Turkish Government and Others Launch Campaigns to Silence Jews

It has come to our attention that Turkey has banned the JIDF.  At this moment, no one in Turkey can access our site (without using a proxy).  Supposedly the Turkish government is so threatened by our material, that they feel the need to block over 73 million people from accessing it.

Many people who support the destruction of our important work should be very happy with Turkey, as this is not the first time something like this has happened:
  • When we first started the site, we implemented Google Ads.  After we earned over $150 in advertising revenue and were set to receive our first check Google censored the JIDF from their advertising program and decided to not pay us the money we had earned.  We asked around and learned that this had happened to at least two other Jewish activist friends.  We learned that Google cumulatively ripped off three Jewish activists by about $800 by falsely claiming (after the fact that), that our work somehow represented a "threat to advertisers."  All our attempts to appeal the decision and to try to get our money and an explanation from Google were fruitless. 
  •  In November 2008 a major jihadist YouTube campaign to "flag the JIDF" went underway.  Hundreds of people on YouTube uploaded videos, encouraging violence and erroneous reporting of the JIDF YouTube account.  It was a miserable failure as nearly all those videos were breaking YouTube's TOS and it only led to many suspended accounts of jihadists, while our YouTube account still happily exists.
  • We have various type of online "enemies." While most of them are your run-of-the-mill Jew haters, Islamic jihadist supporters, extreme leftists, and general Israel-bashers, there are also many Jews, Christians, and others, on all sides of the political spectrum, who are either jealous of our successful advocacy effort to fight Jew hatred, Islamic terrorism, and Israel hatred, or they just don't like the ways in which we go about it (ie. successfully). Many have gone out of their way to try to silence us and have conspired to file erroneous reports to Facebook, leading to the harassment and deactivation of the founder of the JIDF.  You can see the record of this harassment and deactivation, here and here
  • While it's true that many have conspired to try to destroy much of our work, Facebook itself made the final decision to censor the founder of the JIDF.  Beyond that, without warning or explanation, Facebook censored our original JIDF group with nearly 5,000 members.  Nothing in the group was breaking Facebook's TOS.  There was a lot of important discussion and documentation about the issues in that group, which Facebook felt the need to censor for some reason.  
  • Every day we receive HUNDREDS of threats - whether they are death threats, threats of violence, threats to take out our various presences online, etc., it's very clear many people really don't like the JIDF and would like to take us out or silence us one way or another.  Even yesterday, someone who supposedly should be on our side (in theory) and who didn't like the way we go about things, threatened to join campaigns to have the JIDF removed.
The points mentioned above represent a small sampling of the obstacles we face every single minute of every single day from people trying to destroy this grassroots effort for a wide variety of reasons.  On top of that, fake "anti-censorship activists" don't care about these deliberate attempts to silence us because the majority of those involved in that fight are extreme leftists who are against Israel.  Many of those in that camp also claim that we are rightly getting a taste of our medicine, and falsely accuse us of trying to trying to "censor" things we do not like.

As anyone who is not in the business of trying to defame us knows, we report the material which seems to clearly be breaking the TOS of various internet companies.  We focus primarily on content which is promoting Jew hatred and/or Islamic terrorism (usually this content goes hand-in-hand).  Contrary to the many false claims, we do NOT report people or content because we don't like it, or are offended by it.  We focus on material we believe is truly against the TOS.  In the end, just as we mentioned above, it's the internet companies who decide what is ultimately taken down, not us. 

The bottom line is that the more they try to silence us and defame us, the louder and more successful we will get.  The fight will always live on!  Am Yisrael Chai!   

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