Despite the spin, the U.S. is under siege from Muslim jihadists

(Northfolk Crime Examiner) The day after the deadliest example of Muslim terrorism to be carried out inside the U.S. since 9/11, President Obama told us not to “jump to conclusions” about the motives of the alleged shooter, in spite of the fact that several eyewitnesses reported that the alleged shooter, Maj. Malik Hasan shouted “Allah Akbar” as he gunned down his fellow soldiers.

On Sunday, in an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, U.S. Army Chief of Staff General George Casey Jr. also warned the public of drawing any conclusions about Maj. Hasan, and lamented that “It would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was — it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”

Most of us have come to expect such politically correct rhetoric from the mainstream press, but when a top military commander is more concerned with sugar coating the threat posed to this nation by radical Muslims than he is with protecting the public or even his own soldiers…It is a sad day indeed.

Despite the cover-ups and the spinning by government officials and the press, we do have radical Muslim terrorists plotting and attacking inside the United States. If we are to survive, we must open our eyes to the facts and stop worrying about who may or may not be offended.

With 86 percent of Americans identifying themselves as Christians, radical Muslims realize that they will never convert us, and as directed by the Quran, many have now decided to kill us. However, you will never hear that painful truth from the mouths of network anchors, nor from our rather spineless politicians.

What follows is a list of uncovered plots and terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslim radicals on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001:

-In September 2009, a grand jury indicted Afghan national Najibullah Zazi on a charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. The FBI claims that he was plotting to blow up certain U.S. targets and was in possession of plans for making hydrogen peroxide-based bombs.

Since his arrest, Zazi has admitted to receiving training at a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

-In September 2009, FBI agents arrested 19-year-old Jordanian national Hosam Maher Husein Smadi Smadi, who claism to be an al Qaeda supporter, after he allegedly parked a van filled with what he thought were explosives outside a high-rise office building in Dallas, TX.

Smadi was taken into custody as soon as he dialed a cellphone which he thought would ignite the fake bomb placed into the vehicle by FBI agents posing as fellow terrorists.

Smadi came to the attention of the FBI through postings he allegedly made on the internet six months earlier.

The following are postings which the FBI claims Smadi made, and presented at Smadi’s araignment:

"We shall attack them in their very own homes. Brother, by God, we shall attack them in a manner that hurts, an attack that shakes the world. Oh Brother, let the backsliders know that the time for their destruction has come."

"I want to destroy ... targets ... everything that helps America on its war on Arabs will be targeted."

"By God who created me, there will not be a retreat at all, even if they take me to Guantánamo for the rest of my life. I will never forget Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, or any land where the call of, 'There is no God but God, Muhammad is God's Messenger' is raised."

"It will shake the currently weak economy in the state and the American nation because this bank is one of the largest banks in this city."

"Millions of people would incur losses: unemployment, poverty, hunger, and a strike to the head of the government. Don't forget the psychological impacts for the loss of this beautiful building. ... Of course, our joy will be in the success of this operation."

-In June 2009, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, 23 pulled up outside of an Army-Navy recruiting station in Little Rock, AR, where two soldiers were taking a cigarette break, and opened fire. Muhammed killed Army Pvt. William Long, 23 and wounded Army Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, 18.

Police stopped and arrested Muhammad only 15 minutes after the deadly shooting. They found several guns in Muhammad’s vehicle, in addition to the one he used to allegedly murder Pvt. Long.

Prosecutor Larry Jegley said: “If there had been more recruits out there at the time, he would have killed more of them, or tried to. It's my understanding that after his conversion to Islam he decided that he had a bone to pick with the military officers because of what he perceived to be mistreatment of Muslims around the world."

Muhammad is an American convert to Islam. The attack on the recruiting station took place during the same week in which Obama traveled to Egypt and made his historic and apologetic speech to the Muslim world.

-In December 2008, five Muslim men were convicted of conspiracy to commit an armed attack at Fort Dix, NJ.

U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler sentenced Mohamad Shnewer, Dritan Duka, Eljvir Duka, and Shain Duka, to life in prison. Only Serdar Tatar, was spared a life sentence, as Judge Kugler ordered him to spend 33 years in prison for the 2007 plot.

Three of the terrorists were illegal aliens who entered this country over the unprotected U.S./Mexican border.

-In August 2008, the body of a Somali-born Muslim man was found in a Denver hotel room. Police and fire officials found a pound of sodium cyanide in crystal form, inside the man’s room.

Saleman Abdirahman Dirie was staying at the Burnsley Hotel, which is only a few blocks from the State Capitol.

The FBI was quick to announce that there was “no connection” to terrorism. This, despite the fact that a Muslim man was found with a enough crystallized cyanide to kill at least hundreds of people, just two weeks before the Democratic National Convention is to be held in that city, but the FBI decided it is not related to terrorism.

Are we supposed to believe that the one pound of crystallized cyanide was for his own personal use? Or perhaps, the luxurious Burnsley Hotel simply has a tremendous rodent problem of which we are not aware?

While the lack of response by our own government, combined with the lack of coverage by the mainstream press to this event may seem absurd, it is standard operating procedure for both.

-The July 2006 deadly attack by a Muslim gunman upon the Seattle Jewish Federation was a classic act of Islamic terrorism. Naveed Afzal Haq forced his way into the Jewish Federation building and shot six people, killing one. He attacked only women, one of whom was pregnant. Once surrounded by a SWAT team, this coward surrendered.

Jewish Federation employee Marla Meislin Dietrich told reporters that as Haq walked the halls firing, he shouted: “I’m Muslim-American” and “I’m angry at Israel.” It should be noted that Haq’s father is a founder of a Seattle area mosque.

While this was clearly an act of terrorism, the authorities refused to classify it as such. Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels instead said: “This is a crime of hate.” Seattle’s FBI counter terrorism chief David Gomez characterized the attack by saying Haq was: “acting out antagonism toward this particular organization.”

Almost laughable was the announcement of Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, when he told reporters: “We are protecting mosques because there is always concern about retaliatory activity.”

How many mosques have been attacked by Jews?...I’m guessing none because if such an act ever occurred, the networks would never stop talking about it. Chief Kerlikowske’s politically correct comment was an obvious attempt to equate unprovoked violence with a Jew’s or Christian’s justifiable need for self-defense.

-In March 2006, a young Muslim man named Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar rented an SUV and drove it into a crowd of students at the University of North Carolina. The Iranian native told police that he decided to carry out the attack due to “the treatment of Muslims around the world.” The attack left nine people injured.

At his arraignment, he told the Judge that he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.”

Despite lively student protests, UNC Chancellor James Moeser, as well as the press refused to characterize the attack as terrorism.

Taheri-azar recently pleaded guilty to nine counts of attempted murder.

-In October, 2005, a 21 year old Muslim student attending the University of Oklahoma accidentally exploded his backpack bomb outside of a sold-out football game at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. According to eyewitness accounts, Joel Henry Hinrichs was sitting on a park bench about 100 yards from the stadium fidgeting with his backpack, when the
bomb detonated. He was apparently arming the bomb which was to be carried into the stadium crowded with 84,000 fans.

Hinrichs attended a local mosque with his Pakistani roommate. Police searched their apartment and discovered it to be filled with bomb-making materials as well as anti-Semitic, anti-American Islamic literature. Though the FBI would claim that Hinrichs was simply a “troubled” young man without any connection to terrorist organizations.

Oklahoma FBI agent Salvador Hernandez said that Hinrichs had simply decided to commit suicide “near a packed football stadium using an explosive attached to his body.” Despite the government white washing, it is obvious that Hinrichs simply made a mistake and prematurely discharged his bomb. If he had successfully armed the device and entered
the stadium, many people would have been killed and more seriously wounded.

-On July 4, 2002, Egyptian national Hesham Mohamed Hadayet walked into Los Angeles International Airport and shot and killed El Al stewardess Vicky Chen and L.A. resident Yaakev Aminov. Hadayet, and also stabbed an El Al security guard (Haim Safir), who in turn fatally shot the terrorist.

El Al being the official Israeli airline, the nature of this attack was correctly least by the Israelis.

Israeli L.A. consul general Yuval Rotem said: “The way [the attack] was conducted is very much similar to previous attacks throughout the years at El Al counters. Therefore, unfortunately, given this history, we presume that it may and would appear to be a terrorist attack.”

Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Shimon Peres said: “The terrorists deliberately chose the Fourth of July to carry out their crime on the soil of the United States.”

In stark contrast, FBI spokesman Matt McLaughlin told reporters: “There is no indication of any terrorism connection in this matter.” Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn said: It appears this was an isolated incident.”

All of the aforementioned terrorist attacks disappeared from the nation’s newsrooms, just as quickly as they appeared. Many of you have no doubt either forgotten or simply never heard of these attacks. That is exactly the effect which our government and press wants to achieve.

Even during the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks, the feds continued to play down the possibility of Muslim terrorism. The ATF even announced that they believed the sniper to be a 33 year old white-supremacist named Robert Gene Baker!

The snipers turned out to be two black Muslims (one was an illegal alien). Despite the fact that one of them admitted to targeting “as many white people” as they could kill, neither Lee Boyd Malvo, nor John Allen Muhammed was characterized as a terrorist nor even charged with a hate crime. The pair killed 20 innocent people before their reign of terror

It is clear that our political leaders still do not understand the threat posed by the radical Muslim world. Our politicians and law enforcement officials seem to believe that the policy of appeasement will work with murderers. They are mistaken and if we do not wake them up to this fact...We will have no nation left to defend!

There are currently more than 300,000 Muslims living in the Dearborn, MI area. There is also a large population of converted Muslims inside this nation’s prison system. The potential for recruitment for terrorist attacks within the United States, is overwhelming.

While it is certainly true that most Muslims will never commit an act of terrorism, we cannot ignore the terror which has been occurring before our very eyes. We cannot afford to sit back and watch our government allow our citizens to be murdered. We must demand action now!

We can do very little about the cover-ups taking place inside this nation’s newsrooms. It is apparent that the left-wing subversives sitting behind network anchor desks will only stop covering for Muslim murderers, when it is their own heads which are sawed from their bodies. However, we can direct our politicians to defend this nation...Remember, they work for us, not the other way around! Let us take to the streets in peaceful (though loud) protest, let us fill Congressional offices, and let us cast our votes next year.

Let those on the left remain suicidal, those of us who have not been intellectually castrated will shout Islamic terrorism every time we see it!

If we lack the courage to name our enemy or to even recognize their violent acts…How can we expect to keep this country safe?

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