Some Perspective on Those Who are Out to Destroy Us

Though we’re pursuing justice privately, we are pretty much over the harassment and defamation campaign against us, sadly by some the most dishonest and envious people we have ever encountered. It does indeed sadden us that some Jews and Israel advocates have been misled to both believe, and spread, their lies. Ultimately, it’s their Karma they're toying with, not ours.
If you spread or support lies or liars, it says more about you than it does about us, or anything else, and one day you’ll have to answer to G-d, or to a court, or something, for being so careless. The situation is depressing, as we expect more discernment from fellow Jews and Israel advocates. Supporting or spreading any lies about anything, or supporting the folks that do, does not help the Jewish or pro-Israel cause. And it is especially true regarding lies about Jews and Israel supporters!

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters  cannot be trusted with the important matters.... " —Albert Einstein
We’ve learned some incredible lessons from all this, however. And that is, we cannot expect every Jew and pro-Israel advocate to take the time to research and discern. Or to be outraged in the face of lies. We cannot expect people to disassociate from pure evil, as we have always tried our best to do. We cannot expect folks to see beneath the surface of things, and read between the lines. If everyone saw and did things the way we have always tried to do them, then we wouldn’t have had to create and build what we have done here in the first place! Most people simply don’t take the time to do their homework about anything, and few can ever admit a mistake. And no one wants to be told that they have done anything wrong. These are just the symptoms of the times we live in, and facts we have learned to accept. In the end, however, we know that truth and justice will win.

One last thing to consider, from our post on Truth vs. Falsehood:
God abhors falsehood (Psalms 119:163), and King David asks that he be placed on a path far from falsehood. One of the things God absolutely hates is a "false witness who breathes out lies." (Proverbs 6:19) Falsehood is the only sin in the Torah in which a person must actively run away. (Exodus 23:7). For anyone who lies, it is as if that person has worshipped idols. (Sanhedrin 92a). Why is this so? Because without truth, there is no foundation of belief and there can be no true belief in God.
We simply hope good people know that we repeatedly try to work things out with those who just can't seem to ever stop harassing and defaming us, our effort, and others. It can be compared to hatred vs. legitimate criticism of Israel, really. As we recently posted:
"Legitimate criticism of Israel is not antisemitism. Hypocritical, obsessive, & dishonest attacks on Israel, is. Anti-Zionism and #BDS = antisemitism.
What is it when a handful of so-called fellow Jews and Israel supporters obsessively lie about us and others? Baseless hatred? Envy? All of the above? We'll never understand it. But until we pursue and obtain justice through the courts, they will continue to spam their lies. And it's unfortunate, as they are wasting so much time and energy that they could be using to advocate for Israel. We'd rather focus on the big picture. Some folks seem to enjoy attacking us because they know sometimes we will respond. And a response from us when we reach 300,000 people, gives them attention they so desperately crave. We've tried every method to get them to stop, so we're just going back to ignoring them for the most part. Of course, the people they try spread their lies and nonsense to, do deserve to hear our POV on the topic, so we may reach out to such folks. But beyond that, we have a lot better things to do with our time.

In other news: 

Amazing things continue to happen on this end. We are partnering with some excellent individuals and organizations. As we recently posted on Facebook:
Help Wanted: Currently Seeking Volunteers and Partners with Expertise in PR or Non-Profit Registration and Management. Please send resumes and a brief introduction to:

Passion, knowledge, or expertise about any or all of the following are a big plus:

* Judaism
* Israel
* Antisemitism
* Jewish Culture
* Technology
* Online privacy and safety
* Defamation/Harassment Legal Issues

Please share with folks who might fit the bill!
We also recently hit a new milestone on Twitter and have over 60,800 followers! We hope to get to 61,000 soon, and then take it to 100,000! Although both Twitter and Facebook have been negligent and inconsistent with the problems we have been reporting to them for years, we're focusing more of our effort on Twitter, these days. Facebook has been downright hostile to our effort, and we feel they are a very dishonest company, so we urge folks to spend as little time on there as possible.

We're doing what we can to support the #BringBackOurBoys #EyalGiladNaftali, as well. It's sad that it takes such tragedies like their kidnapping to unite people, but perhaps the only "good" thing to come out of this is that we're connecting with many new Jewish and pro-Israel advocates who are also advocating in support of the boys. Let us pray that they rescued and brought home safely to their families soon!

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