Facebook Issues: Disappearing Posts and a Defamatory Spam Campaign

We hope everyone had a nice Shabbat and we wanted to update you, as quite a few people that claim to be advocates for Israel and the Jewish people are spreading ridiculous, malicious, and hostile lies about this effort and many others falsely alleged to be a part of it. We already wrote a little bit about it the other day, here and here.

There's also a Facebook issue that many people are reporting, and that is the issue of disappearing content on Facebook pages. We wanted to let you know that we, for the first time in a long time, are working with some good people at Facebook who are actually listening to our concerns, and addressing them quickly, and directly. We hope that this is beginning of a new chapter of our relationship with Facebook, and indeed hope to be reporting some very exciting news on that front in the next couple of weeks. So please stay tuned!

Beyond that, it's important that we address some of the lies that are being spread about us. For one, we are not banned from Facebook or from Wikipedia. Our Facebook page has nearly 55,000 strong supporters of Israel and the Jewish people. And while the Wikipedia article about us is highly flawed and biased against this effort (as are most of the articles about Jewish and Israel issues), it still exists, as does our team of Wikipedia editors.

While Facebook is experiencing these platform-wide issues of disappearing posts, we are currently not doing much on our page. That does not mean that we can't. We're just taking a break on Facebook in an effort to let their engineers do their job. It also doesn't make much sense to post stuff which just disappears moments after we post it! That's simply a waste of time and energy. Rest assured, however, that none of our content on Facebook breaks their TOS, and no one is successfully lobbying to get 99% of our recent content removed. It is indeed a glitch, or a problem within Facebook, and again, very good people at Facebook are genuinely concerned, and helping all Facebook pages, by looking into it. And we sincerely appreciate this. This is the type of relationship we had with Facebook years ago, but unfortunately, the people we were in contact with, are no longer at the company. So we are happy to be making new connections and inroads, and are hopeful about this new development and chapter.

Now, the main culprits behind lies and attacks against our effort are serial cyber harasser and alleged rapist, Joel Leyden, his pal Phillip Pasmanick, and Alain Horoit. All three appear to have multiple Facebook accounts (against Facebook's TOS), some of which are fake (also against Facebook TOS). They, and a handful of their followers, are determined to spread lies and attacks about this effort. We don't enjoy such public nonsense and drama with fellow Jews an Israel supporters, and we'd rather not even respond to it. We tried for weeks to work things out peacefully with Leyden behind the scenes, but he wanted none of it, and he continued to spam lies and attacks about this effort, and resorted to some of the lowest tactics we have ever seen.

The fact is, we can't just allow ourselves to be virtual punching bags forever. Leyden has been attacking us for years and we never responded. Now he's getting others to join in, and it's just time for a strong response. It's probably dumb of us to respond as the guy is notorious for being a self-promoting spammer. So he probably wants this attention. Either way, we it's important to go on record, to document it, and to set the record straight.

Rest assured, we are indeed documenting all of the nonsense, and closely keeping track of all the people taking part. To date, there have been at least 85 highly malicious and defamatory posts about us on Facebook (even more of them appear, elsewhere online). Facebook has removed 15 of them, as they are blatant TOS violations. Please keep in mind, these aren't people just "saying mean things." It is a coordinated effort to harm our cause in every sense (including harassing and trying to endanger many different Jews, Jewish families, and Jewish children, most of whom have absolutely nothing to do with our effort!)

After the issue of the disappearing posts is worked out, we intend to have a full discussion with Facebook about these other issues, in which we're already discussing with attorneys and law enforcement.

A big part of the reason people are attacking us is because they don't like our highly aggressive approach when it comes to defending Israel and the Jewish people. We're not afraid to criticize fellow Jews and Israel supporters who support the absurdity of the 2-State Delusion, who defend Islam, or who work with antisemites. Most of the people we call out for supporting such absurdity simply ignore it. And that's fine. We don't make up lies about their actions or their views. We simply state, for example, "so-and-so supports 'palestine'" - and we'll ask them "why?" Or, "why are working with antisemites who want to convert Jews to Christianity?"  That type of thing. Because they are. And then they generally don't answer, or they respond by lying about us, and attacking us. But we move on, while many of these folks are determined to spread lies in their "defense" against us for merely stating facts and asking them questions about their ridiculous, hypocritical, and inconsistent stands.

Unlike them, we can handle criticism. We're fully aware of our many alleged character flaws and imperfections. We know we are aggressive, and can be extremely harsh. And that we don't suffer fools. We're impatient. We ban people who act like idiots on our properties. We ask for all types of help (including financial), often. This is tough overwhelming work and we're not ashamed to ask for a hand in helping us to do the best that we can. We call out Islam and the defenders of Islam. We call out people who advocate for "palestine" or "palestinians." We call out those who support helping our enemies in any way.

And guess what? The people we call out don't like it one bit. So many of them simply respond to our criticism by blatantly lying about us. For example, they'll claim we're "anti-Christian," totally neglecting the many Christian voices directly telling them directly that they are flat-out wrong. And they ignore the fact that we have repeatedly reiterated that we are happy to have many Christian friends and supporters, but we are against anyone who has an agenda to convert (ie. destroy) Jews. That does not make us "anti-Christian" - that simply makes us against people trying to preach to, or convert the Jews. There's a huge difference between people lying about us claiming we are "anti-Christian" and the truth, which is that we have no problems with Christians, so long as they respect us for who we are, as Jews, and thus, have no desire to convert us. It's a all about boundaries and respect. Simple as that.

The interesting thing is that most of the lies being spread about us by Leyden and his sockpuppets and cronies are actually plagiarized directly from antisemitic and anti-Israel sites, most of which also deny the Holocaust and blame the Jews for 9/11. If you're interested in learning more about this tidbit of vital information, please contact us directly, as we don't wish to publicize those lies further. But we may have to, just to show how insane it is. What type of Jews and Israel supporters would stoop to such lows? Joel Leyden, Phil Pasmanick, and their spamful cronies, that's who.

Perhaps worse, are the idiots who don't bother trying to hear our side of this story, and who don't discern information. In short, many who have had various issues with us in the past, for different reasons, are joining in a campaign which is almost entirely based upon malicious lies plagiarized from antisemitic and anti-Israel sites! Now, Phil Pasmanick will take what we just clearly stated and claim that we called him a "Holocaust denier" or something. We did not so thing. He is, however, supporting a campaign which plagiarizes lies from antisemitic and anti-Israel sites.

Again, it's about discernment. The tiny, but vocal, minority of spammers who are supporting this nonsense don't have the ability to be fair minded, or to use discernment. Most of them are just annoyed that we banned them from our effort a long time ago. Because we don't tolerate intellectual laziness. These are the same types of people who claim to be pro-Israel on the one hand, and who support "palestine" or antisemites, on the other. Or who claim to be against antisemitism, but embrace and defend Islam as "peaceful." Anyone who is not intellectually lazy, and who has done their homework, knows that Mohammed was a genocidal murderer of Jews and that Islam itself is antisemitic. But the folks attacking and lying about us aren't really interested in truth, justice, history or facts, despite what they may claim. Again, these folks are blindly believing and spreading the lies, not even realizing that they originated on antisemitic, anti-Israel, jihadist, Holocaust denial, and 9/11 truther sites and articles. We just can't get over it.

Another issue they are taking with us is that we try to raise money for this effort. We actually didn't do that for a long time, but so many people said "good job" so often, and they repeatedly asked how they could support our work. Many specifically wanted to donate money. Why should we turn them down? While we run this effort at a financial loss, we figured, "hey why not give people the option to support us financially, if they want?" And so we have that option, but we are indeed often frustrated by the lack of basic resources. And we realize how much we've done with almost nothing, and we know what we could do with more help. Rest assured we're not "profiting" off of this as these liars claim. The little money we are able to raise goes straight back into the cause, and helps the financial loss we take to run this effort be just a bit less. Is that so "wrong?" We don't think so.

Yet Michael Mendelson has posted about 20 times, taking issue with the fact that we, like most Jewish and pro-Israel advocacy bloggers and organizations out there, have a donate button. He's also believes he's responsible for all our hard work. He claims he's the "real JIDF." Funny thing is, we never even heard of the guy until a couple weeks ago. We'd link you to his ridiculous and idiotic lies and claims, but we feel these people are partly doing this for attention. Furthermore, the handful of people that see the lies that try to defend us have simply been banned from the pages, and their respectful comments in our defense have been deleted. So there's no real purpose in trying to have discussion with irrational liars intent on spreading malicious libel and trying to steal credit for our years of hard work and dedication (which has been documented on this site, and throughout international media sources).

We believe in our cause, and we don't mind continuing to invest our own money into it, in order to keep it going. If people want to help lighten the load, reduce the financial burden, and help us obtain more tools to do an even better job, great!  We see nothing wrong with giving our friends and supporters a variety of ways (including non-financial) to help this effort continue to succeed and grow.

Our supporters been with us, and have grown with us, for many years now. They know what we are about, and know we are honest, and sincere. If people don't want to take the time to hear our side of these ridiculous lies and stories being told about us by a handful of envious and spiteful liars with an agenda, so be it, but they are wrong to support that nonsense in any way. And again, we have no problem with legitimate criticism that's rooted in truth. But most of the latest nonsense against us is stolen right off antisemitic and anti-Israel sites. Why type of Jewish or pro-Israel advocate would plagiarize content off of a Holocaust denial site? The type that is Joel Leyden, that's who. Disgusting.

For many years we never responded to Joel Leyden's lies, threats, and attacks against this effort. But at a certain point, enough is enough. (Especially after so many of his other victims are taking action against him, and winning). He's gotten away with attacking and lying about too many good people, for too long.

And we simply can't allow ourselves to be a virtual punching bag for anyone, including people that claim to be fellow Jews and Israel supporters, and we will fight back to the fullest extent of the law, and of our abilities.

While Joel Leyden, Phil Pasmanick, and their cronies lie about us getting banned from Wikipedia, please note that Joel himself, and his fraudulent "Israel News Agency" were actually banned and removed. Wikipedia admins actually were spot on with the case:

Joel Leyden is a known SEO spammer and states that on his website. He is using Wikipedia, and has admitted as such, to get traffic to his blog. He is not a noted journalist. I state this unequivocally as someone who has worked for 15 years in the Israeli media, and as anyone from the Hebrew Wikipedia will tell you. In fact, he is an unknown in Israel. Here is a classic example of someone abusing Wikipedia for personal gain. What is worse, his blog (and as an examination will show, it is nothing more) is one of the tools he is using to fight a custody battle with his ex-wife over his children. As a user, now banned, he attempted to use wikipedia to fight this same custody battle, as a perusal of the history of Raanana will show. In addition, he was banned for harassing another user, both online and in person. The votes to keep included sockpuppets and personal friends, who have fewer than ten edits each, i.e., make 3 edits and vote for Joel. I am not even going to discuss his personal attacks against me or the foundation on his blog. Given the confusion of information and misinformation there, I can only wonder what kind of nonsense he is posting in his article. Nevertheless, I will state this, summarizing a lengthy email which I sent to the Arb Com about two months ago: if the Hebrew Wikipedia, based in Israel, sees fit to include a version of the article about him or his blog, I will support its inclusion in English. If not, I will continue to regard it as simple SEO spam and unverifiable drivel by someone attempting to use wikipedia to attain fame and pursue his own, selfish agenda, using false information, sock puppets, and what have you. I sincerely hope that this is not the direction that Wikipedia is taking.
As you can see, we're not the only Jews and Israel supporters speaking out against this fraud.  And it should be noted that Joel Leyden's "Israel News Agency" is not an official Israel News Agency. Anyone can take a quick look at his piece of crap website to see that. It's an SEO spam platform that Leyden uses to promote himself and to attack others. Nothing more. Leyden recently threatened to continue to spread lies about us on his site, which is somehow indexed in Google News.

However, if you actually study the guidelines and requirements to be included and indexed Google News, you can see that Leyden's fraudulent "Israel News Agency" meets few, if any, of them, and that his site is in clear violation of many, if not most, of those guidelines.

Thus, we urge you to report his site, here.

There's simply no reason a self-promotional SEO site used also to harass and defame Jews and Israel supporters, and which barely publishes any content should be included in Google News. If you don't know what to write on the form, you can click here to see some suggestions. 

And that's it, folks. We hope you can understand a bit more of some of what we're dealing with, and where we're coming from, and realize we deal with all of this, while the hard work against antisemites, Israel haters, Islamic terrorist supporters, Holocaust deniers, and antisemitic conspiracy theorists, continues.

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