Antisemites and Jihadists Harass and Threaten Pro-Israel Jewish Activists

Today, like every other day, we've been dealing with dozens of hateful and threatening comments coming at us from every directly.  We always keep detailed information about such attacks, in order to turn the information over over to law enforcement, when necessary.  It's also useful to have such a database for our own private investigations into various antisemites and jihadists.  We have found so often that the people espousing such hate and inciting violence online have extensive criminal records.  In some cases, people that have attacked us online have later gone on to commit violent criminal acts.  Each hateful or threatening comment from an antisemite or jihadist can be looked upon as a type of smoke alarm going off before a major fire.  When one considers the sheer volume of hatred and violence being incited against Jews online in general, the future is not looking bright.  It appears that despite so many preaching "Never Again," that few actually mean it.

As you will read below, so often find that the most well-funded organizations that should be helping us with our fight have been dreadfully negligent and not nearly proactive enough on these fronts. 

The following are some of the antisemitic comments we have received today:

kill-all-jews commented on Losing Judaism in the Pursuit of Commonality - Jewish Internet Defense Force:

Looks like hitler didn't killed enough of you jews, hope you will get bombed somewhen in the future with a nuclear bomb until we stole all your oil.

Email: you-are-faggots@thejidf
IP address:
Below is a screencap (you may click to enlarge) of a detailed analysis of this antisemite's activity  on our site. As you can see, they spent over 3 hours on the JIDF site today.  You may also notice that this antisemite is using a German ISP to espouse hatred and threats, Telefonica Germany (who we will be contacting, as one of their users is abusing the ISP to break German anti-racist laws). You may also see this antisemite's browser and operating system and other information.

As we are oftentimes the first targets of harassment from antisemites and jihadists online, the information we obtain has been helpful to numerous law enforcement agencies which investigate hate crimes, worldwide:

Interestingly, this person came to our site from an old Facepunch forum post, which makes up lies about our activities.  Before that fictitious post accusing us (and all Jews, for that matter) of DDoSing the Facepunch site , we had never even heard of it before!  At around the same time that we received hateful comments on our website, we then received the following Facepunch related attack from one "Sebastian Schuster" on our Facebook page:

We also received the following hateful comment today: 
the Islamist commented on Jew-Hating Cyber Jihad Tribute to Flotilla \'Martyrs\' on the Web - Jewish Internet Defense Force:

fucking dirty jews, eternaly dirty !

IP address:
JewsFucker commented on UN Provides Computers to Islamists Suffering from Genocide to Aid in the Attack of Jews Online - Jewish Internet Defense Force:

You Jews are fucked up on the head ! do you really want us to like you, just read this article from an islamist angle ! fuck you dirty jews

IP address:
Below is a screencap of a detailed analysis of "the Islamist's" and "JewsFucker's" activity on our site (you may click to enlarge).  This time, the hate comes from Morocco, using the ISP, Maroc Telecom.  You can also see that this person landed on our site by Googling "Michael Mohamed Abutair": 
This is just a small sampling of the hate and threats we receive, each day, on just one of our many online properties.  We also manage many other pages including our YouTube account, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, etc., managing thousands of different people online and thousands of comments.  Unlike many other Jewish or pro-Israel organizations, we have a zero-tolerance policy against allowing hateful, threatening, or spammy comments on our properties.  We also take a strong stand against Christian missionary activity which targets Jews.  This can often be a tricky as an increasing number of Christians are pretending to be Jews or purposely being ambiguous about their beliefs online in their deceptive efforts to target and try to convert the Jewish people.  We're not so concerned that these people are going to be successful (as they haven't been for thousands of years), but again, it's about protecting the Jewish people in our forums from all threats, hatred, and harassment. 

Again, this is just a small sampling of what we are dealing with behind the scenes.  As we recently pointed out on our Facebook page, we're also helping many deal with various privacy, safety, and security concerns.  For example, we recently helped a Jewish family track down an antisemite that has been harassing them both online and on the phone.  We were able to track down detailed information about the person through their IP address and phone number.  We then forwarded that information to law enforcement, and have advised the family on proper steps to be taken to best protect their privacy, safety, and security.  Of course, we spent hours consulting with them and helping them-----free of charge.

They came to us after they were disappointed with the lack of response from other Jewish organizations.  This is the story we hear so often from others----that the ADL or other organization are negligent about their concerns, or provided unhelpful advice.  Of course, this resonates with us, as we have yet to find any organizations that have taken on the problems online the way they must be taken on.  The amount of antisemitism and jihadist propaganda online is truly alarming, and we simply don't see anyone doing what must be done.

The amount of time, effort, and money that has gone into what we are doing is overwhelming. And we're not sure how many times we need to emphasize that we need your support.  The work we do is focused on the work itself, not fundraising.  But we seriously need help in that department.  The people working for us aren't even making a proper salary!

Meanwhile, we watch the mainstream Jewish establishment enjoy themselves at posh social functions where they are flying people in from around the world to attend.  We're also able to see the six-figure salaries of the "leaders" working for these negligent organizations, and we see they bring in $100's of millions cumulatively, and we just don't get it, as so much of what needs to be done online and off, is not happening. 

Beyond all that, nearly the entire mainstream Jewish/Israel establishment supports Jewish Land concessions to Islamic terrorists.  There's few things in this world that are as devoid of basic common sense, morality, and ethics as rewarding Islamic terrorists with Jewish Land....often at the expense of expelling Jews from their homes.  We are truly living in backwards times when these are the nonsensical policies supported by so many Jewish/Israel "leaders." 

Hopefully through what we have discussed above you can see that we're trying to be leaders where there simply are no leaders.  And we need your help.  So please click the banner, below, and support our work generously.  Or at least sign up for a $5-18/month subscription.  Another way to support us is to go to and send funds directly to admin AT

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