"I hate Jews because..." topic discussed among 179,000 fans on official Facebook "Groups" application discussion board

The official page of the Facebook "Groups" app (fully created, moderated and controlled by Facebook itself), has over 179,000 fans. In December of 2007, someone started the "I hate Jews because...." thread.

This "discussion" has been going on for nearly 3 years, and the thread still exists, here.

This is just another indication of how negligent Facebook is on these issues. Despite "hate" being against their own TOS, on pages they created and moderate themselves, they allow Jew hatred to go viral. Would Facebook allow an "I hate Black people because..." thread?  or an "I hate homosexuals because...."  or an "I hate Muslims because...." thread?   Hardly. 

That's how the double standards and hypocrisy work at Facebook. 

While many are defensive of Jews on the thread, the following is a sampling of the hate.  Notice how many years Facebook has allowed this to go on and how these Jew haters are able to keep their accounts.  Also notice the high percentage of hateful comments come from people with Islamic names, despite us randomly pulling every hateful comment we found.  Facebook even allows a guy by the name "Johnny Killjew" to enjoy the discussion and keep his account (despite an obviously fake name, promoting murder....):

Adem Brija they are rats and i dont like rats either June 8, 2008

Tiffany Sherwood definitly hate jewish people, The reason i hate them is because they bug me. and i started hating them when this jewish girl in my class got her jewish father to come speak jewish bullshit to a bounch of chritians, i fell asleep. so all i heard was something abour a cave and some candles. but seriously, F*** EM' they think they're all cool. they can f*** rate off fer all i care. August 27, 2008 

Mikhael Rezhkin F*** Jews.. That's why.  August 28, 2008

Hass Iqbal i don't hate jews just use the word to take the piss out of anyone hence the insults--"jew bag", "jew nose". funny stuf - November 15, 2008

Hadieh Jbara i hate jews.... i hate jews.... i hate jews..... i hate every thing about jews .......the are killers..... killers...... they kill childern.....babys....women..... in gaza ....December 30, 2008

Yakisobapancake Farré f**** you jewish b*****. May 1, 2009 at 7:52pm

 Paul Andrews Everyone knows jews are dirty two faced scumbags. Just look at what they are doing in Gaza. They are murderous thieves, f***ing over everyone who isn't a jew. Thankfully they don't go out recruiting otherwise there would be more jew rats in this world.Now they have their own country, so they aren't just some "misunderstood" minority. Israel gives jews the platform to show their real colors. The results? Arrogance and genocide. Is anyone really surprised? Is there a reason they have been a hated minority for thousands of years now? Stereotypes exist because they have a basis in reality.  Jews - go f*** yourselves and please don't reproduce. I can't wait until iran nukes you. May 15, 20

 Arif Noerman Topic: I hate Jews Because...Answer: Based the history (find by yourself) And on my opinion, Jews love money more that anything in the world! And using their money they forced their goals. And that not fine for me! Got that!!!
June 21, 2009  

Dannii Beardmore i hate jews because they are greedy i have neverseen a poor one they make me sick and hitlerdid the right thing July 2, 2009

Ted Moisio I hate jews because they exist August 11, 2009

Suhail Iqbal f**** jews jews are gay p****sy's that cant drive for shit the are all gay they look gay the try to act g but cant. and also do you guys now when they get married, if the groom is late his father gets to f*** the bride. wow i will never let that happen to my wife. wait its not ganna cause i aint a gay jew. also they have wayy too many kids like 10 kids minimum per family. what they never had sex before mirage?  September 23, 2009

Michael Duval I hate the fact that the Jews are so ARROGANT, RACIST and CONDESCENDING, especially here in the USA. They almost always make it clear that they are the so called "god's chosen people" and for that reason segregate themselves from "Non Jews" Get over yourselves.  September 29, 2009

Suhail Iqbal i just HATE JEWS. and yo sarah stop trying to be a cool jew by saying shit bout jews. u not cool ur a jew too. u see thats what i hate bout jews they think they cool and they think they gotta be in every conversation, but no one involes you assholes in anything thats why u come in randomly and dont fit in. October 1, 2009

Johnny Killjew they are the scum of the earth. i wish hitler would have finished cleaning the planet. they are ghetto scum. anywhere they go they turn to ghettos.  they are worse than muslims. I pray for their demise.

Johnny Killjew death to israel. death to jews!  October 18, 2009

Annunciata Rubiconski I'm gonna be honest, I hate Jews.  Every time I read their stupid posts some of my brain cells die.   "we're jewish... everyones trying to kill us  nobody understands we can have nukes but why should iran? we should have peace but why should u and why should we give back the land we took when we r the chosen peeple. o yes and lets not forget the holohoax.... please let us kill in the name of defence we r after all the chosen ones.... we can do what we want and u should pay for it and dont give the palestinians anything!  they r terrorists cuz we say so!"  You get ABSOLUTELY SICK and TIRED of it after a while, folks!!! it's always the POOR, (almost) PENNILESS, TRAUMATIZED JEWS!!   "i am the saddest Jew in town. i can't even sell half this blanket i cut in two."  Effing idiots.

Ricky Turner i hate jews November 9, 2009

Arwin Tio Point in case: Jews did 9 11, particularly Bernie Madoff

Nicholas Myers Jews are dirty people that have no common sense and think they can have 10 children each to take over the country November 28, 2009

Adi Wee Theyre always playing the race card Always screaming ANTISEMITISM at the slight mention of anything with Palestine they also control half the world's media despite being only 0.02% of the world population November 29, 2009

Ross Mcdonnell Hitler should have finished the job December 1, 2009

Rami Mezhir Ukrainian kids, new victims of Israeli 'organ theft'  check this article ... it's about israel kidnapping kids and robbing their organs ... and don't listen to what jews blabla about this ... the less the zionist jews the less the headaches :)))...

David McGrath They run an international banking conspiracy that controls the worlds money. They are thieving, avaricious and hate Jesus. They do however have the most attractive women in the world, JAPS are really hot. For more info read the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" December 17, 2009

Hadi Said hello people i also hate jews because ther very selfis January 15

Slavo Ew http://www.stopaipac.org/

AIPAC= America's Pro-Israel Lobby  AIPAC had played a key role in fomenting support for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. It is playing an even greater role in supporting a future military strike against the people of Iran. The Annexation Wall surrounds the Palestinian village of Qalqilya. The wall deprives its 12,000 residents of their basic needs to work, to receive proper medical care, and to harvest their own land. AIPAC heavily lobbied Congress to support the Wall. f*** the jews  January 16

Soloman Najjar i hate jews coz they put this boyz dad on the floor and shot him two times in the leg they are evil January 18 

Ayad Mohamed Goodness me people calm down, To tell the truth yh Jews control everythin in the world the biggest companies, stores, shops, T.V programmes do u get me?  There are many famous celebrities that are jews but never speak of it i dont know why.  Anywayz all jews do is cause trouble everywhere they go and kill many Muslims aswell as other innocent people without it ever being reported on the news whereas if one jew is killed then it is all over the news. All of the sh!t happening in Palestine and Iraq are not shown and also many Americans support jews and help them in any way possible so i guess thats why americans are always linked with jews.  Well anyway I do not like jews because of the reasons above aswell because well they have this aura or sign on their face that you get with jews just urrggh!  January 19

Bryan Fridley  Although I do NOT hate all Jews world-wide..... the Synagogue of Satan mentioned in the Bible book of Revelation chapter 2 verse 9 and chapter 3 verse 9 are a very real group of people, who call themselves Jews but in reality are generational satanists. The Rothschild family are an example of such.  King of kings' Bible - Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.
January 27  

Bryan Fridley ....the Davidic British monarchy gave over control of Palestine to the counterfeit-Jews, who say they are Jews, and are not. The “Elite” have done a deal with the Devil’s synagogue, for their own convenience and Elizabeth Battenberg/Mounbatten even inter-married with them, and then had their male children circumcised by a rabbi, as only counterfeit-Jews can be, under counterfeit-Jewish Talmudism.  those who say they are Jews and are not, are the real "Israel", in order to draw attention away from themselves. When for the most part, these so-called Jews are actually Idumeans (from Esau/Edom), Ashkenazi (Genesis 10:2, 3) & Khazars.   Why have they done this? Why don't they tell their people the truth? Are they ashamed of belonging to the House of Israel?   The answer is simple when you look at it from their perspective. And is why the Davidic British monarchy gave over control of Palestine to the counterfeit-Jews, who say they are Jews, and are not. The “Elite” have done a deal with the Devil’s synagogue, for their own convenience and Elizabeth Battenberg/Mounbatten even inter-married with them, and then had their male children circumcised by a rabbi, as only counterfeit-Jews can be, under counterfeit-Jewish Talmudism.

Mohammed Ridwan Allahrakha jews are weird creatures  hahaha January 29

Eleanor Carrington-Finch I have found them to be very decietful and dishonest from many personal experiences  February 3

Francisco De Piérola they always do hollywood publicity of themselves and try to look as victims. ok your "people" suffered, who cares shut the fck up and live with that. i hate them!
February 10 

Hosaam Aziz S**** UR MOM U JEW BASTARD. February 11

February 11
-Summer ❃ܓ Sassone a jew- obsessed with money and obnoxious nd complains a lot appearance-big nose, ugly ass teeth  come 2 plainview there full of them here! i hate them so much March 6

Bassil Wazwaz The jews prospered bekause of sympathy,i dont know why African Americans did'nt do quite as well, but the jews have seen their sympathy as an advantage for instance attacking the palestinians and takingn over palestine and naming it isreal, and now because every1 is so sorry for em they dont give a shit about what they do March 7

Dainosaur Martin Bassil, I think you pretty much summarized it correctly. I'm not sure what can be done by people who want a little fairness, like you and me. Of all people, the Jewish people should've learned from the Holocaust on the lessons of hating people. Yet what they learned is that it's acceptable to setup humiliating apartheid conditions for an entire people (the Palestinians) and blame it on suicide bombers....

Slavo Ew United States is a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed, circumcised Jew bastards. Robert James Fischer  March 17

Zubair Hussain Because they are terrorist March 30 at 3:50am

Nash Oudha What? Jews!! I hate a lot of Jews specially those white ones (who are not even semitic at all) who invented antisemitism and made up some history use it to gain their shit. those who kill kids and terrorize the middle east with their WMD. I HATE ISRAEL and all Jews living there!!!!  April 3

Nash Oudha Man I'm so sick of this evil sect f***ing the whole world over since more than 2000 years. now I totally understand why they were always prosecuted through out the history. No sympathy with those people.. not anymore April 3 at 2:05

Liam Biran I hate Jews like my parents because they mutilate infants. f*** them the holocaust was not a joke April 11

Saxon Chronicler Damn! Where does one start with the most grotesque and filthy creatures on earth? Here I go. I hate and wish death on all Jews of all ages because:  They wish the same on all non-Jews  They gave birth to racism  they pretend that its Arabs, Whites and other races that have the problem for hating the They pretend that what Hitler did to them was wrong. They still exist.  Their entire scripture is based on racial separation and segregation.  They call themselves gods chosen people and wonder why people want to kill them, call them racist and hypocrite.  They are incapable of being honest.  They are inherently corrupt, dishonest, sick and perverted.  They have started trouble with every nation, culture, people and government they have ever infected with their presences.  They are the most racist, greedy and self-righteous cock-suckers the world has ever seen.  They killed 2 million Armenians and lie about it.  They constantly shoot down the Armenian Genocide recognition bill to hide the truth that they are parasites.  They have led 250 million White people into slaughter thorough their designed wars.  They hate Nazi's but are now worse than Nazi's.  They slaughter Arabs in Palestine on a daily basis.  They have the ADL, AIPAC and other Anti-White lobbies.  They hate the White race and have convinced the entire world that we are responsible for their wrong doings.  They began the African Slave trade to american and blame whites.  They are the biggest liars, hypocrites and back bitters that ever lived.  They don't practice what they preach.  They support racial equality while ignoring White rights. They have drafted and passed every single anti-White and unconstitutional law since the 50's.  They pretend that racism is exclusive to whites.  The Rothschild family is the richest, most powerful family on earth and have an excess of 150 trillion dollars and would rather not eat so they don't shit because Jews are filthy, disgusting greedy pigs. because they call globally accurate and ancient truth about them "stereotypes". They convince young liberal retards that wishing the death of Jews is wrong.  They pretend that their complete global liquidation would not bring about world peace. That's just a few.  HEIL HITLER!

Saxon Chronicler I hate Jews because they can't define hate or love logically.  I hate Jews because they act like hate is wrong when they are born into a hateful religion.  I hate Jews because they have convinced the entire world that hate is wrong.  I hate the fact that Jews preach tolerance when it is alien to their psychological makeup. I hate Jews because they preach love when they can't give a single example as to what good love has done for humanity.  I hate Jews because they act like love is a good thing.   April 29

Saxon Chronicler I would take a Catholic pedophile over a Jew any day. May 3 

Rami Mezhir let the good ones stop calling themselves Jews... it doesn't make sense it's like asking the good Jews to convert and this is not the issue. Jews like the Neturei Karta or jews against zionism are realy good people... bad Jews are racists, we shouldn't become like them.

Dante Dixon They act like they are the only folks ever to be targeted and will never let the world forget it.  Tuesday at 7:19pm

Many well funded organizations claim that online antisemitism is increasing largely because people hide behind the anonymity of the internet. As you can see by this sampling, those organizations are flat-out wrong on that front, too. They'd know that to be false if they were on top of these issues.

Sadly, overt Jew hatred is cool again and none of the well funded Jewish organizations are doing anything about it. That's why we ask you first of all, to please report the people, above, but also, to support us with anything you can. Everyone with an internet connection can afford $5-18 a month to the only organization fully documenting, exposing, and reporting these issues....non-stop.  And as you can see, the problem is only getting worse.   

Much worse. 

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