Pat Condell is Antisemitic Scum

You may have heard of Pat Condell (pictured) or have seen his videos, as he is popular personality on YouTube.  Some find Pat Condell interesting because he says a lot of what needs to be said about Islam.  However, we discovered one of his videos in which he attacks Israel and the Jews and denies our historical right to Jerusalem (please see our earlier post from yesterday, Israel and the Jewish People's Connection to Jerusalem), and compares Jews to Islamic terrorists.  The video, a thinly veiled anti-Semitic rant, is filled with factual inaccuracies and outright lies. 

Debbie Schlussel raised some good points in here piece, Why I Dislike Pat Condell: Stop Sending Me Ignorant, Anti-Israel Englishman’s Anti-Islam Videos. We suggest you read her analysis of Condell's Jerusalem video.

However, there are additional points that must be made about Pat Condell's lies, which Debbie did not point out, that must be brought to your attention. In the video, he: 
  • Attacks Judaism and Christianity, claiming they are an "insult to humanity"
  • Stereotypes all religious Jews
  • Claims scripture and prophesy reflect "insanity"
  • Promotes the destruction of Jerusalem
  • Promotes the idea that Jews should "let go" of Jerusalem
Despite the facts being out about Pat Condell's anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, and anti-Christian views, many self-described "anti-Jihadists" like Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs), David Horowitz (FrontPageMag, NewsRealBlog, Terrorism Awareness Project, Discover the Networks) and Robert Spencer (JihadWatch) in the "pro-Israel" blogosphere continue to promote and celebrate him.  Why is this happening?

These same people are those who criticize Glenn Beck for labeling Geert Wilders a "fascist" one day, then promote Beck the next. Is there no such thing as a principled stand anymore? Shouldn't popular blogs be a little bit more responsible with whom they promote and celebrate?  Should we just promote anyone who might have a similar view to us about a particular issue?  If neo-Nazis express views against the mosque in NYC, are Geller, Horowitz, and Spencer going to post videos by neo-Nazis, too? They might as well, if they are promoting this Condell character:

That last screencap was one of Dave Swindle's Tweets.  He's the editor of NewsRealBlog. It's ironic that he is promoting Pat Condell while having the Israeli flag on his Twitter avatar! There are many ignorant hypocrites like this on Twitter, simply search for "Pat Condell" and see! 

On another note, how many of you are sending money to these organizations so they can promote anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, and anti-Christian bigots?   You might be interested in the fact that the David Horowitz Freedom Center brought in $5.4 million in 2008, and paid Robert Spencer nearly $517,000 ($369K+ for Spencer's Jihad Watch and $147K+ for Spencer's compensation) according to the Freedom Center's 2008 Tax Return.  These amounts do not include the amounts Spencer and Horowitz bring in for speaking engagements and their book deals.

What portion of that money goes to promoting anti-Israel bigots like Pat Condell? 

This isn't the first time we've taken issue with these folks.  Just recently Geller failed to cite us as the source for the campaign against the "Kill a Jew Day" pages on Facebook.  Ironically, she also was behind an "anti-”Honor killing rally which featured a mother who conspired to murder her daughters. We've also written about Horowitz and Spencer before, who got an entire story wrong about a pro-Israel group which was hacked, that we were fighting to rescue.  Horowitz's FrontPageMag also whitewashed the jihad-sympathizing antisemite, Robert Novak. Employees of Horowitz have been involved attacks against us and our friends on Twitter.  That includes their defense and support of someone who praised Muslim death, rape, and torture threats on a Jew's life.

Despite everything, we tried to reach out to Horowitz to get to a better place with him and his people, but to no avail. They simply don't seem to be team players.

All of this make us wonder what type of people these folks are, and helps to explain why they promote Pat Condell.  We're sure we're going to take a lot of heat for exposing this,  just as we recently spoke out against Glenn "the Jews killed Jesus" Beck, but we have to take a principled stand on these matters, and you should too.  You shouldn't excuse or defend well-paid "credible" sources who should know better.

Be careful which sites you visit, which causes you fund, and who you promote. Some people may look Kosher, but if you scratch beneath the surface it becomes very difficult to know who to trust. 

Pat Condell and the people who promote him cannot be trusted on the issues.

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