiefinky@yahoo.com
Subject: I wonder sometimes about you all!
Date: May 8, 2009 1:51:21 PM CDT


Lots of folks have been killed by a bunch of
other people besides the Germans! Stalin wasn't
nice either. Also, others, black, gays etc were
killed too! Stop fucking crying every single fucking
day! This is AMERICA we can write and say what ever
we want. When you all try to stop opposite view points
from being shown on Facebook/Internet...aren't you headed
towards what Hitler did in 1938? How the hell did you
all let him get in charge in the first place? Were you
too busy making money??

Finally, I am sick and tired of watching Israel use MY
TAX money that we send there to attack her neighbors!

invade...tough luck!

I also am pissed that you have Nukes and you are not
part of the Non-proliferation agreement! You (Israel) and
Iran and North Korea and Pakistan and India are all in
the same boat!

Please don't think I am anti-Jew...I just get pissed
that you all scream and cry about something that happened
over 60 years ago as if you are the only culture to ever
have shit happen. Finally, NONE OF YOU BETTER BE DRIVING

Leave Facebook alone and mind your own damn-business!


(The following is not hate mail, apparently, just one that denies the Holocaust):

From: car4dcm@bellsouth.net
Subject: Holocaust
Date: May 8, 2009 6:57:41 PM CDT


You cannot stop people from denying the Holocaust by removing all things and speeches, that accept the denial.
My problem, when Elise Wiesel said he knew that there were not 6 million killed but around 3,500 -but he would not make it to well known as it would diminish the impact of 6 million. That way Jews could use that and brow beat the World for ever. If the holocaust happened 63 years ago how come so many Jews that are 80 or more are still here with us? So much does not add up, that is why this discussion will not die.

Why did the Jews of Germany have so much when every German was so poor. I am reading the "classics" and the Jew was not though of to highly, in fact they seemed to relish in their money changing ways. I read recently that when the Constitution was written a Jew was the first to accept the Union money but did not otherwise contribute to the writing.

I have no argument with the Holocaust I believe that it was a horrific thing that happened to millions, but I can not believe there were 6 million when I have read and taken courses on Europe there were not 6 million Jews in the whole World!
You have a cause, but by trying to remove and shut down everything that does not agree with you will not help your cause.

Carolyn Cunningham

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