Thoughts on Latest Episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

I don't like how Jews and Judaism are often portrayed in TV, films, the media, etc., ironically and thanks mostly to the ignorance of various Jewish writers and producers.  Despite pushing Jewish stereotypes, I do like a lot of the general Jewish thought behind Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I consider "yiddishe kop comedy."   Curb can trace its comedic and entertainment roots right back to the Yiddish theater and literature, which have very rich history and culture.  I mean, you look at the Yiddish culture that Hitler wiped out, it was much older than the USA, even.  As compared to the History of the Jewish People, the USA hasn't even been born yet!  Ultimately, Curb is entertainment. Pretty smart entertainment at that. And I like that it explores Jewish themes and is packed with Jewish humor.  Sure, Curb could be smarter and better in some circumstances. But nothing is perfect.
What I didn't like about tonight's Curb:

  • it pushed quite a bit of ignorance about Judaism - as if rabbis (female ones at that) dictate to Jews about Shabbos - however, this was a take on episodes in Jewish sports history of Kofax and Greenberg playing on Shabbos...
  • It's a shame Curb portrayed a "palestinian" woman as a sex object. Obviously the creators haven't dealt with many actual "palestinians"
  • the "palestinian" chicken place probably wasn't Kosher, that would have been another issue for Funkhouser that Curb didn't explore.
What I liked about the latest Curb:
  • explored how/why our enemies cling to Jews who aren't nice to other Jews.
  • was biased in favor of Jews- rightly portrayed "palestinians" as antisemites wanting to destroy Jews/Israel
  • It explored the idea of Jews who sit on the fence on the conflict
  • Larry Miller was in tonight's Curb, and he's strongly pro-Israel in real life
  • After watching tonight's Curb, I realize that i can be called upon to be a "social assassin" - i'm like Larry in that i don't hold back.
Quotes I liked:
  • "...What is this, the raid on Entebbe? Let's just walk in there casually."- Larry to Funkhouser, who's wearing a kippah, trying to enter "palestinian" Chicken place.
  • "...if Rabin can break bread with Arafat, i can have chicken at this antisemitic s***hole" -Funkhouser
  • "A date is an experience you have with another person that makes you appreciate being alone." -Larry
  •  The "No Terrorist Chicken" sign at the protest
I discussed the episode further with a friend on the phone, and we talked about what a statement the show makes about secular Jews in America.  He mentioned how hypocritical and interesting that the gang had such a problem with Funkhouser trying to recite the blessings over the wine and bread, but how they were all on the the "Jewish" side when protesting a "palestinian" chicken joint opening across the street from a Jewish deli.  I then talked about how so many Jews, and others for that matter, think that Zionism is some sort of religion.  It's obviously not a religion.  It is, however, inherent in Judaism.

Then we talked about the failure of Jewish leadership.  And I went into my role as the founder of the JIDF and how I've been feeling un-inspired lately.  It's because of all the crap and mishegas I deal with behind the scenes from so many people who should be on our side.  Ultimately, I've tried to do good work, and it just gets annoying when people don't really get it, or the big picture.  I mean, they get downright hostile when we ask for a little money for support, or when we call out various forms of hypocrisy and fraud on our own side.  They don't like how we say this, or do that.  And after a while it's like, "who am I fighting for, exactly?  Why am I even doing this?"

So, if you like the work done here.  If you appreciate it.  Some kinds words and even some financial support would go a long way.  There's a lot of good that can be done with the network I built.  There's a lot that needs to be done.  But I don't enjoy static from my own people.  By the way, we also offer ways to reach our audience and I can personally help you improve your online presence, if needed.  Please contact me if our advertising or consulting services might interest you!

Anyway, that sums up my thoughts on the latest episode and other stuff with the JIDF.  Do you watch Curb?  Let us know your thoughts!  Also, I just picked up this week's Rolling Stone w/ Larry David on the cover, you should check that out too!

(Oh, one last thing, in case you're wondering, I put "palestinian" in quotes because i don't recognize "palestinians" as a distinct people. There's nothing about them that distinguishes them from any other Arab and they have falsified this identity with the hopes of destroying Jews and Israel. Thus, again, I don't recognize them as a people, nor their plight to destroy Jews and Israel. Anyone who believes that the "palestinian" or their "struggle" is about anything other than destroying Jews and Israel simply believes the latest antisemitic propaganda of the day, which sadly gets a massive boost from ignoramuses on both the right, and the left, who literally don't have a clue about anything, especially about this conflict. People without a clue should STFU because they only serve to perpetuate the conflict, and that's exactly what the "palestinians" ---who again, only want to destroy Israel and Jews, want. So if you're actually pro-peace, don't talk about things in which you don't have a clue. And even if you read everything about the conflict in the newspapers every single day for 10 years, you still probably don't have a clue, as I did the same thing and didn't have a clue until I woke up during the rise of the 2nd Intifada in 2000 and the basic facts and common sense became after 9/11, when the "palestinians" celebrated the death of thousands of innocent Americans....)

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