AIPAC, ADL, Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Orgs + Others Honor Holocaust-Denying Terrorist

As we mentioned yesterday, Obama met with a Holocaust denying terrorist, gave $400 million toward the destruction of Israel and urged Israel to work with Islamic terrorists.

Well Obama dictates, and Jewish "leaders" listen, apparently.

According to Ha'aretz, the Holocaust-denying head of the Islamic terrorist organization, Fatah, met with U.S. Jewish "leaders" from AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, yesterday.  Beyond the fact that this guy is a Holocaust denier and an Islamic terrorist, the fact that Israel is fearing a Third Intifada due to Fatah leaders calling for a resumption of suicide attacks, apparently does not matter to these "leaders," either. 

According to Politico, the Holocaust-denying terrorist had lunch with George Mitchell, and last night, former Florida Democratic Congressman Robert Wexler hosted a private dinner, where some 30 Jewish community "leaders" (including Alan Solow of the Conference of Presidents, AIPAC's Lee Rosenberg, ADL's Abe Foxman, former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger and former NSC Middle East official Elliott Abrams) honored the Holocaust denying terrorist.  Today, the Holocaust denying terrorist is to speak to the Brookings Institution and then will hit the Hill, meeting with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Supposedly it doesn't matter to any of these "leaders" that Abbas, in a clear incitement of hatred and murder, just named streets after a top Hamas terrorist the other day. 

Who did the "leaders" of these well-funded mainstream organizations meet with, exactly?

Please see our "Fast Fatah Facts" piece, which explains:
Fatah is a reverse acronym from the complete Arabic name: HArakat al-TAhrir al-Watani al-Filastini, becoming "HATAF", which, since it means "death" in Arabic, was reversed to become "FATAH" meaning "conquest" in Arabic.
  • The Fatah official emblem shows two fists holding rifles and a hand grenade superimposed on a map of the land they claim as "Palestine": present-day Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
  • In the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade's words: "The truth is, we [Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade] are Fatah.... We receive our instructions from Fatah. Our commander is Yasser Arafat himself." --USA Today March 14, 2002
  • Fatah - otherwise known as the PLO - is the mother of all modern terrorist organizations. It carried out hundreds of terrorist attacks from the 60's until today against Israelis and Jews. They were led by arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, and his close aide Abu Mazen (the current head of the PA)
  • The Fatah Constitution calls for the complete destruction of Israel through "armed struggle."
  • That's the constitution for the "party" led by Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) today that is said to be more "moderate" than Hamas. Hamas, which won the Palestinian Authority elections, also has a charter that calls for the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel.
  • Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas all modeled themselves after the PLO's terrorism.
  • Hamas and Fatah have different philosophies and ideologies - one is radical Islamist, the other is more secular nationalist, but both share the same goal of destroying Israel. They only differ on strategy.
  • Fatah believes on negotiating and attacking, destroying Israel 'piece by piece'. Hamas does not waste its time talking.
  • Neither believe that Israel has the right to exist in the long run.
  • Anyone who sees Fatah as moderate is simply naive, as too many Israelis have been murdered by these terrorists and concessions only embolden them in the long run.
Despite the aforementioned facts, mainstream Jewish "leaders" who met with this Holocaust-denying terrorist apparently bought into Abbas' false claim that he "would never deny Jews their right to the land of Israel."  

Considering the facts above, who are they trying to kid?  Better yet, why do people send these money to these traitorous "Jewish" organizations? 
"I am sure some people don't agree with him but the fact that everybody showed up was pretty encouraging," one of the participants told Haaretz.
Howso?  How is it "encouraging" at all that Jewish "leaders" would meet with this Holocaust denier and terrorist?

The article continues:
Later on Wednesday, Abbas told Charlie Rose in an interview on PBS that Israel must agree to ceding East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital as a necessary precondition for any peace settlement.

"East Jerusalem is occupied territory. The entire world recognizes that including the United States of America," Abbas told Rose. "We cannot accept any solution that excludes East Jerusalem."

During that interview, Abbas also lauded Barack Obama's administration and its efforts to bring forth a two-state solution.
Thus, Charlie Rose and PBS help support this Holocaust-denying terrorist as well.  Lovely.  Beyond that, they allow him to dictate his terms. We're guessing that Charlie Rose and the mainstream Jewish establishment "leaders" didn't ask him about his Holocaust denial, or his role in the 1972 Olympic Massacre of 11 Jewish athletes.  We're guessing that they didn't even mention the fact that the Fatah Constitution officially calls for the destruction of Israel.

The two-state delusion is just that.  Ceding any Jewish Land to terrorists will only whet their palette for more Jewish Land.

It's a crying shame that a Holocaust-denying terrorist gets such a mainstream welcome from Jewish "leaders" and others. If they took a firm stand against Holocaust denial and Islamic terrorism and didn't meet with him, or help promote him, then Obama and PBS and others wouldn't work to legitimize him, either.

Beyond that, none of these Jewish organizations or "leaders" are truly trying to create peace.  Before any peace can be obtained, one must first acknowledge reality.  The fact that the Holocaust happened is reality.  The fact that Abbas denies it should be as important reality as the reality that Ahmadinejad does too.  The fact that Abbas was responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre is a reality.  The fact that Abbas is currently naming streets after Islamic terrorist is a reality. The fact that Fatah is a terrorist organization is a reality.  The fact that Fatah's Constitution calls for the destruction of Israel is a reality.  The fact that Fatah isn't even in charge (the democratically elected Hamas is), is also a reality. 

The fact that these Jewish "leaders" continue to completely fail us, is also a very sad reality.

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