During Ramadan Celebrations, Obama Supports Ground Zero Mosque (as do the "protesters"...just not at Ground Zero)

Who is really shocked by this? Barack Hussein Obama has proven to be the most pro-Islam President in American history. Conversely, he is also the most anti-Israel President.

As we have mentioned, we are against the Ground Zero mosque, just as we are against ALL mosques, as they are tributes to the genocidal pedophile false prophet (idol), Mohammed, who was a murderer of Jews, and anyone else who didn't think and believe the way he did.

Before you claim that we are bigots who are against all Musilms, please note, we are talking about the ideology, not those who may or may not representative of it. The ideology itself is clearly one of hatred and violence, which is declaring war against the entire non-Islamic world.  If you take the time to study Islam, you will see that it is determined to dominate the world, just as Nazism was. 

Some will then counter claim that all religion is "just as bad."

This is false.

Only Islam can claim over 15,000 deadly terrorist attacks in the name of Islam since 9/11.

There is a reason why, during all anti-Israel rallies throughout the world, our enemies engage in the genocidal death chant against the Jews, "Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad saya'ud." It means, "Khaybar Khaybar oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return," --a cheerful reflection of Mohammed's genocidal slaughtering of the Jews at Khaybar. 

You might remember this death chant, as it is also what the terrorists on board the Gaza flotilla chanted, wishing to become Shahids.

Some falsely claim that there are periods of time that Muslims and Jews got along, but the history of the matter does not validate their interfaith propaganda.  (Please see  MYTH: Before the Re-Establishment of Israel, Jews and Muslims Lived in Peace.)

Because Islam is a hateful and violent ideology which preaches hate and violence against ALL non-Muslims (especially Jews, as it is obsessed with us, and dehumanizes us as apes and pigs), we are against ALL mosques. We are against Islam, just as we are against Nazism. Just as we don't wish to see Nazi institutions springing up everywhere, we don't need to see Islamic one's springing up everywhere, either.

Individuals and organizations like the ADL who are against the mosque at Ground Zero, but who are alright with the Ground Zero mosque and other mosques elsewhere, are hypocrites. When it comes to a genocidal death cult, why welcome it anywhere? And if we're going to welcome this hateful and violent ideology to America under the guise of it being a "religion," what right do we have  to try to dictate Islam can and cannot have its "Holy" structures?

These are the questions that the Ground Zero mosque protesters don't investigate. Most of them are just fine with the mosque already near Ground Zero. They are fine with the other thousands of mosques throughout America, and thus, they are protesting against the mosque at Ground Zero, but would be happy if it was built elsewhere.  

While we are against the Ground Zero mosque, we're not fully in line with the Ground Zero protesters, as most of them seem to be hypocrites, and some of the main players behind the protests seem to be using the occasion for a cheap publicity stunt who are even turning to advocates of Islam itself to further their cause.  The main people behind the Ground Zero mosque protests are those who believe in "moderate" Islam, "Islamist" Islam, or "radical" Islam. 

There is just Islam.

All one has to know about it, is what we saw on 9/11, and have seen in over 15,000 deadly terrorist attacks in its name since that tragic day.  

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