Yom Kippur: Facebook threatens to deactivate Facebook account of founder of JIDF *Updated w/ ACTION ALERT*

Today we received notice that the founder of the JIDF is being threatened, yet again, to be deactivated from Facebook. Despite his name and work being mentioned and praised in various mainstream news sources, and despite multiple death threats and harassment from islamists and antisemities, Facebook remains uncaring about these concerns. They believe his name is fake, and thus, against the rules and they will deactivate his account unless he provides a scan of a government ID, which also confirms his birthday. Why is this Facebook's business? Why do they care about this when there are thousands of accounts on Facebook using it to promote antisemitism and terrorism?

David Appletree has already gone down this route with Facebook on December 16, 2008. At that time, they were sensitive to his privacy and security concerns, especially considering the death threats and harassment he has received on Facebook itself. He also lives in an area which is full of Hamas/Hezbollah supporters as well as various white supremacist groups. Despite trying to explain this to Facebook, they don't seem to care about their prior rulings, and continue to threaten to remove his account. This is just some of what he stands to lose from this account which he has had for over 2 years:

  • Thousands of personal correspondence messages in his inbox
  • Thousands of his posts throughout Facebook
  • Control of approximately 40 groups and pages (click here for list) with hundreds of thousands of combined members
  • Membership of over 200 other groups and pages
  • 30 photo albums containing hundreds of images
  • Nearly 4,000 friends David has acquired over the years, due to his hard work advocating for Israel and fighting antisemitism and terrorism online.
Since David and the JIDF started to get publicity exposing the problems of the widespread antisemitism and terrorism on Facebook, Facebook itself has done very little but deactivate and threaten to deactivate his account. The following is a list of these occurences, found in the FACEBOOK: BRING DAVID APPLETREE BACK AND LEAVE HIS ACCOUNT ALONE! group:
05.13.08 - Disabled
05.15.08 - Reinstated
09.15.08 - Disabled
09.15.08 - Reinstated
12.16.08 - Disabled
12.16.08 - Reinstated
01.11.09 - Disabled
01.13.09 - Reinstated
01.14.09 - Disabled
01.14.09 - Reinstated
02.18.09 - Disabled
02.19.09 - Reinstated
02.19.09 - Disabled
02.20.09 - Reinstated - 4 pm
02.20.09 - Disabled - 8 pm
02.22.09 - Reinstated - 1pm
02.22.09 - Disabled - 3pm
02.23.09 - Reactivated!
03.30.09 - Disabled
03.30.09 - Reactivated!
06.26.09 - Reactivated!
06.29.09 - DISABLED YET AGAIN!!!
06.29.09 - Reactivated!

09.29.09 - Yom Kippur - threatened with deactivation in 48 hours.
We don't appreciate this. David has used Facebook in an effort to unite thousands of people people to stand against hatred and terrorism on their servers. There are thousands of people using fake accounts on Facebook for various reasons, including, but not limited to, spam, and the promotion of hatred and violence. David created the largest group against Holocaust denial on Facebook, with nearly 90,000 members. Is Facebook doing this because he was so outspoken on this issue ---speaking out against their proud stand in favor of Holocaust denial on their servers? Or is it because he's admin of what's probably the largest Jewish group on Facebook, the "Can We Reach 6 Million Jews...." group.... with nearly 122,000 members?

Or is it because many throughout the years have turned their backs on the JIDF for various reasons. They get upset with us, and in turn, try to get us in trouble with Facebook. It's sad when people who are supposed to be on our side, turn their backs on us, stab us in the back, and try to "get us in trouble" on Facebook for the most absurd reasons.

Since when is it a crime trying to protect one's identity so as to keep themselves safe from harm?

-That said, is there a government out there who might wish to help us out quickly?

-Is there a way we can somehow backup everything on David Appletree's account?

-Why are they targeting David Appletree - on Yom Kippur of all days - when there's thousands of people out there who are using initialed names or other absurd names on their accounts?

This is unfair, politically motivated, and reeks of double standards and hypocrisy!




We urge you to write original (but cordial) emails asking Facebook to reconsider their position on David Appletree's account to the following emails:

abuse+d2uutt5@facebook.com, disabled@facebook.com, abuse@facebook.com, appeals+dwaaa1y@facebook.com, abuse+nsjqg0e@facebook.com, privacy+nsan8ya@facebook.com, appeals+dwad8ab@facebook.com, press@facebook.com, abuse+nsjqgta@facebook.com, abuse+dwadob5@facebook.com, abuse+dwa1dot@facebook.com, abuse+nsjv5bq@facebook.com, abuse+nsjva3q@facebook.com, abuse+nsjv0gr@facebook.com, abuse+nsrjrjq@facebook.com, abuse+dwupdwt@facebook.com, abuse+dwupy8y@facebook.com, abuse+nsjqrsr@facebook.com, appeals+nsjqnt1@facebook.com

Send individual emails, don't CC/BCC as they will probably bounce. If you get any that bounce, let us know and we'll remove them.
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