Glenn Beck Hates Jews!

This was originally posted as a Facebook note on our fanpage, and it received quite a bit of attention. Since it's posting, we've been labeled with all of the following by hundreds of insane and idiotic Glenn Beck fans:  socialists, progressive liberals, Obama supporters, Nazis, Muslim, receivers of funds from Soros, and J-Streeters.  Anyone capable of doing 2 minutes of research would see that absolutely none of that is true.  But 2 minutes of research is too much to ask of the typical Glenn Beck fan. 

Glenn Beck fans have a lot in common with Mr. Beck in that they are stupid and insane. Many are also antisemitic.  Just like him.  It's a shame if you count yourself among them.  We feel it's so important to expose antisemitism on both the left AND right, that it should also be posted here on our site.

Below, are six reasons which prove our case.  Please read them, and learn.  And realize this buffoon doesn't do Israel nor the right wing any favors by making us all look insane.  If you defend, excuse, or rationalize his antisemitism, we will consider banning you from our page.  If you accuse us of being Obama supporters, socialists, progressive liberals, haters of Christians, funded by Soros, or any of the like, then you are a typical Glenn Beck fan, expressing the typical reaction which will most likely get you banned, as you haven't a clue about us, or our work.  We simply don't want nor need idiot Glenn Beck fanatic near our effort.  It's bad enough that FOX News, he, and his fans are all helping to hand Obama 4 more years on a silver platter.  Idiots. 

And now for our main reasons why we believe Glenn Beck hates Jews and thus represents a danger to us, Israel, and right wing for that matter:

  1. He promoted the antisemitic idea that the Jews killed Jesus to millions.  All of us.  We're all to blame, apparently. 
  2. He promoted Nazi sympathizer, Elizabeth Dilling, and one of her racist/antisemitic books, to millions.
  3. Holocaust trivialization:  Every day he compares things that cannot be compared to the Holocaust and Nazis Germany, to the Holocaust and Nazi Germany (to his millions of viewers, of course).
  4. Despite our tiny population, Glenn Beck singles out Nine of the most dangerous people in the world (eight of whom just happen to be Jews), and he, again, promotes this insanity to millions.  He's not alone in doing this.  Many Jew haters love to focus upon a small group of Jewish people and blame all the world's problems on us.
  5. He even had to apologize after his ignorant comments comparing reform Judaism to Islam.  Islam is the ultimate evil.  An ideology that clearly promotes hate and violence against all non-Muslims, especially Jews.  Reform Judaism, on the other hand, is a liberal movement that tries to love everyone (especially Muslims)!  Anyway, Beck's 'apology' might have worked for the leftist Abe Foxman and ADL (who probably received a large donation in return for changing their views on Beck), but it does not work for the JIDF.  And by the way, if the ADL was doing its job, the JIDF wouldn't exist.  They have apparently been too busy propping up Holocaust deniers and Islamic terrorists like Abu Mazen.  They also strip out the fact that the majority of antisemitism found in the Hamas Charter comes directly from Islam, itself.  And we're no huge fans of the Reform Movement.  However, the founder of the JIDF was brought up in it, and Bar Mitzvahed in it, and it cannot be compared to the ideology which brought the horror of what he experienced during and after 9/11.  Of course, it's no wonder that many of Beck's fans believe that Israel was responsible for 9/11.
  6. Let's not forget that Glenn Beck is probably the most prominent Mormon in the world.  What has he done to counter the wrongful posthumous baptism of dead Jews (including Holocaust victims) by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  Has he ever condemned this practice?  What does he have to say about his Mormon leadership continuously denying these claims, despite the fact that they are true?  Any prominent Mormon who claims to be a friend of the Jews would be speaking out loudly against this disgusting practice of trying to convert dead Jews.  It's bad enough that they target us living ones!  But to disrupt the peace of the dead?  Sickening!  And this is Beck's "religion."  It's no wonder that he pushes the myth of "moderate Islam" when Mormons are busy digging up dead Jews to baptise! 
And no, his superficial "support" for Israel to get all the Jews there so that he and his Mormon and Christian "Rapture Ready" minions can convert us, does not convince us that he does not hate Jews.  "Support" like that---with an agenda to convert (ie. destroy) Jews---is not support at all, it's a Hitler-esque dream.

All of this explains why we called for him to be fired.  And within two days of doing so, he was.  It was probably a "coincidence," but we're glad still when stuff like that happens.  It gives us a shred of faith that there might be a shred of justice in an overwhelmingly unjust world.   The fact that this nutcase Glenn Beck influences millions and makes millions is just one of the many things wrong with it.  Beyond this, our pointing out the facts does not mean that we are dividing our people.  If anyone is responsible for so much disunity among right and left wing Jews, it's people like Glenn Beck, who obsess and express so much hatred toward our left-wing brethren.  Who can blame them for voting for Obama when right wing nutcases like Glenn Beck foster so much hatred and vitriol toward them?  Is that going to bring us closer to them, or further away?  Like it or not, left wing Jews are our brethren.  We can "convert" them to the right wing through our smarts, not by blaming all the world's problems on them, as idiots like Glenn Beck and his fans always do.

Lastly, we do not comprehend any of my fellow right wing Jews who can excuse or defend this.  Are we so desperate for superficial "pro-Israel" comments from non-Jews who want to convert (ie. destroy) us that we will let this fly?  Apparently, many are.  Pathetic.  Jew hatred and Nazi trivialization is inexcusable---whether coming from the right, the left, from those who claim to be "pro-Israel" or from the Israel haters.

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