Joel Leyden's Harassment, Defamation, Cybersquatting, Fraud, and Abuse

Out of all the thousands of neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, Islamic terrorist supporters, and others who have harassed us over the years, lying spammer and fraudster, Joel Leyden, (someone who claims to be a Jewish supporter of Israel), takes the cake. Since May 2013, he has managed to go on a mission to harass, attack, defame, and spam this Jewish and pro-Israel effort, which has been recognized by the Israeli Defense Forces and covered by many news organizations, and supported by many Jews, Israelis, IDF soldiers, and other Jewish and Israeli organizations, to no end!

For months, we tried to make "peace" privately with the guy, but he thrives on his lies and attacks on others, and he simply will not cease and desist his defamation and harassment campaign. So this public response was needed, sadly, even though we risk further harassment and defamation by moving forward with it. Many of his victims are terrified of him, and will not come forward. For that reason alone, we must do the right thing to set the record straight---to try to be the voice for many who have suffered, thanks to his constant abuse. However, we truly do not enjoy this public spectacle whatsoever. We sincerely believe in the importance of Jewish Unity, and wish that Leyden and his partners would simply leave us alone and delete all their lies and nonsense, and we'd then remove our defense against their attacks, in kind.

In his effort to harass, defame, and attack us and others, it seems he's wasted hundreds of dollars to register cybersquatted domain names (which we think are illegal), in order to spread his disinformation and lies. He has also paid to put out fake press releases (ALL of which have been removed by responsible companies that have rules against defamation and harassment and could clearly see that's what his fake press releases were about), and he even tried to publish social security numbers of Jews he alleges to be behind the JIDF. Our contacts at the FBI have informed us that publishing people's social security numbers is illegal!

If it was just Leyden doing all this, it would be one thing, but he has enlisted the help of two other guys, "Alain Horoit" (another fraud you can read more about here), and their plagiarizing spam pal, "Phillip Pasmanick," who has proven to be even more insane as Leyden in helping to spread absolute lies and nonsense about us, and others to his network (mostly of "Jews" for Jesus types).

Now, it's important to note, we are NOT  claiming these guys are Nazis, antisemites, or anti-Israel. But they have indeed supported lies against us, that come directly from such folks. If it's "anti-JIDF" anything goes, with these guys! We have it all documented. They've even repeatedly linked to Israel hater, Richard Silverstein, in their lies and attacks against us, and to a homophobic Nazi video that denies the Holocaust, and mocks the murder of 6 million Jews!

The following network of accounts is just a small sampling of those involved in helping them to spread hatred and lies against us, and other Jews and Israel supporters. However, many of them appear to be Jewish and/or pro-Israel! There is a chance they have been hijacked or hacked our enemies. Most of them appear to be fake profiles. Others simply seem spammy, as they are spreading malicious links. Or they are folks who don't like us for other reasons. That said, having legitimate criticism of our views is one thing, but supporting a harassment and defamation campaign because you don't like us or our views is simply wrong and inexcusable!

The worst case scenario is that they are blindly helping to spread hateful and malicious lies against fellow Jews and Israel supporters, and not even realizing it. Therefore, we must ask our friends and supporters to please help educate anyone who is spreading these ridiculous lies and attacks against us. 

Please beware and/or help report the following fake profiles or spammers, or if any of these accounts are actually real, and they do not support this harassment and defamation, and if you happen to know the people behind them, please make them aware that they might have been hacked, or ask why they are involved in a hateful spam campaign to spread lies against Jews and Israel supporters? Are they friends of Israel and the Jewish people? Or are they our enemies? Are their accounts hacked? We're not sure. However, If any of the folks listed below are indeed real, please have them contact us discuss:

All of this is spam, defamation, and harassment is being orchestrated by a notorious self-promotional SEO spammer and by the name of Joel Leyden, and his pals:  alleged scammer and fraudster, "Alain Horoit", and "Philip Pasmanick," We believe many of the aforementioned accounts are either fake or controlled by Leyden, Pasmanick, and/or Horoit in some capacity. Also note, that none of them are officially linked to the IDF in any way (despite the fact that some of try to appear that way). Joel Leyden claims to have been an IDF soldier, and to have several university degrees (one from Columbia), but we can find no actually evidence to verify any of those claims. He's been known to harass women, as well, filing fake reports, and even going so far as to publish fake escort ads! Meanwhile, actual police reports have been filed against Joel Leyden regarding his harassment and defamation in the UK, and we believe in Israel, and they will soon will be filed in the USA, as well.

When we looked into what is up with this Leyden character, and why he's become so insanely hostile toward us, especially when we never did anything to him except try to help him several years ago when he was hacked, we found that he actually does this to many other people, not just us! The man is a serial harasser and defamer of good folks!

Among the many people he's harassing, cybersquatting, attacking, defaming, and flat-out trying to bully online are:
  • His own brother, "Brian Leyden" (see here and here)
  • His brother and deceased father's law fiim, "Herzfeld and Rubin" (see here and here)
  • "Moti Kahana"
  • "Michael Martinez"
  • "Richard Maize"
  • "Diane Leyden"
  • "Julie Portner"
  • "Rahel ("Rachel Maybri")
  • "Nayhum Hofri" (Mayor of Ra'Anana, Israel)
  • "Vorah Hoffman"
  • "David Brotsky"
  • ""
  • "David Appletree"
  • "Jewish Internet Defense Force"
  • "David Pitch"

As you can more read about them here, these are Joel Leyden's main targets. He seems to spend all of his time cybersquatting dozens (if not hundreds) domains in order to post defamatory and malicious lies about all the aforementioned parties, even going so far as trying to endanger them, and others, in some cases. If you search for information about any of these folks, chances are you will find Joel Leyden's cybersquatted domains of their names, and bunch of false and defamatory spam about all of them, some of which he is plagiarizing from antisemitic, and anti-Israel sites, including sites that deny the Holocaust, promote Islamic terrorism, claim "Jews did 9/11", and other hate speech and vitriol.  

We are currently working with many of his victims to pursue Joel Leyden legally, as both a civil and criminal matter. We may be filing a class action suit. Please stay tuned on that front. If you would like to support us to that end, you can, here.

Since this is Joel Leyden's MO, and what he's all about (attacking innocent Jews and Israel supporters who are doing great work) we are not the first to consider legal action against Leyden. Many have already done it  already, and all have succeeded. As we have reported:
Joel Leyden Fraud
Joel Leyden
Important information about Joel Leyden:

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! Please very careful with whom you associate. Not everyone who appears to be "pro-Israel" is a good person. If you or anyone else  you know have been harassed, defamed, impersonated, threatened and/or spammed by the Joel Leyden (as we, and many other friends, Jews, and Israel supporters have been), there is now a legal precedent which may help you:

And here's the result/settlement of the complaint: Since we went public with this, many of his victims have come forward.

Lastly, please see this 65 page PDF: which documents his harassment of Jews and Israel supporters, even further. Please be aware of this jerk. Neither he nor any of his associates can be trusted. As documented in the aforementioned case, he attempts to cybersquat, defame, threaten, harass, and endanger various Jews and Israelis, as well as Jewish and pro-Israel organizations.

We have also learned that Joel Leyden is now trying to defame Jews and Israel supporters, by plagiarizing articles from antisemitic sites and anti-Israel sites, including sites that deny the Holocaust, promote Islamic terrorism, claim "Jews did 9/11", and other hate speech and vitriol. This is how low Joel Leyden has sunk to attack Jews and Israel supporters with his defamatory spam. It's, by far, we believe, the worst case of online criminal defamation and harassment we've ever seen, (and we've seen a lot).
While we hate to be against anyone who might appear to be Jewish and pro-Israel, we must all be hypervigilant against those who are trying to bring harm to Jews and Israel advocates in any way. As you can see by reading through the aforementioned PDF's, Leyden is not the mensch he makes himself out to be, through his self-promotional spam and crappy GoDaddy "Instapage" websites, presenting himself as such.

However, Leyden does admin several Facebook pages, and operates many different sites. We don't wish to promote them here, but if you are a friend, please contact us and we will share them with you, so you may help to report the many fraudulent, defamatory, and harassing posts that Leyden, his fake accounts, and others, are posting.

You should also note that Joel Leyden is involved with several other businesses, projects, websites, and online properties, and has several "DBA"s, aliases, and associations, all helping, in their own way, to spread hateful lies and defamatory spam against Jews and Israel supporters:
  • "Leyden Digital"  (  
  • "Israel News Agency" ( 
  • "Israel PR" ( 
  • "Jewish PR" (
  • "Israel SEO PR" (
  • "Reputation Management PR" (
  • "London SEO PR" (
  • "israel Public Relations Institute" ( 
  •  "Internet Marketing SEO PR" (
  • "Joel Leyden New York" (
  • "Joel Leyden SEO PR" (
  • "Joel Leden" (
  • "Leyden Communications Internet Marketing, SEO, Digital PR" (
  • "Passover" (
  • "Hatikvah" (
  • "Help Report Hate & Anti Semitic Pages" (
  • "Yaakov David Ha'ivri" (
  • "Bible Prophecies Fulfilled - This is a time to get right with God"(
  • "Ski Instruction Lessons Joel Leyden"(
  •  "Jerusalem - Capital of Israel" (
  • "Israel Humanitarian Aid" (
  • "Joel Leyden" (
  • "Jewish Business Networking" ( 
  • "Jewish Fathers" (
  • "Hatikvah" (
  • "Children 4 Israel (
  • "Stop Lashon Hara" ( - ironic in so many ways, as it's a page set up to merely slander us, and others! 
  • "Israel News Agency" (
  • "I Support the Israel Defense Forces In Preventing Terror Attacks From Gaza" (
  • "Online Reputation PR" (
  • "Joel Leyden" (
  • "Joel Leyden SEO" (
  • "Joel Leyden LInkedin" (
  • "IsraelBeach YouTube" ( 
  • "Joel Leyden Slideshare" (
  • "Joel Leyden" (
  • "Joel Leyden" ( 
  • "Phillip Pasmanick's Israel & Stuff" (
  • "Fathers for Justice Israel" (
  • Joel Leyden Wikipedia ( - where he was quickly identified as a "SEO spammer"and he and his fraudulent "Israel News Agency" blocked/banned from the site
  • Suspected Sockpuppets of Joel Leyden: (
  • "Digital PR 4 Israel" ( 
If you know of any others, please let us know. We're not linking to any of them directly, as we don't want to give any of these spammy and scammy crap sites and pages any Google juice or real attention, but you do need to know about them, and we request that if you encounter anyone promoting them on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere that you please report them for spam.

If you're really interested, you're free to check them out to see how duplicitous, crappy, spammy, and scammy they all are, just beneath the handful of legitimate news items they try to post. We believe the underlying goal of all these properties is to promote Joel Leyden, and most of them would be fine, if he did not use them all to harass and defame other innocent Jews and Israel supporters who are just trying to do good work.

Also note that Leyden is joining forces with open antisemites and Israel haters, as he shares their fraudulent information about Jews and Israel supporters, and they are now sharing his, as well. Leyden is working with a violent criminal with a serious criminal record, David Haivri.

According to the NY Times, David Haivri "has had several run-ins with the authorities in Israel over the last two decades, including an arrest for celebrating the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in a television interview and a six-month jail term in connection with the desecration of a mosque." 

While we are pro-settlement and anti-Islam, we do not support violence in any way. Violent criminals like David Haivri hurt the world's perception of Jews, Israel, and of the "settlements." Both Joel Leyden and David Haivri try to endanger Jews. Haivri even goes so far as to celebrate the death of any Jews whose views he does not like. This is sick. And terrible. These two, along with others, are helping to spread defamatory vitriol against us and other Jews and Israel supporters and must be called out.

Also, since his "Israel News Agency" is pretty much just him and his crappy looking website, it really shouldn't be in Google News. You should probably report this issue and his "IsraelNewsAgency DOT com" site, here, since it's not a legitimate "Israel News Agency", and does not adhere to most, if not all, all Google News' guidelines to be considered a "News Agency." Most of the articles Leyden's "Israel News Agency" publishes are for the purpose of his own self-promotion. Other articles are just fabricated, much like the things he says about others. Lying and dishonest people and media sources simply don't help Israel, no matter how much they try to promote themselves and spam people, trying to claim otherwise.

If his fake "Israel News Agency" was at all legitimate, or what Ledyen claims what it is, there would be, at bare minimum, a Wikipedia article about it (like there is for us). But unlike us, the "article" Leyden tried to create for his fake "Israel News Agency" was removed from Wikipedia, and he was banned as well. You can read the following from the discussion on Wikipedia several years ago with regard to them removing the self-promotion SEO/spam article about his site, Wikipedia admins were spot-on:

Joel Leyden is a known SEO spammer and states that on his website. He is using Wikipedia, and has admitted as such, to get traffic to his blog. He is not a noted journalist. I state this unequivocally as someone who has worked for 15 years in the Israeli media, and as anyone from the Hebrew Wikipedia will tell you. In fact, he is an unknown in Israel. Here is a classic example of someone abusing Wikipedia for personal gain. What is worse, his blog (and as an examination will show, it is nothing more) is one of the tools he is using to fight a custody battle with his ex-wife over his children. As a user, now banned, he attempted to use wikipedia to fight this same custody battle, as a perusal of the history of Raanana will show. In addition, he was banned for harassing another user, both online and in person. The votes to keep included sockpuppets and personal friends, who have fewer than ten edits each, i.e., make 3 edits and vote for Joel. I am not even going to discuss his personal attacks against me or the foundation on his blog. Given the confusion of information and misinformation there, I can only wonder what kind of nonsense he is posting in his article. Nevertheless, I will state this, summarizing a lengthy email which I sent to the Arb Com about two months ago: if the Hebrew Wikipedia, based in Israel, sees fit to include a version of the article about him or his blog, I will support its inclusion in English. If not, I will continue to regard it as simple SEO spam and unverifiable drivel by someone attempting to use wikipedia to attain fame and pursue his own, selfish agenda, using false information, sock puppets, and what have you. I sincerely hope that this is not the direction that Wikipedia is taking.
On a final note, our website is - if you see any other link claiming to be the Jewish Internet Defense Force, do not click them and do not trust the people posting them or the information contained therein. There's apparently cybersquatting campaigns created by Joel Leyden, antisemites, Israel haters, and Islamic terrorist supporters designed to harvest and spread false information about our effort, as well as other Jews and Israel supporters.

Be careful! Our enemies are trying to step up their game in the efforts to attack us, but we will, with the help of G-d, always be victorious. Gen 12:3. 


Since we went public with this, many of Joel Leyden's victims have stepped forward, sending us even more information, and a new site, Joel Leyden Watch, was created. These are very positive steps in the right direction. Someone also sent us the following various complaints with regard to Joel Leyden's harassment, fraud, abuse, and cyber crimes:
One of the documents goes on to claim:
He often uses the same retorts or rebuttals (using fake names) against anyone criticizing him, or calling out his rampant online abuse. Some of these including:
  • He will claim whoever is making the complaint is being investigated by the FBI, CIA, Police, or other law enforcement agency
  • He will claim whoever criticizes him is in Iran
  • He will claim, using a fake name, that he's "known Joel Leyden for 15 years"
  • He will claim the complainant is guilty of libel and defamation
  • He will claim the complainant is a "professional con artist"
  • He will make up completely false information about people he suspects are complaining
  • He will falsely accuse people of hacking him and cyber-harassing him
  • He will falsely claim that he is a "highly respected" consultant in the Jewish community
  • He will falsely claim he served in the IDF as an officer in three wars
  • He will falsely claim he serves as a "senior advisor" for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
He claims to be in the business of "reputation management", but as you can see, it appears the only person's reputation he tries to manage, is his own. Most of the top results for his name are for his own spammy duplicitous.

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