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Over the years, we've enjoyed quite a bit of praise from good people, organizations, journalists, bloggers, and others. Below, is a small sample. This is a new work-in-progress and menu item (see "PRAISE" above) on our site, and we will be adding to it and modifying it, moving forward. If you'd like to contribute your thoughts, please contact us! We appreciate and thrive on kind words and deeds in our direction.

As you'll see below, we've had a positive impact, not only in eradicating antisemitic and jihadist material and advocating for the Holy Land, but we've also built a massive, ever-growing community of like-minded thinkers, friends, and supporters. Good people. Passionate people. Honest people. People that care about Israel and the Jewish people. Most importantly, we have had a real impact on many young Jews who represent the future of our people.

Please take a look at what everyone has to say, and get on board!  Support this effort in a meaningful way, TODAY!

PRAISE of the JIDF and its founder:
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The JIDF is "the most important and effective voice in the Jewish community in the war against hate and intolerance..."
-Rabbi Dov Coder, The Shofar Call

"I have followed the JIDF for some time; your work is instrumental in identifying and eradicating hatred on the internet."
Samantha R. Mandeles, CAMERA

"We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and salute you for your service! You are doing an amazing job ,G-d bless David...."
Montana National Guard Association

"...Although I had always dreamed something like this existed, i never thought it did. I am a soldier with the 101st paratroopers corps messayat company of the IDF who just came out of operation Cast Lead, and the most heart wrenching thing coming out of there was the amount of hate and lies spread throughout the internet, specifically Facebook and Youtube. So I just wanted to personally thank you guys for having the balls to do something about it. Because as important as it is to face the enemy in combat, it is equally as important to face him on the internet, where his lies and hatred spread like wildfire. so THANK YOU, from myself, the IDF, and the Jewish people.
יישר כוח!!!

-IDF Paratrooper

"Thank for everything you do to support Israel and Judaism... Proud Jew from Colombia... and ex jayal #Tzahal"
-Chef Jacob Behar 

"You often share wisdom that fits a larger context. We may disagree on many things; but I value your voice."
-Allan R. Wallace, Author

"All the best man, stay strong. Together we are one big michpacha...No matter what the haters say, you do more in a day for Israel than the MFA in a year! Keep it up."
-Jonathan J.  

"This site is the best in the internet against antisemitism."
-Dan Goldfeder 

"Jewish Internet Defense Force- the most important internet project attacking antisemitism on the web..."
-Ron Nagy, Author and Historian

"The JIDF has been the main inspiration for the HinduIDF...David Appletree is the one responsible for creation of my account and also a great friend of India.."

"I am thankful for all of your hard work! "
-Gavi Shaprio

"Any proud Jew active on twitter is JIDF"
-Steven Z.

"Now, I get a taste of the anti-semitic tripe that you must see by the pound. Thank you for being fearless about it all."
-Misha Ben-David

"Every Jew around the World should support the JIDF !"

"I appreciate your online efforts very much"

"Love waking up to your tweets, we need people like you to tell the world how it really is. To many people scared of the truth."
-Mandy Friedberg

"Speaking 4 my family, & my wife's family who survived the camps, all of whom are afraid the left is going to do that again, thank you"
-Mathew S. Harrison

"The JIDF is so awesome! Thank you for always being in my newsfeed"
-Tammy Wainer

"Lots of young people learn from you here, you've already begun to build a legacy they follow."
-Maya M.

"Never again means actions not words. We must defend against anti-semitism from all directions. A good place to start is following @jidf"
-Brian Brown

"You're the voice that every Jew, whether they admit it or not, mimics deep inside. Tolerance is ignorance. Thank you lion of Zion."-Tomer Garzberg

"The JIDF Makes me proud to be a Jew on a daily basis. גאה להיות יהודי"
-Alex V.

"That's just one of many pathological pots who call kettles black... his attack is a badge of honor, and proves your influence is growing.....I'm always watching and have your back - just letting everybody know the JIDF has more shomrim on the night shift... "David - I wish you continued success this year with the least amount of stress possible. Hazak Hazak, lion of Judah."
-Gary Shapiro

"You are good people. I appreciate what you do here. You make a difference."
-Noni A.

"I'm glad I follow you so I know who not to follow"
-Sharon Schilperoord

"The Jewish Internet Defense Force combats anti-israel sentiment online. Read what some don't have the guts 2 say: www.thejidf.org"
-Ayelet S.

"You're one of the few ppl on the right who is not afraid to tell it like it is"
-Gadi S.

"I admire your passion and determination."
-Corry K.

"I do so enjoy your direct way of telling people the truth, David. It makes me feel "vindicated"
-Natalie Neil

"A special #FollowFriday goes to @JIDF for his unwavering support of Israel/Jews even through debilitating pain & back surgery. He's Amazing!"
-Ayelet S.

"Who else could have major spinal surgery and bounce back so quickly? Pure Jewish awesome!"

"The JIDF is inspiring & unifying Jewish people in the fight against online antisemitism"
-Elisheva S. 

"Keep leading the fight."
-Benjamin D. Cohen

"You're one of the few trusted Pro-Israel / Real Jewish bloggers! Kol Hachavod."
-Solomon L. 

"Just to let you know, I support everything you are doing"
-Lauren Senior

"You are a winner. The race is not always to the swift, but the steadfast& steady. Your brain is in the right place & so is your heart..."
-Jean Magann

"I thank you for keeping me informed on the hatred Jews still have to confront. It frightens me."
-Daniel Ruoss

"You’re kind of a role model to me because of the impact of your activist work, and how you go about it..."
-Scott Piro

"You're certainly tough a tough one and beyond outspoken, as you should be about the issues of Jew-hatred on the web. You "done good" my friend, and you are a real mensch for carrying on this most-important work. No doubt you bring much nachas to your parents and grandparents!"
-Pamela Sue Alexander

'They [The JIDF] do everything they can to prevent groups like this from spreading their hateful message via Facebook and other social networks on the web.
-Michael Thaidigsmann, World Jewish Congres

"JIDF till i die!"
-Je McCully

"I make an effort to show support for the cause of JIDF..."
Ariel Kafir

"Thanks for brining light to so many important jewish topics that most jewish people don't know about.  Keep up the good work..."
-Natalie Taftian

"I am here, and have been here for some time, as a Jew who supports your aim: to expose and fight anti-Semitism online and throughout the media. I'm a little person with a loud roar and have shared much info from you on my wall. I have faced down a lot of crap as a result: bring it on anti-Semites! I'm NOT a troll, a Muslim, a Christian, gay, rich or especially clever. But I am a Jewish warrior in my own way.....I do support you guys...."
-Larissa Perry 

"I may not always agree with you, but I am always grateful you are around..."
-Irene Solnik 

"We're behind you David. Keep up the great work!"
Ayelet Levine

"David Appletree does great work. It is a shame Facebook has an anti-Israel agenda..."
Adam Fishman

"I think you guys are TOPS! Keep on doing what your doing!"
-Jeanette Schwarzbach

"You know, the audacity of some people astounds me.....keep working hard JIDF!"
Jonathan Buccio

"...♥ I appreciate what you do"
-Audrey Makemson

We at American Jihad Watch will always support you in your efforts
-Iris Mentus - American Jihad Watch 

"You got my support...."
-Hans Van Voorst 

-Riley Crabb 

"Your mission is extremely important!"
-Ilene Entin Cox  

"This site is awesome:) May Hashem keep you all safe my beautiful Jews!"
-Zorah Patty O 

"David you rock. Respect my friend."
-Daniel Michan 

"Your doing a great job guys, keep up the good work, Israel forever!"
-Brian Dean 

"A site worthwhile to visit on a regular base. Very good in depth research and articles, lead by people who clearly understand very well the topics concerning the goals of the JIDF as an organisation. This is why i would call it a "Modern day Simon Wiesenthal Center". It's exactly what is needed for this modern day challenge on the web by Hatred towards Jews and Islamic hatred..."-@mfs001

"This site has great info about anything jewish! They are up to date and keep the website clean and fun!"
-Joel Schwartz 

"I love what JIDF does!"
-Ben BenLulu

"JIDF has spearheaded a mission that is pressing and important. The Internet is a major part of everyone's life, regardless their age, and there is so much wretched hate-mongering, incitement to violence, and lies out there aimed toward Jewish people and Israel. It is a true poison, and stands as a threat to not only Jewish people and Israel, but all that is actually democratic and right with the world. There are no other mainstream, major Jewish agencies or entities tackling this very serious problem, and yet it's so critical. JIDF deserves all the support it can get, and I hope only reaches farther and wider, and then maybe, finally, the aforementioned Jewish organizations will get on board."
-Maya Z. 

"They seem to be the only organization on top of the trends fighting anti-semitism and terrorism online. They make the hard work fun, interesting, and entertaining. I love Jews who are not afraid to stand up for themselves for a change. It seems they are always defending the rights of everyone else but themselves. The JIDF has raised so much awareness about the problems online and in the world. They have really opened my eyes."
-Morton G.

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