Alain Horoit: Fraud behind "Hatikvah" and "Mr. Never Give Up" Facebook Pages

The following is a translation of an article written in Dutch by Dennis van Damme in the Belgian Gazet Van Antwerpen on July 6, 2013. We believe all the many claims of fraud against Alain Horoit are true, especially as his "Hatikvah" page (along with his partners, Joel Leyden of the fake Israel News Agency and Phillip Pasmanick of "Israel and Stuff") have repeatedly published ridiculous lies and attacks against us, and many other Jews and Israel supporters.

They also publish many lies, in general. Just recently, they fraudulently claimed to have taken a picture in Safed (Israel), meanwhile, it was actually a photo of Greece that they stole from a professional! The page also has another known fraud and defamer of Jews behind it, Joel Leyden. We've published many articles about him that we encourage you to read, and we also encourage you to go to Joel Leyden Watch. Also note that this article does not touch upon all the many leaders in the Jewish and pro-Israel community who have been ripped off by Alain Horoit, such as Zevi Ives (head of the European Center for Jewish Students). Below is a letter written by Zevi, with regard to Horoit's fraud:
Brussels, May 9, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to verify that we lent €1550 to Alain Horoit which was not repaid as promised. He approached me as head of ECJS, European Center for Jewish Students, asking for a loan on Thursday, January 21, 2010 on behalf of his company Trendy Networkz for his party for European Jews that Saturday night. He needed to pay the band and singer. Alain promised that it would be paid back immediately following the party once he received the money from the entrance fees. Thinking it would be a small favor and possibly the beginning of a good contact for ECJS, I agreed. When the bank details in Israel did not work from our PC banking, he asked me to send it to ElAl in Belgium to pay for the tickets of the band instead.

The following week, we did not receive the promised reimbursement nor did Alain contact me to explain the delay. I e-mailed and called him over and over. He kept promising new deadlines by which he would pay ECJS back and eventually stopped returning my e-mails and calls. Despite repeated calls and e-mails, we have still not received this money back to date. This has caused us not only monetary loss, but also problems with accounting for paying for this service from ECJS bank account without a reimbursement from Trendy Networkz.


Zevi Ives
Executive Director
European Center for Jewish Students
And here is a spreadsheet documenting just some of Alain's other victims.  Now, without further ado, here's the recent article:

Fraud? Speaker with a dark past
‘Mister Never Give Up’ is planning performances in Antwerp

by Dennis van Damme, Gazet Van Antwerpen

Who is the mysterious Mister Never Give Up who is planning a show in Antwerp in December? According to him, he is a source of inspiration for everyone who has problems. But according to others he is a seasoned fraud who has swindled many people of their money.

Mister Never Give up is coming to Belgium in December. “He will do a series of shows in Antwerp,” an enthusiastic press release announces. “That these shows will be remarkable, and that a whole lot of special guests can be expected, seems all but assured.”
According to the same press release, Mister Never Give Up is “much more than a motivational speaker, he is the ‘motivational rock star’ of Facebook. A real countryman who has had an international breakthrough.”


To be clear, Mister Never Give Up is Alain Horoit. He was born in Berche

m, spent a large part of his life in Berchem, and is currently living in Spain. According to him, he was active for many years in the entertainment industry, and among other things, he managed the disco Sotto’s in Zottegem.

“I was on top”, Horoit says in a phone conversation with this paper. I had personnel, I had money, but I also had a lot to lose. A few years ago I went bankrupt. I didn’t see a way out. In those five minutes that I considered giving everything up, Mister Never Give Up was born.”

Mister Never Give Up is, according to Horoit, a sort of mentor to anyone who has fallen on hard times and does not see a way out. He wrote a book about it that was sold through the Internet. Horoit is most active on Facebook. “My page has over 310.000 followers”, he says. “And those aren’t just people who have clicked on ‘Like’. I get emails daily from people who are asking for my help and advice. Those are the people that I do this for.”

Guest speakers

The show in December will be in English. “I tell my story and try to motivate people to never give up. The guest speakers are other motivational speakers who are especially active on Facebook under names such as ‘Inspirational Positive Quotes’ and ‘Lessons Learned in Life’.”

Tickets aren’t cheap: they cost 24.95 or 29.95 euro. About this Horoit is clear: “You cannot expect to pay the price of a cinema ticket for a show that will change your life.”

But Alain Horoit does not remain someone who is not spoken about. Moreover, the more we examine his past, the more people and organizations we encounter who have a bone to pick with the man. “He is a complete swindler,” was the reaction of Michael Freilich of the magazine Joods Actueel. “In 2010 he ordered an advertisement with us, but he never paid.”

Horoit, who is Jewish, needed the ad to promote a gala ball for the Jewish community that he had organized in the Radisson Blu hotel near the Stadspark. The ball would turn out to be a flop. Joods Actueel is one of many parties who were left with a bitter taste after the ball.

Gaining trust

Horoit also placed an ad in the Dutch Jewish magazine Benjamin without paying. Many people who were involved with organizing the party, were presented with bills afterwards for services that Horoit had ordered. Similarly with his former friend Marco Devaux:

“I suddenly received a bill for 25,000 euro for the rent of the party hall and a bunch of hotel rooms in the Hilton Hotel,” Davaux said. “I went into business with him because I knew his whole family and trusted him. We had arranged that he would organize the events and that we would sell tickets through my company, on which I would receive a three per cent commission. We hadn’t written this agreement down. This was stupid of me, but Horoit is very good at gaining people’s trust. His method is simple. He borrows money from one to close the holes at another. In total I have lent him 16,000 euro, money I have never seen again. I did have to pay 1,500 euro in legal fees only to prove that Horoit, not I, had booked the hotel rooms and party hall.”

Not all victims have pressed charges against Horoit. For some the legal fees would be higher than the loss they have suffered. The Dutchman Nathan Bouscher (29) was asked to arrange transportation for several guests from Amsterdam to the gala ball in Antwerp. Also he received a bill from the bus company, while Horoit had promised to pay. “In my case this concerns a bit more than 700 euro,” Bouscher says. “If I were to challenge him in court, I would lose more money.”

Judicial investigation

In Antwerp there is an investigation running against Horoit for suspected fraud and forgery. The man is also known with the courts in Dendermonde and Brussels. With a Dutch musician was in a legal clinch about thousands of euros of royalties. The biggest case file against Horoit is in Germany. A 37-year old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous and with whom Horoit had a relationship, bundled a number of complaints. She claims she has lent him 10,000 euro. Also she never saw her money back. Because Horoit is living in hiding in Spain, the legal proceedings in Germany are currently stuck.

It is also remarkable that the Antwerp cinema complex UGC, where the Mister Never Give Up Show is supposed to take place according to the press release, have never heard of him.

“Jealous stalker”

Horoit himself denies all allegations of fraud. He was still looking for another location for his show. “All those people are talking a lot, but they don’t have any proof. I have never been convicted. I have always been strong enough not to respond to such lies. That woman in Germany is a stalker. She is jealous of my success.”

But several victims, such as Marco Devaux and Nathan Bouscher, are convinced that he is trying swindle people out of money again. “His stage name is very well chosen,” Bouscher bitterly remarks. “He really doesn’t give up.”

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