Joel Leyden and Phillip Pasmanick's Harassment and Defamation Campaign

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List of Suspended Twitter Accounts Behind Harassment Defamation Campaign Against JIDF and other Jews and Israel Supporters:

@joelleyden - SUSPENDED
@joel_leyden - SUSPENDED
@joelleyden1 - SUSPENDED
@jewsagainstjidf - SUSPENDED
@ajewishdefender - SUSPENDED
@jewishdefender1 - SUSPENDED
@jdlnewyork - (fake account, impersonating the JDL) SUSPENDED
@freegazatoday - (fake anti-Israel account) SUSPENDED

We believe the aforementioned accounts were created and/or managed by "Joel Leyden" (of fake "Israel News Agency"), "Phillip Pasmanick" (of the thieving Singapore-based "Israel and Stuff" website)and/or "Yosef Kutner" (a random racist on Twitter who is one of the only people helping them spam their lies) to harass/defame us, and other Jews and Israel supporters.

For more info:
  • Read about Joel Leyden's methods here: - this is from an independent source, who created this long before Leyden began focusing on us 
  • Leyden's harassment and defamation methods (which Pasmanick also uses) are also documented in this lawsuit: - which again is from an independent source that Leyden harassed long before he focused on us
  • We wrote about his harassment/defamation here:
  • Here is our article about Pasmanick (who works hand-in-hand with Leyden):
  •  Also see Joel Leyden Watch, further documenting Leyden's scams, harassment, defamation and abuse:
***There are still several others accounts on Facebook and Twitter actively involved in their harassment/defamation campaign against us, and other Jews and Israel supporters. Please contact us for more information, so you know who to avoid, block, and report for spam***

We need your help to continue to report them!

We are working with attorneys and law enforcement to put a permanent end to their campaign of hatred, spam, abuse, and lies. It may take years, but justice shall be pursued and eventually obtained. It's fine to have legitimate qualms with our opinion or work, but we encourage you to not be a part of their harassment/defamation spam campaign, as it is full of lies against us, and many other innocent Jews and Israel supporters that Leyden and Pasmanick falsely accuse. This is not about a "squabble." This is about calling out a major criminal harassment/defamation campaign against us and others, that's been happening since May 2013----we're talking about them posting lies about us and others, thousands of times---even wasting their money to register domains they are cybersquatting. The time, money, resources, and energy they've wasted trying to harass us and ruin our reputation, is truly insane----and it's very sad that anyone in Jewish/Israel advocacy would stoop to such lows to harass, defame, and lie to people. These guys claim to have served in the IDF. But there is nothing honorable about their lies or tactics, and they are abusing people's trust. Most of the people helping to spread their lies simply do not know what they are doing. That is why we need your help, to help educate and inform them of the actual facts.


Below, are just some of the lies that Phillip Pasmanick and Joel Leyden have actively spread about the JIDF, its founder, and other Jews and Israel supporters Leyden and Pasmanick harass and defame:

LIE: The JIDF, its founder, and others Leyden/Pasmanick falsely accuse of being a part of it, are being investigated by the FBI
FACT:  There is nothing out there that independently verifies this whatsoever. And there never will be, as it's a complete fabrication.

LIE:  The JIDF, its founder, and others Leyden/Pasmanick falsely accuse of being a part of it, are criminals, with long criminal records
FACT: There is nothing out there that independently verifies this whatsoever.  And there never will be, as it's a complete fabrication.

LIE:  The JIDF, its founder, and others Leyden/Pasmanick falsely accuse of being a part of it, are based out of Iran and/or Syria
FACT: This is total nonsense. We are based in the USA and have a long record of pro-Israel and pro-America activism. Various news media outlets have reported the fact of us being based in the USA

LIE:  The JIDF, its founder, and others Leyden/Pasmanick falsely accuse, are scamming people out of money and are "getting rich" off of it.
FACT: A handful of folks contribute to our effort. No one is forcing them to, or lying to them to contribute. Our operation runs at a financial loss. The very small amount of money we bring in does not cover our basic expenses, and does indeed go toward our advocacy for Israel and against antisemitism and terrorism online. No one on this end gets rich off of this. As a side note, if you want to see folks getting rich off of Jewish/Israel advocacy, look toward the mainstream Jewish establishment orgs, who defend Islam, support Land concessions (ie. "palestine"), and do NOTHING about the problems online----yet bring in 100's of millions of dollars---and the "leaders" take home 6 figure salaries....We think THAT represents a scam. Meanwhile, we have shown actual results from our activism----thousands of antisemitic and jihadists pages, groups, videos, channels, forums, etc. have been infiltrated and removed, because of our hard work---and we bring in a fraction of a percent of the big orgs----and again, the small amount of money we bring in does not even cover our expenses. But Leyden/Pasmanick claim we're "getting fat" off of the money we bring in. They of course base this on no substantial evidence whatsoever. Everyone involved with the JIDF has jobs outside of the JIDF, to keep it running.

Those are just some of the more serious lies/attacks against us from Leyden/Pasmanick. And perhaps it wouldn't be a big deal if they posted these lies just a couple times. But they are indeed spamming these lies THOUSANDS of times, on various platforms, to thousands of Jews and Israel supporters.

Thankfully, there's been only a handful of folks (relatively speaking) who have believed and helped to spread this nonsense.

We highlight those particular lies above, as it should be very easy for anyone to independently verify those claims, if they were true. But they cannot be independently verified, as they are complete and utter fabrication. There are many other lies and attacks in which there is absolutely no independent evidence to back them up, whatsoever. The bottom line is that Joel Leyden and Phillip Pasmanick are engaging in a disgusting criminal harassment and defamation campaign. If you want to have a problem with the JIDF, fine---but please make sure your criticism is backed up by facts---not lies. We are continuing to legally pursue those engaging in this criminal harassment/defamation campaign, so we encourage you to use discernment and caution before you share their false information, as you will be held accountable for taking part in their campaign of hate, spam, and abuse.

Despite the facts and potential consequences, there is, unfortunately a slew of Jews and Israel supporters who are actually supporting Leyden and Pasmanick's disgusting harassment and defamation campaign. Most of the folks supporting it have other qualms with us, and they know full well that they are supporting and spreading lies. It brings us great sadness that anyone supposedly on the side of Israel and the Jewish people would stoop to such lows, or support people that do. We are a people that should concern ourselves with truth, peace, and justice, yet Pasmanick, Leyden, and the people spreading their lies, do the opposite.

Thankfully, we still have 10's of thousands of discerning supporters (please join us on Facebook, and on Twitter)---the vast majority of which have been with us for many years, and they know this harassment/defamation campaign is nonsense. That said, we are indeed keeping a detailed list of the main folks actively supporting and spreading the nonsense, and we are pursuing this may take many years, but justice will be obtained and the folks spreading these vicious lies will be held accountable.

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