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As we recently noted in our piece, Facebook Admits to Automated Censorship of Christians, and our many other posts about Facebook censorship, the company has a serious problem when it comes to automated censorship. And they aren't just auto-censoring Christians. Jews are paying a heavy price, too! 

Recently, Facebook censored the following content posted on our Facebook page, or by our Facebook page, and our many admins have been receiving and are experiencing "bans" of varying length (12 hrs, 24 hrs, 2 days, 3 days, and even 30 days). This is unfortunate, as  this means our pages cannot post updates, and our admins can't even use Facebook for their personal or other business/networking use during the time we're dealing with such "bans."

The following is just some of the information which has been censored in the past few days alone:

"Are you being harassed, defamed, and bullied online? Are criminals illegally cybersquatting domains in their effort against you? You can fight back, and win! That's what the great law firm, Herzfeld & Rubin, PC, did. They fought back against the harassment, cybersquatting, and defamation being done by Joel Leyden and his fraudulent "Israel News Agency" 

Read the complaint and the settlement from the New York Law Journal, here:  http://is.gd/aNwI3L

Please LIKE and SHARE if you stand against online harassment, defamation, and bullying!"
A recent comment made by our page on one of the many defamatory posts about us on another page was also censored. It stated:
"This is a fraudulent and defamatory report, FYI. For more information, please see:  http://joelleydenwatch.blogspot.com/ - Thank you."
This was also censored:
"ALERT: Beware of a highly fraudulent and defamatory "changes.org" petition which spreads ridiculous lies and nonsense about us, and other Jews and Israel supporters. This petition is being spammed mostly by the "Hatikvah", "Israel News Agency" and "Phillip Pasmanick's Israel & Stuff" Facebook pages, all of which are under criminal investigation for their criminal fraud, defamation, and harassment. Please UNLIKE and REPORT those pages and their spammy posts. Thank you!"
We also posted the following screencap and caption:

ALERT! It's important that our friends and supporters unlike and report the pages listed in this screencap, all run by the same frauds and criminals. Please alert your friends to do the same. Just like a pig, these pages may look Kosher, but they are not. The pages themselves should be reported for spam. Each post which is cross-spammed with the other pages, should be reported for spam. Each post which is harassing and defaming people should be reported for harassment. The many posts trying to sell shirts, books, or tickets to events, should be reported for spam. We're dealing with some some of the worst criminal activity we have ever seen online.

For more info please see:



Or simply contact us with any questions by messaging us on the page, or emailing: admin@thejidf.org
While the automated warnings we're receiving are claiming that our content is somehow against Facebook's TOS, we find that hard to believe, as this is important information about public entities that have been harassing and defaming our effort, and many other Jews and Israel supporters (including many private individuals falsely alleged to be a part of our effort) for many months now.

Unlike them, we are not making information up. As you see here, and here, the crimes of these public entities have been publicized by different major media sources and law journals. Thus, we're trying to warn and educate our audience of the criminal fraudsters and harassers, who we believe are simply reporting all our content as "spam" and "harassment" (especially as they are gloating about this censorship on their own pages).

Why can't Facebook understand the difference? Why is Facebook allowing defamatory spammers to get away with their crimes? Why is Facebook censoring our content which is trying to help, educate, and protect our audience? Does Facebook support these criminals? Is it an automated glitch?

We've repeatedly tried to contact Facebook about these issues. Originally, we felt they were helpful, as they did, at least, restore the Jews' Views page (after 798 days!), but they have yet to help us with this defamatory spam issue, and instead of helping us, they appear to be helping criminals!

Sadly, this is not a unique situation. The same thing happened when we focused on Holocaust denial, Nazism, and Islamic terrorist content on Facebook---rather than take down those responsible, we were often banned and censored. It's the same story, this time around---it's just sad that it's fellow Jews and Israel supporters who are causing the problem! 

So, how can you help? Please share this widely. If you know anyone at Facebook that can actually help to restore our content and reverse these ridiculous bans, please have them do so, and/or contact us. We've been trying all the Facebook employees we've been in correspondence with, but they have simply been avoiding all our questions about why our content is getting censored and our why our admins are receiving these bans.

If Facebook is not going to do anything about the defamatory spam that is harassing our friends and supporters, then at least they should allow us to fully discuss the problem and defend ourselves on our page.  Again, these are criminals we are trying to warn people about. We have documentation of their hundreds of defamatory posts on Facebook, and elsewhere. Their crimes include:  defamation, harassment, DMCA violations, publishing of social security numbers, threats, extortion, and fraud.

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