Phillip Pasmanick, "Israel and Stuff" Site Harass and Defame Jews---with Nazi Videos!

As we have reported just a little bit on Facebook and Twitter, for the past six months, Phillip Pasmanick, his "Israel and Stuff" site, along with his "partners in crime" Joel Leyden (of the fake "Israel News Agency" and many other scams) and Alain Horoit (of the fake "Hatikvah" and "Mr. Never Give Up" scams) have been launching a constant campaign of harassment and defamation against us,  David Appletree (the founder of this organization) personally, and many other Jews and Israel supporters they have falsely accused, through THOUSANDS of highly harassing and defamatory posts. If you'd like a spreadsheet that documents them, please contact us, and we will provide. Also, as you will read below, in the  "UPDATE" section of this report, below David Appletree's email signature and JIDF logo, you will see that Phillip Pasmanick continues to harass us and other Jews, now with an antisemitic, anti-Israel, homophobic YouTube video that mocks the murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust! It's absolutely unbelievable, as this Pasmanick guy claims to be a Jewish/Israel advocate and a former Israeli police officer. What type of Jew or Israel advocate would engage in such behavior and do such things?

Despite months of our repeated attempts to reach out to all three of these shady characters privately, asking them to please cease and desist their defamation and harassment campaigns, as we all have bigger fisher to fry and better things to do with our time, they have refused. We urge you to please learn more about Joel Leyden and Alain Horoit and their online spam and scams by clicking on their names. And there is even a "Joel Leyden Watch" website which documents his spam, harassment, and defamation campaigns, even further.

It's important to note that this entire defamation and harassment campaign started with Joel Leyden, who, if you click his name to read more about him, you can see has been in a lot of legal trouble for doing this same thing to many other people, including his own brother, the law firm who represents his deceased father, former officers in the IDF, NYPD police officers, and others. All the documents have been published on this site.

Despite us wanting to simply focus on advocating for Israel and fighting antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and Islamic terrorism online, these folks have been on a quest to harass and defame us, and so many others, that a strong public response is needed.

Below, is an email that David Appletree (the founder of the JIDF) sent originally to Pasmanick and his wife. It was sent to his wife, as she has also helped to spread his lies, and we believe she needs to know the depths of her husband's harassment and defamation campaigns against others, as it's going to eventually get him into a lot of legal trouble. Please note, we did make a couple minor corrections, clarifications, and updates to the original letter, but it is essentially 99% the same email. It is now being sent by JIDF supporters to the to the handful of folks who are helping to spread their lies, and we ask you to please help share it in general, and especially if you encounter any of these people or the lies they are spreading about us and others. Lies must be confronted! Most of the folks who take the time to read the email, and independently review all the evidence and the full situation, are disgusted by the actions of Pasmanick, Horoit, and Leyden, and their supporters.

Again, if you are interested, we will be more than happy to provide you with a detailed spreadsheet, which documents the defamatory and harassing posts that they have spammed about us and other Jews and Israel supporters on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere THOUSANDS of times for the past six months. They have even paid wire services for their campaign of hate, harassment and defamation! (Thankfully all of the wire services removed the fake press releases, as they were clearly against their rules against harassment and defamation! We can show you our exchanges with those companies, as well, if you'd like!) And they have even wasted by money by registering illegal cybersquatting domains, where they have even gone so far as attemp to illegally publish our social security numbers! The cybersquatted domains are then spammed throughout a number of sites, again solely in an effort to harass and defame us, and other Jews and Israel supporters. So please be careful, as we believe the handful of folks helping to "like" and share this harassment/defamation campaign against us and others, are reading things too quickly and they think they are actually supporting our work, not realizing that they are sharing a link to a cybersquatted link designed to attack, defame, and harass us, and others.

Thankfully, responsible companies have repeatedly taken some action against them, as their harassment and defamation is not only most likely, illegal, but against the TOS of different companies, like Facebook. We've posted many examples of Facebook taking action against their harassment, and you can see them here, here, here and elsewhere on our Twitpic account.

Pasmanick, for example, has been rightfully deactivated at least 12 times for posting defamatory information about us, and many other Jews and Israel supporters. Companies have removed approximately three hundred defamatory and harassing posts by Leyden, Pasmanick, and Horoit. We hope to get even more removed, as we continue to pursue this legally, and with companies.

Unfortunately, pursuing this legally is not such an easy task, as all three characters are rather slippery. Leyden is apparently living with his sister in Connecticut, Pasmanick is supposedly in Israel (though oddly, his site is based out of Singapore), and Horoit appears to be somewhere in Europe---some claim Belgium. So all three are in three different legal jurisdictions. This is why we continue to reach out for any and all legal help you or anyone you know, might be able to provide.

Again, below, please read the email we have sent to Pasmanick and have been forwarding to the handful of folks who are blindly helping to support this defamation and harassment campaign against us, and other Jews and Israel supporters:

From: Jewish Internet Defense Force
Subject: You and other Enemies of Israel and the Jewish People
Date: October 16, 2013 4:21:22 PM
To: Phillip Pasmanick
Cc: Judy Hantman

Mr. Pasmanick:

For the past six months you have been engaged in spamming---through 100's of posts across the internet--- a highly defamatory harassment campaign against me, the JIDF, and other private individuals, Jews, and Israel supporters. You support, regurgitate, and create your own lies and harassment against us. Among the many ridiculous and malicious lies you and your associates have wasted six months spamming all over the internet are as follows:
  • You, your "Israel and Stuff" site, and/or your associates have falsely and repeatedly (100's of times, reaching thousands of people) claimed that I am a criminal, despite the fact that I have never been arrested, charged, or convicted of any crimes
  • You, your site, and/or your close associates have falsely and repeatedly (100's of times, reaching thousands of people) claimed that I, along with the JIDF, am under investigation by the FBI, which is again ridiculously false and there is not one shred of legitimate evidence suggesting otherwise
  • You, your site, and/or your close associates have falsely and repeatedly (100's of times, reaching thousands of people) claimed that myself and the JIDF as a whole, are based out of Iran or Syria (again, ridiculously false, especially considering the many international news sources which have stated clearly that we are based out of the USA....)
  • You, your site, and your associates have also falsely and repeatedly (100's of times, reaching thousands of people) claimed that I am pretending to be at least 30 different people, despite the fact that most, if not all, of the people you falsely accuse are private individuals that have nothing to do with me, or my effort
  • You, your site, and/or your close associates have also falsely and repeatedly (100's of times, reaching thousands of people) made many false statements attacking me personally, and trying to breach my privacy, safety, and security, in a number of ways, including trying to harass me through the attempted breach of my private and confidential information that in some cases, I believe is indeed illegal to post (such as trying to post my social security information, and false accusations about my medical record, etc.) - all in a clear attempt to harass me and cause personal distress
  • You, your site, and/or your close associates have also falsely and repeatedly (100's of times, reaching thousands of people) claimed that the JIDF is somehow doing this work for a profit, and is a scam. Once again, you base this on no solid evidence, but your own malicious views. The fact is, I have put in a lot of money into this effort, and it runs at a financial loss. The little amount of money we raise simply helps to recoup some of our expenses (not that it's really any of your business).
But facts don't matter to you at all. As you never even attempted to gather them. In your hatred, hostility, and jealously, you have blindly supported and amplified attacks against us coming from the most hostile of antisemitic, anti-Israel, Holocaust Denial, jihadist, and 9/11 truther sites. Above, I outlined just 5 of lies that you are spreading. There's many others. If you did these things a couple times (like most antisemites and enemies do), it would be one thing, but you have repeated these lies against me, my org, and others you falsely accuse, thousands of times throughout the internet. We have it all documented. As if your repetition of such lies, somehow makes them true?

Thankfully, no fair minded person with a brain believes your lies. And no one who truly cares about Jews or Israel would support your highly malicious campaign of lies, harassment, and attempted character assassination.

Every time you attack us and spread lies about this Jewish and pro-Israel effort, which fights antisemitism, terrorism, Holocaust denial, and other serious issues and crimes, you're making us stronger, and you're making yourself, and the small handful of other lunatics and antisemites who believe and help spread your lies and nonsense, weaker.

Our friends in Israel (where you claim to live) and Singapore (where your website is actually hosted for some reason) are taking an active interest in your lies and what we think are serious crimes you are committing. You have had every opportunity to reverse course and have relative "peace" with us where you simply removed all your defamatory and harassing spam against us, and others, and we'd remove the few updates we have posted, defending ourselves and exposing your lies and harassment. So don't be surprised when you encounter even more consequences for your wrongdoing.

And in no way is this email "threatening" so no need to spread another lie about us "threatening you." There's simply consequences for doing wrong. Perhaps because you claim to be a former police officer, you think you are above the law. Rest assured, that is not the case.

As I've asserted, along with your harassment and many defamatory accusations against me, and this organization that you have spammed all over the internet, you have also harassed and defamed dozens of private individuals, Jews, and Israel supporters, many of whom have nothing to do with this effort (contrary to your false claims). You've been rightly warned and disabled by Facebook at least a dozen times for your harassment, spam, and defamation. Handfuls of other companies have also removed many of the defamatory and harassing posts you and your associates have spammed, citing that your posts are in violation of their rules.

When will it all stop? It's sad that you still don't get it, as you literally fit the definition for insanity: doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

David Appletree

Jewish Internet Defense Force
Leading the Fight

So that was one email David Appletree sent, out of many. It's important to note, early on, when we started to get harassed and defamed by Pasmanick, we researched his site a bit, and learned that it's actually out of Singapore, not Israel, and we also found what appeared to be rather malicious "penis enlargement" spam, code, and/or keywords on his site. You can see the cap of what our researchers found, here.


Since we have posted this, Phillip Pasmanick has intensified his harassment and defamation. He is repeatedly linking to an antisemitic and homophobic YouTube video created by a neo-Nazi YouTube channel and he's trying to harass us on Twitter with it. He doesn't understand how Twitter works, and this may lose his account because of his harassment. As you review the Tweets Pasmanick sent us, promoting an antisemitic, homophobic, anti-Israel, and neo-Nazi YouTube channel and video, please keep in mind, this guy claims to be a retired Israeli border patrol officer. Do you think he's represening Israel and the Jewish people well through this harassment and defamation? Does this guy seem professional? Also keep in mind, this type of harassment and defamation from his has been happening for the past six months this type of harassment and defmation against us and others is what this so-called "retired Israel border police officer" has been up to. We are really beginning to doubt he is who he says he is. We believe if he even was an Israeli police officer, he may have actually been fired. We will be sharing information soon which sheds light on that. Was he fired for spreading lies? Harassing people? Defaming people? As you can clearly see below, anything is possible with this guy. Some folks need even more evidence of this harassment. Thus, if needed, you may click here to see just some of Pasmanick's recent spamming of the antisemitic, anti-israel, homophobic video that mocks the Holocaust.  In case you are on a mobile device or if he deletes the Tweets, you may see a screencap of his harassment and promotion of the aforementioned videos, here.  (UPDATE: Of course, Pasmanick has now deleted those links from his Twitter, but if you search hard enough, you can find them in Google's cache, and many of the links are still posted on his Facebook page. He now spreads the lie that we photoshopped the evidence, which is nonsense. He's done this, evidence still exists.

He's also repeatedly plagiarized and spammed links to Israel hater, Richard Silverstein's lies about us, and others. 

And if you click here, you can view the video he has spammed. But we'd rather you didn't, as we hate to give it any hits, but since folks need to see the evidence of this, we are presenting it. Please be advised that the video is very crude, and disgusting. It is clearly anti-Israel, antisemitic, homophobic, and it mocks the Holocuast---the murder of six million Jews...and those of us who are concerned about such trends online. Also keep in mind, that this video was made by actual Nazis that we have been monitoriing online for a while. Below, is the text for the video Pasmanick is harassing us and others with it. Again keep in mind this was created by neo-Nazis we've been researching for quite some time:
Little shlomo slowly tries to make his way to his computer. His extreme physical weight makes it much harder for him to navigate properly across the room's floor littered with empty Mountain Dew bottles and all kinds of various dragon dildoes. He seats himself on his dirty and run-down chair which groanes at the shock of his two-hundred extremely heavy pounds bearing down on it and presses the start button on his outdated computer. As his computer boots up with a humming sound Shlomo picks up a dossier from the trash-littered floor and examines it. It's his trusty old manual made by the JIDF, containing various instructions for debate with anti-zionists in online forums. He proceeds to open the dossier with his fat and very smelly hands. One of Shlomo's fat arms accidentally knocks down one of his countless empty vaseline tubes and underneath exposes an old picture which he had long forgotten. Shlomo was utterly surprised to see it was still there. "Oh Miranda, you dirty gentile Shiksa, why wouldn't you love me?", Shlomo whimpers under his heavy breath. Suddenly all of his repressed and painful memories back from high school return to Shlomo. Being rejected by his love, her filthy goiim friends laughing at him, him starting to cry and running off like so many times before. To this day he remains a bitter and hate-filled virgin. He always blamed the gentiles for his own failures. "I don't need this stupid Shiksa anyway! Or any inferior white gentile cattle girl for that matter!", Shlomo bitterly mumbles filled with his own impotent anger, and proceeds to throw the picture of Miranda into the trash which is already filled to the brim with used kleenex tissue papers. Finally logging into his computer Shlomo is greeted by his home wallpaper consisting of a huge black cock. After discovering the internet he soon found an outlet for his repressed sexuality by fapping to cuckold porn. He wanted to approach Teyrone about his feelings just so that he could lose his virginity before he turned 25. Still, Shlomo had not found the courage to talk to Teyrone or anyone except for his mother after he finished high school for that matter. "I always just wanted to suck your black dick, Teyrone... ", he sighed. Shlomo opens up his outdated internet explorer and searches on bing for 4chan's "politically incorrect" sub-board. Suddenly he remembers his mother's words. She always told him to get a job in real estate or become a lawyer like his father Moshe David Stein Goldowitz."Please get a real job Shlomo! I'm begging you!", she would say, but she just doesn't understand. She doesn't understand how utterly important it is to protect the chosen nation of Israel from these scumbag stormfags and arab palestinians on the internet whose ultimate goal it is to wipe him off the map! Shlomo now begins to type on his keyboard: "Fucking racist stormfags, listen up here..." After a short time of posting on 4chan Shlomo is sweaty and frustrated yet again like so often before. "FUCKING GOYIM SCUM!", he agressively yells at his computer monitor. Shlomo is so upset that he actually knocks his Applejack pony figure off his desk. Little Shlomo sniffs his tears away and forces himself to calm down for a little while. "I'm sorry Applejack.", he says. Shlomo then turns to his wall which he has covered in JIDF, MLP and cuckold posters. In the midst of this most unholy mess is a framed picture with the arch words "REMEMBER THE 66 BILLION". Now Shlomo euphorically salutes his wall, and with a burning passion for Israel in his heart, sitting in his mom's basement, he types endlessly:"Oh, you gosh-darned goyim stormfags..."
And below, you can see screencaps show exactly how Pasmanick repeatedly spammed the aforementioned video, claiming the  crude, antisemitic, homophobic, anti-Israel, and Holocaust denying video is "spot on", and "must watch", and "too true!" Keep in mind, this just shows a few times Pasmanick has harassed us with it on Twitter, but he has also shared the video on Facebook, Llinkedin, Google+, etc. You may click to enlarge each image: 

Also keep in mind, the following is a closeup of the article that appears on the computer screen in this video. As you can see, this video, which is now being constantly promoted by Phillip Pasmanick, is highly anti-Israel, but the fact that it's a homophobic, antisemitic and anti-Israel video, created by a neo-Nazi YouTube channel does not bother Pasmanick, as he just like the fact that it, like him, attempts to defame and harass this Jewish and pro-Israel effort. All of this, once again, just shows what type of person Pasmanick is, and the type of immaturity, harassment, defamation, antisemitism, and homophobia in which he has no problems embracing:

So, where does this leave us? Please keep in mind, despite all the false accusations about us, we actually hate having to do this type of post. But we want to show you the low-level depths some so-called "Jewish" and "pro-Israel" advocates have stooped in their attempt to harass and defame us, and others. We especially hate publicizing it, as we think a lot of these folks are doing it for the "publicity" of attacking the JIDF. The people supporting their lies, harassment, and defamation, are generally not Jewish, for one. But also, quite a few of them are supporting this nonsense because they have other qualms with us. For example, they don't like our anti-Islam stance, or they don't like that we're against Jewish Land Concessions to Islamic terrorists, or the 2-State Delusion. That is fine if people have problems with our stances, but there is a way to disagree with us, without supporting a criminal harassment and defamation campaign against us, and others---without supporting a guy harassing us with Nazi videos! 

We are also now sending the following to others who are continue to support the defamation and harassment against us, and others by Pasmanick, and we ask that you please seriously give it some thought:
To Whom it May Concern:

You ought to be ashamed of yourself for supporting Phillip Pasmanick (of "Israel and Stuff) and his harassment and defamation campaign against me personally, my effort in general, and many other good Jews and Israel supporters that he falsely accuses.

You have clearly not bothered to closely investigate the situation.

For more information, please see:

If you are not disgusted by his lies and his spamming of antisemitic, anti-Israel, homophobic Nazi videos, which mock the murder of the 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, then you cannot be considered a friend of Israel and the Jewish people.

David Appletree

Jewish Internet Defense Force
Leading the Fight

One final note, when we recently explained on our Facebook page how their harassment and defamation campaign has indeed damaged our reputation, and that of many other Jews and Israel supporters, and has caused some folks to cancel their support of our hard work, Pasmanick celebrated, posting the following on his page, stating, The #JIDF nutcase must learned Evil will not triumph! [sic] and the following gibberish:
Thus, he incriminates himself, openly admitting to to maliciously trying to harm our reputation, and cause the small number of folks who actually support us, to stop supporting our pro-Israel work to fight antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and terrorism. It's just unreal to us that anyone could support a guy who uses Nazi videos to attack Jews. But we're happy to see anyone that supports him or his associates in any capacity to go very far away from us.

As far as his bizarre request for an apology, we have done nothing wrong to him whatsoever. All we have done is describe what he's been doing to us, and others for the past six months. And we've barely even exposed it. It's he who owes us the apology, not the other way around. We have repeatedly told him that if he and his associates removed all their 1000's of harassing and defamatory posts against us and other Jews and Israel supporters, we would remove the few things we have posted to expose it. And that would be that. But these folks do not want peace and unity with fellow Jews. They want to harass us with antisemitic, anti-Israel, homophobic, Nazi videos which mock the six million murdered in the Holocaust. Absolutely disgusting.

Thankfully, while a handful have cut off their support, others have come around to try to help make up for the loss, and rise to the occasion. If you appreciate what we're doing and understand that we have posted all of this with a very heavy heart and would rather have peace and unity with all folks who claim to be fellow Jews and Israel supporters, please consider supporting our hard work, today.

Thank you for hearing us out, and taking the time to read this important post. 

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