Just another sample of the THOUSANDS of pages with millions and millions of fans and members just like this on Facebook- the place where Holocaust deniers, antisemites, and jihadists roam free and have a safe haven, and anyone who challenges them represents some sort of threat to the "openness" that Mark Zuckerberg and his sister Randi (sadly and pathetically, Jews) and their company try to elicit, is banned. Below are some quotes from the group, and a screencap, and a list of all the members of it:



Hercules B Rockefeller Did anyone get their Camp LOLocaust summer of 43' shirts in the mail yet?

Luke Evar Newman The only thing more fun then Holocaust is a good old game of "Guess Jew" or "JEwmunji"

"The Holocaust was really a LOLocaust"

"The holocaust was a right laugh, the gassing bit sounded like they were having a raucous party in there: all that screaming then silence, like someone had just turned off the music or told a bad joke which didn't go down too well. Then it was off to the furnace where the smell was just like a barbecue on a warm summers... afternoon and the noise sounded just like gently frying bacon....who can deny that that isn't fun?"

"Hitler knows how to throw a good party!"

Here's a list of fans of this sick page. Forever googleable - as you can see with names like "Britteny Spears" and "Epicfail Guy," and "Rosie Roys Rolls," Facebook takes its "real name culture" very seriously. They really go after those fake accounts. Perhaps all the schools listed might wish to be made aware of these associations (and here's a list where you can click on the actual profiles):

David Szeltner, North Olmsted High School
Sergio Caldarella
Aaron Bryant, Hurricane High School
Cornelius McGraw
Quintin Kieran Pocher
Derp Trollington
David Davidson
Myles Stowers
TraobimbaolaquandadingDao Braswelmartinezandersondathird
Bruce Wanye
Trolls Trollson
Sean Ἄθεος Sporadic, Sandalwood Heights Secondary School
Hercules B Rockefeller
Erik Jerome Finkel
Robert Hoolan
Steve Irwin
Ben Bridges
Patrick Troggy Bassett
Jonathan Taieb, Cité Scolaire Lacassagne
Dionne Garnett, The County High School Leftwich
Pauline Shapiro, Cité Scolaire Lacassagne
Haydn Martin
Laura Rachel Touati
Matt Potter
Luke Evar Newman
Kelly 'Seven' Proxies
Ramisa Fariha Kabir
Richard Simmons
Mandy Frediani, Glenbard East High School
Muhumud Alla H
Matthew Dr-Feelgood Romanik, CCRI
Carson Doshier
Giovantai Razo
Rain Stevens
John Paul
Lauren Elizabeth Garnett, The County High School Leftwich
Toki Wartooth, St. Nicholas Catholic High School
Will Swindells, Hartford High School
Amber Fern-Irene Matkowski IV
Holly James
Niall Lenoach
Jonathan Cunningham
Shannon Miller

Ashley Anne Allen

Henry Rollins

Paige Adams

Rachael Sawyer

Richard Goin

Miranda Becica
Lower Cape May Regional High School

Nick Smith
Cape May County Technical High School

Ashley Modjeski

Gus Gusterferson

Dave Rowlands

Forte Lawlz

Jon St Francis

Sam Frackleton

Dan Rossi

Brian Witkiewicz Bienko
Lower Cape May Regional High School

Carl Marx Niemczura

Katie Smith
Lower Cape May Regional High School

Tom Stanton

Liz Gammons
Ballard High School

Lee 'Underz' Underhay

Tobie Clarke

Mike Trollington

Jamahl Rohypnol Agdwingu

Bon'quisha Jones

Lisa Monday

Marjorie Queen

Geoffrey Chequer

Danger Stevens

Konstantinos Savvopoulos

Gboy Bernales

Ahhma Dinnerjacket

Bryan King

Nikki Corwin

Artie Fufkin

Steven Seagul

Pawl Novell Wiesinger

Cassidy Sharpe

Saggyold Manbaps

Podgy Assedpygg

Banan Aman

Nick Gallagher
Emmanuel College

Don Graham
Rosie Roys Rolls
Judas-the Resurection Hayward
Forda Lulez
Aven Evigrof
Michael Classic Dodds
Busta Ntibazonkiza
Frederick Picket III
Najib Tun Razak

Sasha Summers

David Toms

Jack Aycock

Blake Tidwell
Staley High School

Judy Crimson

Octo Launch

Forrest Flynn

Bruce Bateman

Andrew Vágyna

Alyssa Bustamante

BellaDonna Lovelace

Jorge Rocatagliata

Davey King

Andrew Blacksout Ripley
HeyoAnon Delivrars
Britteny Spears
Habib Mahmoud
EpicFail Guy
Dino Zakarya
Atolanie Charles Adesojie
Dan Barker Obe, Diakonissestiftelsens Sygeplejeskole
Paul Ryan, Duncan U. Fletcher High School
Yuki Nagato
Roy Niggaheeb
Mista Anderson
Zyathach Adleraug
Patrick Starr
Donald Currey
Neil Saxton
Pierce Ruane Launch
Christian Szell
Brendan Pigstrotter Pieterson
Tim 'Nukem' Bond III
Jennifer Jason-Zucker
Julian Herold
Electra Papathanasopoulos
Shaun Lambert Alleman
Michael Mistermotivator Barrymore
Samir Duran

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