Wrestling with Pigs

As George Bernard Shaw once said, "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

It's probably best that the majority of you are not on a Twitter, where so many pigs seem to roam. Some of you are on there, and have seen us take on antisemites, jihadists, Israel haters, and other liars and frauds. We've also called out quite a few Jewish or pro-Israel organizations we feel have been neglecting our people, as they have failed to address the serious problems we have been trying to expose. Many of them also take backwards stands, which directly help fuel our enemies and in many cases, have helped to murder our people. As Hillel once said, "as there are no men, be a man." We translate that to "where there are no leaders, strive to be a leader." That is precisely what we have tried to do for many years now, doing things such as:

  • Exposing the problems of antisemitic and jihadists content online, and criticizing those (like the entire mainstream Jewish establishment, for example) who have been negligent in helping us to fight this important fight, or that have simply not done enough, despite the fact that they have vastly more resources than we have
  • Criticizing people, organizations, or policies that support the arming, funding, or feeding of our enemies
  • Criticizing people, organizations, or policies that support the rewarding of Islamic terrorist enemies with Jewish Land
  • Strongly advocating for the privacy, safety, and security of Jews and Israel supporters, and loudly criticizing those who try to breach the privacy, safety, or security of others, or who mock such concerns
  • Criticizing Islam for the fact that it is, quite clearly, a hateful and violent ideology, and calling out its many supporters or defenders who claim "Islam is not the problem, 'radicial' or 'extremist' Islam, is"---as if Islam isn't radical and extreme, in and of itself. We have also called out the many who morally equate Islam with other religions, especially Judaism.
  • Criticizing Christian missionaries who have an agenda or desire to convert the Jewish people, while maintaining friendships with Christians who respect Jews, despite our differences, and who realize that if all Jews were to convert, that would mean the destruction of the Jewish people!
  • Criticizing Jewish organizations that are, quite simply, in bed with the Christian missionaries and who distort or deny history because of their desperation for this "friendship" (ie. Christian donor dollars)
  • Criticizing those who are not careful with their rhetoric. For example, while we are strong against Islam, we do not talk about Muslims, or Arabs, in a general sense, and are very careful in making such distinctions, despite so many people's attempts to mischaracterize us. It is perfectly legitimate to criticize an ideology and quite another thing to make generalizations about people who may or may not be following it properly
  • Criticizing those who are guilty of moral equivalence. It is indeed antisemitic to claim Jews are acting like "Nazis" and flat-out wrong to try to equate the Holocaust or Nazism to anything else. Granted, the only ideology out there today which might be able to be somewhat fairly compared to Nazism, is Islam. But we're not too fond of even doing that, as again, nothing can be fairly compared to the Holocaust. All such comparisons just help to water down our History and the significance of that event. That said, the Holocaust was really the culmination of antisemitism over the years. It was just "civilization" getting much more efficient with their hatred and murder of Jews, which has been happening in many different ways, for thousands of years and was not just limited to the most recent tragic episodes, the Holocaust.
Because we do these things, and take such stands, it has set us apart, and at odds, with many different people and entities----from religious right wing Jews, to secular left wing Jews, and so many non-Jews in between. There is, quite simply, many people and organizations who are supporting the wrong things.

This does not, however, mean that we are against unity. Quite the contrary, we yearn for it. But how can we unite with those who endanger Jews? How can we unite with liars? Frauds? And people who are just jerks?

We could be wildly "successful" (at least financially) if we just echoed the same stuff every Hasbara operation echoes, and put on a happy public face while we treat people like crap behind the scenes (as so many of the "leaders" of the major Hasbara ops, do).

But we are actually against Hasbara (which means "explanation"). Hasbara operations exist to try to explain Israel's actions. We feel our enemies, or people who just don't get it at this point, don't deserve an explanation. It's so often comes off as too much of an excuse, or a rationalization or apology, for Israel's totally justified actions in defending itself. In short, so often Hasbara effort just comes off as weak and ineffective. Antisemites and jihadists laugh right through it. And anti-Hasbara is, quite honestly, winning. The only people who want sugarcoated BS are the people who seem to espouse it. But it is authenticity that is a secret to our success. And we believe it reins supreme. The PR moves of the Israeli government are laughable, and sad. The more we feed our enemies and feel the need to tell the world how many tons of food and aid we're sending to Gaza every day, the more everyone is laughing at us. Because it is absurd. Meanwhile, they keep feeding the enemy, and keep broadcasting their compassion to the cruel, as if they deserve a cookie. But alas, those who are compassionate to the cruel, end up being cruel to the compassionate. While the IDF arms, funds, and feeds the enemy, it was also used to ethnically cleanse Jews from Gush Katif.

We hope you can see how and why the JIDF is different. And why we take such stands against absurdity. We understand many people and organizations out there are trying to do good things and that they have good hearts. So many of them are just totally misguided, and many, sadly, have been downright hostile to us. They have lied, and have been unfair in other ways, too.

The impact their general backwardness has had on us has been complex. On one hand, we realize just how important our stands are in this day and age of almost total moral and ethical bankruptcy among the Jewish-Israel advocacy world. On the other hand, it makes us realize why Israel and the Jewish people are losing, and we can see, firsthand, why so many of our enemies do indeed hate us.

Have you ever gone undercover to infiltrate a jihadist or Nazi group? We have. And we have noticed how much more peaceful it is on that side. It's unreal how united they are in their hatred and desire to murder us and wipe us off the map. We should be as united for good, as they are, for evil. We do truly desire and strive for unity. But how can we unite with those who are, quite literally, helping our enemies? How can we unite with unfair people? Liars? Stalkers? Bullies? Fellow Jews and Israel supporters who try to endanger others?

And that's really just the beginning. Since we don't raise enough through donations, we have created consultation services to help others with their online presences. We have also created advertising programs so that people can reach our audience in creative, innovative, and non-spam ways. In short, we only take on clients that we feel would be of interest to our audience. But so many who claim to be interested in what we have to offer, have just ended up wasting our time, or have ended up being dishonest in their dealings with us.

This has, sadly, led to even more frustration.

We wish we could get into the specifics of everything being discussed here, as we are confident you would be as shocked and disgusted as we are. Perhaps one day we will.

Unfortunately, when one starts calling out frauds, enemies, and idiots, the frauds, enemies, and idiots are then able to unite with each other. For example, we have dealt with one bitter person, in particular. This person had an unhealthy and unprofessional obsession with David Appletree (the founder of the JIDF). When David was not interested in this person's advances, and when we did not succumb to demands for free publicity, this person turned on us in the most hostile of ways.... stabbing us in the back, lying about us, and used the death of a loved one in an effort to manipulate people against us. And whenever we get into a dispute or argument on Twitter with anyone, that person is there, ready to join forces with anyone who has a problem with us for any reason. All this, because we refused to give out the free publicity this person wanted? And refused to give into unprofessional and disgusting advances?

In short, this is bullying. And because this person is a virtual nobody, who has accomplished nothing, if we dare to speak out about it, then we get portrayed like we are the bully! And, of course, then that person also gets the attention and publicity they wanted in the first place!

Thus, it's a double edged sword, and just not wise to wrestle with a pig.

That was one of the more disgusting moments behind the scenes here at the JIDF. These types of episodes are, quite literally, draining. Especially when there are so many of them! One after the other. The cumulative impact of dealing with dishonest people, especially on our own side, combined with the lack of funding, and the amount of our time so many people waste, is unfortunate. It would be one thing if the majority of people in our audience just "got it" and understood what is happening and the utter nonsense that is thrown our way, and that we try to deal with in a professional, and cordial, manner. But typically, we're dealing with so much BS behind the scenes that it's just too difficult to even express. Perhaps, one day, a book will be written, which details all of it. And that will be the day you will understand.

Until then, we're just hoping you will get it, and that when we say someone has been a total jerk or a fraud in our direction, we're not lying. And the fact is, many people who might appear to be "nice" or "doing a good thing" on the outside, really aren't very nice. Meanwhile, while this effort might often appear to be mean and aggressive on the outside, it's actually run by good people. Sensitive people. People with integrity and who care a great deal. And that's why we've gotten where we've gotten. We may not be "successful" when it comes to money. But we are when it comes to following our hearts, standing for the right things, and reaching those who value an authentic and honest voice. We always have an open mind, and an open heart, but there is also a three-strike rule. If you cause tsurres for us three times or more, that's it.

Despite wanting and trying to forgive or forget, and to give people the benefit of the doubt, we're just not idiots. We're for learning from our mistakes, and for growing from them. We're not going to let someone repeatedly spit in our face and then beg them to be our friend. That's exactly, and tragically, how Israel and others deal with Islamic terrorists. And it is disgusting. One shouldn't give in to takers, and one shouldn't allow oneself to be bullied. And one shouldn't beg for peace when it's clear our enemies want nothing but war.

We have an absolute right and an obligation to call out those who are doing things which are bringing harm to our people. And just because we call it out, it does not mean we are "attacking" them. And it does not mean that we deserve dishonesty or BS thrown in our direction, in defense. And it does not mean that we don't want unity.

In the end, the truth wins out. And Hashem is the ultimate judge. And we're confident those who have been unfair with us, and thus, with Israel, will be dealt with in a way that is fitting in the end. Thus, again, there is no need to wrestle with pigs, despite their pathetic attempts at trying to get us down in the mud where they are. They are evil, and disgusting, and we simply want nothing to do with them.

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