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We have been busy on various fronts. This site is mostly maintained by me, the founder of the JIDF, David Appletree. How's it going? Occasionally, I have to pause and live life a bit. Especially during Elul. A good time to reflect. This won't necessarily be the post for that. This is a stream of consciousness I thought I'd try to get out to you. I have to be a little careful as everything posted on this site is automatically and immediately shared to over 250,000 people.

And what do I want to tell you? Well, lately I'm  all about the music. Well, I've always been about the music. You  see, I'm an accidental activist. My passions are always rotating and when I get into stuff, I really get into it. My first real passion was music. Then it moved into film. Then I got into politics and religion. And these different realms fade in and out of each other. Right now, as my soundtrack blasts in my headphones, my passion for the JIDF is on the back burner. That does not mean that it will burn out. It's just on the back burner.  Though you can still see me doing some stuff on Twitter

Throughout the years I've built up and have destroyed a lot my work online. Back in 2004-5ish I established a pretty big pro-Israel online presence. Then, I thought it was all just a form of misguided prayer, so I destroyed it, and became way too religious all at once. I think I'm handling it better this time around. I often think just how much bigger the JIDF would be if I didn't destroy all my previous stuff, but that's neither here nor there. I'm just not sure what this current "lull" in activity is all about, or where I'm heading. I realize I've often threatened to destroy the JIDF, but I'm not going to do that again. This thing is here to stay, even if it's on the backburner from time to time.

I guess sometimes I wonder if it's worth all the headaches. There's stuff I don't even want to revisit, but let's just say that I do believe, in fact, that we are our own worst enemies. No one has caused more tsurres for me and my effort than my fellow Jews, and it saddens me. Here I am, trying to advocate for Israel and the Jewish people, and it's always the people who are supposed to be on our side, in general, who cause the most problems, and then I react to them, and make it worse....

It's a conundrum.

I'm not sure you'd understand unless you have had passionate views on things and have tried to get involved with Jewish advocacy. There's just so many competing views and ideas, etc... so many people trying to tell me how to do my thing differently. And y'know what? I have my advisers. They are solid. When I want advice, I ask for it from people I know and trust.

If you support my work, this organization, I appreciate it. But no one is really supporting it enough to get me above the poverty line, and thus, I take whatever advice and/or direction they are giving me with a grain of salt. For some reason it seems some (very few) people think that because they have donated $5 or even $100 that they have a right to dictate to me how to do my thing. I'd rather you keep your money if you're going to try to change me. If I ever wanted to take orders with this, I'd have gotten involved in another effort, as opposed to creating my own.

By contrast, if you respect what I've built here and want to see it going and growing in its own way, by all means you can click the PayPal buttons on the upper left left or the "support" tab up top and the little banner at the bottom of this post. That helps. Also, kind words always help.  But especially money.  This is a beyond a full time job and everything you see from the JIDF is only a small portion of the actual work.  A lot of stuff is happening behind the scenes.  A lot of seeds are always being planted, which won't come into fruition for a while.  

Anyway, I've been dealing with a lot of mishegas on Wikipedia. That place does seem to be dominated by anti-Zionists, antisemites, and extreme leftists. However, Jimbo Wales (the founder) seems to be a good guy. I've been hoping to see more objectivity and fairness in the article about the JIDF. It's not really happening. They are cherry picking my "views" from some sources which weren't exactly fair to me or the JIDF, but Jimbo Wales has gotten involved in editing the article and he's showing real leadership, as it seem the majority of the Wikipedia community is annoyed by me and my effort, and thus, try to paint me and the effort in the worst possible light.

Beyond the article about the JIDF, there's a lot of problems on Wikipedia in general. I have so many ideas of things that I'd like to do. More groundbreaking and surprising stuff that I can't discuss quite yet.

This work is tough. I just wanted to get something out--even in the first person--- so that you'd know what's going on here. If you support the work, please show it.  As I mentioned, everything we do here really gets out to thousands of people.  So, if you're interested in advertising through JIDF properties, I'll help you get the word out. If you're interested in building an online presence of your own, I can help. I've developed professiaonl advertising and consulting packages which discuss many innovative and interesting solutions in reaching many people.  Simply drop me a line to discuss.

I'm doing everything in my power to be creative and survive and do good, and actually be able to live with myself by being true to my vision and to be open for whichever road G-d wants me to take... That's how it's always been, and that's what has brought me here.

The difficult thing is dealing with the contrast between the overwhelming amounts of positive thrown in my direction vs. the overwhelming amounts of negative thrown this way as well. I need more positive. So send it over. But be genuine. Also, I read recently that money makes people happy. And I believe it.

I reach so many people. I'm just surprised more don't seem to comprehend what's going on here. I'm not bragging, but I believe what I have done is huge, groundbreaking, and innovative. I'm proud of it. If you're involved and have watched it grow, you should be too. You should also seriously consider supporting it in meaningful ways. It literally keeps the fires burning.

This is not a desperate plea for money. G-d is the ultimate Provider. It's just sometimes? The negative really seems to outweigh the positive. The headaches and the drama that I deal with are overwhelming.  I think that's when the effort is made more difficult than it should be. And it's bizarre, because my passion for stuff was NEVER determined by people's reactions to me or my work. But despite my strong views on a lot of things I created this to be a loud and strong voice for Israel and the Jewish people online. A lot of people don't like that. They'd rather I do things like all the other organizations I thought were so ineffective (which is a big part of the reason why I created this...)

In a nutshell, no other Jewish organizations spoke for me or addressed my concerns. Most Jewish organizations support the things I'm against and they do things in ways that I find disgusting. Granted, many people don't like the way I go about things, either.  So be it.  Go support someone else.  I didn't create this for those who like the status quo.  I created this for those who want to challenge it.  

However, I know I can't represent all Jews and Israel, and I certainly don't claim to do that.

I just do what I can. I do the best that I can, and I follow my heart.

In case I do not do a special Rosh Hashanah post, I wish you a Shanah Tovah U'Metukah.  Ktivah v'Chatimah Tovah.

You should all be written and sealed for a good year.

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