Hate emboldened by the Internet: Facebook Lies. ADL Clueless.

The JIDF is mentioned in the following Desert Sun article and its founder, David Appletree, is quoted. Our comments are interspersed. We think the title is a little misleading, since a lot of the hate is coming from Facebook, where people are using their real names.  This article is missing the fact that it's not just teens that the hatred is coming from and it fails to mention that most of the Jew hatred online is coming from people with Islamic names who clearly sympathize with Islamic terrorist groups:

Hate emboldened by anonymity of Internet
by Keith Matheny, Desert Sun

I want to kill Jews!!!”

“Beat a Jew with a fork.”

“National Punch a Jew Day.”

Those are just a few of the anti-Semitic groups The Desert Sun found on a search of the popular Internet social networking site Facebook, with many of the groups started by teens.

The various ways young people can communicate electronically today has a darker side, according to experts — the ease with which hatred and intolerance can be spread.

“One of the most important things we at the Anti-Defamation League ever did was stop the Ku Klux Klan from being able to use masks at protests,” said Amanda Susskind, director of the league's Pacific Southwest region.

“The KKK couldn't operate. If they had to show their faces they lost their power.

“What we face now is a new form of masking. There are so many ways in which hatred can be promulgated through the Internet that is either kept anonymous or forwarded so many times the impact upon who started it is lost.”

On another popular social networking site, Twitter, The Desert Sun found a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler “re-tweeted” — copied and reposted — by more than 100 different people in a 10-hour period. The quote: “I could kill all the Jews in the world, but I kept some alive so you can see why I was killing them.”

On YouTube, two young men demonstrate in a video how to “beat the Jew,” as one swings an aluminum baseball bat against a human-sized punching bag. “Beat the Jew! Beat the Jew!” they shout with each swing.

“This is not just in your neck of the woods in California; it's everywhere,” said David Appletree, founder of the Jewish Internet Defense Force, which works to expose and eradicate anti-Semitism and terrorism online.

Ten middle school students were suspended in November for participating in “Kick a Jew Day” in Naples, Fla., a reference to a skit from the animated comedy television show “South Park.”

An “International Punch a Jew in the Face Day” group was formed on Facebook by Australian students in December, but was taken down within hours after protests by the Jewish Internet Defense Force.

“I got a letter from a teacher in Australia who downplayed the page, who made us feel like we're the cruel ones for pointing it out — ‘It's just a joke,'” Appletree said.
What was really said was that they TRIED to make us feel like we're the cruel one's, not that they actually made us feel that way.   This is why we like to have the opportunity to look at quotes from phone interviews before they go print. 
Facebook spokesman Simon Axten, in a statement e-mailed to The Desert Sun, said the site is continually reviewing content and removing objectionable material
 Axten and Facebook are lying, as always.  He avoids emails from the JIDF as thousands of supporters have tried to get to the root as to why Facebook wrongly censored a Jewish page on the platform.
“Unfortunately, ignorant people exist in the world,” he said.
Axten is one of them.  We spoke to another senior Facebook representative who tried to rationalize the presence of Jihadist material, claiming that it represented "legitimate political discourse."  Facebook has also given the Golan Heights to Syria and established a fictional country called "Palestine", and they appeased Islam by censoring a page of artwork depicting the false "prophet" (idol) Mohammed.  All of this stems from Facebook's own ignorance, double standards, and hypocrisy.
We absolutely feel a responsibility to silence these people on Facebook if their statements turn to direct hate.”
Lying again.  We have sample of sample of content which is hateful and which Facebook will NOT remove.  They have, however, removed Torah groups and other groups on the platform that were critical of Islam, Obama, or Facebook, etc.  
Axten said the site reacts quickly to reports of hateful or threatening conduct, and is “highly self-regulating,” with other Facebook users reporting content they find offensive.
More lies.   Facebook is slow and negligent on these issues.
Shows like “South Park” and the Sacha Baron Cohen movie “Borat” use anti-Semitism in their comedy, but younger people don't appear to pick up on the satire, Appletree said.

“It shows how contagious, even in a joking form, Jew-hatred can become,” he said.
Now enter the token ADL quote that's needed in every article about these issues (despite the fact that the JIDF wouldn't have come into existence if the ADL was doing their job):
Life has gotten much more complex for parents, said Marcia Stein, women's philanthropy president for the Jewish Federation of Palm Springs and Desert Area, and desert chairwoman for the Anti-Defamation League.

Many parents work longer hours than ever in a difficult economy, Stein said. Their children have time on their hands and many different means of communication, for good and for bad, she said.

“Parents need to be much more aware of what their kids are doing,” she said. “They need to be more aware of what they are doing on Facebook, on the Internet. There are so many hate sites on the Internet, it's frightening.

“The kids are getting these hate messages and without even realizing it, it becomes part of who they are.”

A 2007 study by Pew Research Center found that teens and twenty-somethings were the most tolerant of any generation on social issues.

While discouraged by the volume of hateful messages on the Internet, Susskind said she's upbeat.
That's indicative of the ADL's cluelessness.  Anyone who has a grasp on the situation isn't "upbeat" about it.  
“I'm encouraged that just as there are new ways to communicate hate, there are new ways to communicate togetherness and unity,” she said. “We're rapidly using the same tools to get to the same audience and redirect all of this energy to the good.”
Hardly.  The ADL's social media presence is a joke and they have not helped with the reporting effort to fight these trends one iota.  They created a form for people to fill out, so that they could later spam these people and hit them up for money.  

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